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The first and biggest misconception about eSports is that most people still do not consider it a real sport. Well, it is a bit controversial topic, naming video gaming a sport, but most countries, and even Olympic games in 2017, acknowledged eSports as a real competitive activity, knowing that professional gamers are organized in teams or leagues, and tournaments are existing. They are usually streamed on popular platforms like Twitch and YouTube, even on television so yes, it is a real sport even it does not require physical activity – just like chess, which is still a sport, even though the players don’t have muscles.

Esports betting is a huge thing right now around Europe, especially in Scandinavia, or Sweden, to be more precise, as you can see on – so, it’s bigger than it seems, even though video games are all around us since, maybe forever. It’s not weird or unexpected that it’s surrounded by stigma and stereotypes, since many people around us won’t ever say that something that can be done from a desk and chair is a sport. But, the rules are here to be changed, and as technology and humanity are going further, it’s totally normal for sports organizations to accept almost every activity that includes competition.

Surely, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions, and we will try to list the most common ones, so we can know where we are right now with this topic, and what do we all expect for the future:

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“You can’t bet on some kids playing games”

Probably, this is the first thing you will hear from the “elders” of sports betting. They don’t recognize these games and usually relate them with a bunch of kids at school age, playing games together in their rooms, on the computer the parents bought them. Video games are commonly considered as kids’ activities, especially by adults, but professional gamers mostly are 17-18 years old or older just like that super talented soccer player that your favorite team bought from a local club.

It requires knowledge to bet on eSports

No, it doesn’t, it is just like you already bet on Germany regional league south-west or Uganda premier league or dog/horse races. You are testing your luck, right? But, surely a little bit of information won’t harm you. We are not saying that you have to sit down and study all the teams and their performance over time, but surely you can take a little time, and see how things are going before you put money on it.

They can fix the championships

This is a very common misconception about traditional sports, based on past experience, and most people think it goes the same with the games. But, can you imagine how difficult it can be to do that? How many people are included in the tournament, and how big the teams are too? Also, do you know that the betting houses can’t really make a profit if the matches are fixed? There are some proofs that someone tried to do that in the past, but surely it didn’t end well, and betting is all about honest practices, that are leading to bigger gains.

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It’s not a real sport, so you don’t need it

If you understand the concept, it will be very easy for you to make a nice ticket, and win some money. As we said, there are no people who run or lift the weight, but according to the changes in the last year, it’s indeed a sport. If you study the topic properly, you will find plenty of catches that can be useful when you create your ticket. Surely the gamers aren’t an example for athletes, but they can increase your chances to win a nice amount of money.

You can’t include them in your long-term strategy

There are nice moments to catch when betting on eSports, and they can be a part of your strategy because even though there aren’t big tournaments every day, you can still manage to test your luck with the smaller events. We are all aware that sports betting is the ability to recognize the potential in some team, no matter the game, and try to predict their performance at one match, or even a whole season or particular league. When you combine the things nicely, and of course, stick to your budget you can afford, the winning stakes can be even better and bigger.

You must invest a lot of money to win

This is pretty common misconception with the traditional sports too, and once again we will debunk it, by explaining the reasonable aspects why you shouldn’t spend all your money on betting. As you know, all gambling activities are potentially addictive, and many people lost their homes and families, and everything they have, because they didn’t know when it’s the right time to stop. Just because the eSports are practically video game championships, it doesn’t mean you are free to put bigger amounts on the tips. Consider them as equal to the other sports, like football, or basketball. Check the odds and quotes, and treat them equally. No one should invest a lot of money in betting or gambling. Set your limits and be respectful for them, so you won’t end up poor, without a penny in your pocket for food.

Esports is important, and for some people, they are their whole life. A lot of gamers invest in quality computers, better desks, and comfortable chairs, so they can have great conditions around them, especially when they play in some tournament. In usual cases, the team is in one room, and they work on the strategy together. But now, in COVID-19 conditions, the general restrictions are applied, and it’s not recommended for the team-members to be that close.

Anyway, that’s not a reason for them not to be successful, and for you not to bet on their performance. Of course, be careful with the tricky moments, so you won’t lose everything you have, just because you didn’t know when it’s the right time to stop.