Group activities are more fun than doing things alone exactly because you have the chance of sharing everything with the people closest to you. Choosing a fun thing and opting do it as a member of a team instead of going solo always proves to be the better decision and the reasons for that are many. Considering that you cannot do everything with your family, it is your friends that are mostly likely to partake in the same hobbies and interests you have. Y

ou are friends for a reason and your relationships have been growing over the years so naturally you know have similar ideas of fun times. One of the best things you can and should do with the people you care about involves extreme and adrenalin-rich activities. To narrow it down even more, you should definitely go whitewater rafting together. If none of you have ever done it, we promise you an unforgettable adventure with the people closest to you and whom you can trust to enjoy themselves as much as you.

Rafting is an exciting extreme water sport that becomes less extreme the more you know and prepare about it, as well as the less you worry about it. In this article we will tell you all about why you should go whitewater rafting with your group of friends. To learn more about rafting and where or how to do it, make sure to check out Echo Canyon River Expeditions and browse their amazing offer. 

1. Great Chance for an Adventure


Back in the day, no matter what you did or where you went, it was considered an adventure. This was due to the fact that people have barely scratched the surface of exploration, technology, and activities so their fun was limited. Nowadays, it takes a lot more because things have become quite available and accessible.

Still though, to experience rafting, you will have to leave your comfort zone and travel to a fast river. And those, as you know full well, do not exist in or around the cities. You will probably have to take a trip of at least a few hours and make your way to untouched nature where a rafting center with instructors and guides will be waiting for you.

Apart from rafting itself, you should also take that time and explore the environment there and get in touch with nature. It should all be a big adventure that you shared with your best friends and each of you will have many stories to take home and share for years.

2. Quality Bonding Time


Relationships are built on trust and love and those come to the surface in their entirety only when you have done something where you have to show it. This means that a relationship between friends cannot become stronger or more meaningful if you do not do stuff together. Rafting is a great example of teamwork and coming together to perform a potentially dangerous and challenging task.

Going through the rapids together and then staring at the stars or taking a hike through an unknown forest is enough for any group of friends to start believing each other more and protect each other no matter what. You will become a crew that has gone through a fun and exciting experience together, and that will connect you for life.

You will always have those memories and whenever someone mentions rafting or any boat ride for that matter, you will remember your best friends instantly. Meals in the nature, camping, and helping each other with the gear, is there anything more connecting?

3. Connecting with Nature


Take a moment to think how you usually spend time with your best friends while you are in your hometown. You probably go out to bars, cafes, and restaurants together, watch movies and play video games together, and chat on social media while exchanging memes and videos. This is all normal and more than okay since it is how modern people socialize. However, there is no nature in there since everything relies on technology, comfort, and your own safe zone.

Getting out of your comfort zone together and doing something new every once in a while is important. Traditional values have to be nurtured and young people forget how nature and our relationship with it is important. Going out to a river and spending a few days away from the screens and all the modern gadgets does wonders for your mind and body and it is the best reset you can hope for.

With rafting, things get even better because you are active, surrounded by the people you care about, and there is a challenge to overcome. The beauty you will be met with will challenge your views on life and you will get an opportunity to question what the important things in life truly are. 

4. Stress Release


Similarly to what we said in the previous paragraph, modem way of life can be stressful and people tend to feel anxious about their everyday struggles. Work, school, and taking care of the house and your family is enough to break any person and make them depressed and unwilling to do anything fun during their downtime.

If you feel like you have built up stress in your body, you need to release it and whitewater rafting is great for it. Not only is it physical demanding, but the adrenaline you will get the way you will both empty yourself and charge your batteries is hard to replicate. Clean air is enough to help you relax and get your life back.

A good and competitive atmosphere from your friends and other participants will ensure you forget about your problems and the warm sunshine on your skin and the constant splashes of ice cold water from the rapids will all feel blissful and angelic. The overall experience will surely feel overwhelming but in a good way, which you will eventually feel like a reality check at some point during the trip. It is simple, happiness and surrounding yourself with good people and positive vibes are actually things that matter.