People live under so much stress today, and it sometimes seems that we have somehow forgotten about what really matters in life, as we stress so much about things that, in the end, don’t mean that much. Furthermore, it’s needless to say how stress is the lead cause of many health problems and how it can affect our overall well-being. Knowing this, it’s no wonder that so many people are on some prescribed drug, and it is also why we are searching for solutions in alternative medicine. Of course, all of that also leads to much controversy, fake news, and false info, and to really find something that can help you well, much time and effort are needed. Many myths and misconceptions also don’t help here. That is why we will further focus on the five most common myths and misconceptions about ayahuasca so that by the end of this article, you will precisely know what it is and how it works.

It’s a Synthesized Compound Created in a Lab


Now, this is what troubles most and where all the myths originate, as even though ayahuasca has similar elements and compounds to the recreational DMT, these two differ a lot. Firstly, ayahuasca originates from plants, meaning that it’s 100% natural, unlike DMT which is created in a lab. Furthermore, some countries and states are still prohibiting it, and that’s mostly due to misunderstandings or a ton of paperwork, which is why there is no action to accept it as a natural brew with healing powers. Just look at the cannabis oil and how difficult it was to get to the point where it is legal, even though every study and lab results have already confirmed these facts many years before. That is why so many are skeptical about it, but ayahuasca is nothing new and was already used by shamans in healing rituals for many centuries.

It Will Change Your Personality

Even though this might sound ridiculous, many people still believe in this. Namely, due to false info and many myths about what it is and its effects, we have come to the point where people believe that using ayahuasca will change who they are. Yes, many are afraid that this brew would have devastating effects on their personality, which is nonsense, and it couldn’t be further from the truth. The ritual itself where this brew is used is designed to help you understand better who you are, to take a look at things and yourself from a different perspective, so that you grow as a person, and not to force any kind of change regarding who you are and how you behave.

It Will Take You on an Epic Journey


Like with most things in life, we tend to exaggerate or have much bigger expectations about certain things than we should. The same thing is going on with ayahuasca, as even though it has psychedelic effects and compounds within it, the effects of those compounds are pretty mild. What this means is that regardless of what some might say, it will not change your perception or take you on some epic voyage. The whole point of it is to help people understand themselves better in order to feel better about who they are. On the other hand, due to those high expectations, many are disappointed in its effects, which is yet another reason you should inform yourself about this brew before making any decision on whether to try it and when.

It Leads to Addiction

We simply cannot talk about any controversy or so-called taboo topics and avoid dealing with certain myths, but to say that ayahuasca can lead to addiction, well, only those without any clue about what it is and how it works can say that. On the other hand, this myth shouldn’t surprise us, as people already think of it as a drug, and since that’s the case, it’s pretty “understandable” that it will lead to addiction. This is probably the best example of how one false info can lead to more and more misconceptions and myths. But, let’s leave that aside for a moment, and focus on the brew, so that you know that those who try it won’t become addicts.

The first thing to know about ayahuasca is that it doesn’t make you feel great or bad, as its purpose is to open a doorway to the healing potential we all already have. From a spiritual point of view, we all have enormous energy inside us, but most people have locked it, and with the ceremony where this brew is used, we can once again open that doorway and start healing. Of course, neither ceremony nor the brew grants any kind of miracles happening. That is why you should set understandable goals, not be skeptical, but also not put all your hope in it, as this ceremony is all about intention. Besides that, the best proof of how ayahuasca doesn’t cause addiction is that there are studies and real evidence where it was used to help people with drinking problems and even smokers.

It’s Not for Everyone


From everything mentioned above, it’s pretty clear that ayahuasca doesn’t have any side effects, which further means that it’s not reserved just for hippies and spiritual people. Everyone can try it or go to an ayahuasca retreat like the one you can find at, where they can experience and gather more knowledge about this whole ceremony and ayahuasca itself. Once more, the sole purpose of ayahuasca is to help people heal, and it’s not about “tripping” or anything similar to it.


Everything mentioned above should hopefully be of great help, as we tried to be as honest as possible about ayahuasca, its effects, and the entire ceremony. Unfortunately, until the brew gets recognized and accepted, years will pass, but everyone will eventually find out about the benefits of ayahuasca and that it is highly therapeutic, as it helps people address and overcome repressed psychological issues and problems.