So, you have been left with the task of planning a surprise birthday party for a family member or friend. Where do you begin? This can seem like a huge responsibility as you feel like everyone’s enjoyment rests on your shoulders. Sure, planning a birthday party can be a difficult task. But, with the right planning, you are going to have an amazing and unforgettable day. It all starts with creating a mood board. Let’s take a closer look at how this can help with your birthday party planning.

​​What is a Mood Board?


Have you never created a mood board before? Then you probably want to know exactly what it is first. Well, this is a visual tool that can be very useful to gain inspiration for a party or event. Namely, a mood board can help you figure out concepts and communicate some visual ideas you have for an occasion. In order to do this, you can make a mood board out of anything. Namely, it is going to feature images and text. For example, some people like to print out photos from the internet or cut out images from magazines and inspiration from newspapers.

Mood boards have become very popular over the years and they are helping people in a variety of situations. From helping with college assignments and work projects to planning weddings. Namely, if you are planning something that you have not yet gained inspiration for, a mood board can be just what you need. Let’s look at the benefits of a mood board and what it can help you do.

Collate Your Ideas


Your mood board provides you with a central place where you can bring all of your ideas together. You can see what elements work well together, as well as what you can improve. Think about it as a planning device that acts as your guide in order to start arranging and booking parts of the celebration. In particular, if you have a digital mood board, you can easily bring all of your ideas with you no matter where you go and, also, mood boards on Pinterest, for instance, allow you to collaborate with other users.

Provide Inspiration


For a lot of people, images are more helpful than a page full of text. Visually, a lot of planners like to see elements in action. In other words, if you are thinking about having a beach theme for a party, you are going to get inspiration from viewing these types of images. The good thing is, there are a lot of mood boards out there on the internet already. So, before you start your own, you can gather inspiration online. For example, you can view mood boards at HouseofPartyPlanning.

Idea Sharing


When you are speaking to other people that are helping to plan the birthday party, it can be difficult to communicate your ideas clearly. Some people are better at understanding visual communication (a buzzword in the world of business). Well, this is where a mood board comes in. This is a creative way to show the people you are talking to what you are planning. In particular, this is something that works well when it comes to communicating with suppliers.

Mistakes Can Be Avoided


When you cannot see something clearly and you have to go ahead with a task blindly, this is when mistakes can happen. In particular, planning a birthday party is a lot of work. You want to make sure that you do it right. With a mood board, you are actually less likely to make mistakes. This is because you are visually creating your birthday party beforehand.

Birthday parties can be stressful to plan if you just jump right into it. Instead, take the time to make a mood board. This is going to allow you to collate your thoughts and you will grab inspiration from others. Mood boards are also a fantastic way to share your ideas with others that are helping you plan. They can also help you to avoid disasters on the day.

Should I Create a Physical or Digital Mood Board?


When it comes to creating a mood board, there are two options you have. First, you can choose to create a physical mood board. This is the traditional choice that involves using a large piece of foam, cardboard, cork pinboard as a base. Then, you are going to attach photos, images and other things that inspire you for the birthday party or event. You can forever rearrange it so you can more directly examine clusters of images to assess colour matching, for instance. It is a crafty option and if you enjoy creating things, this can be an enjoyable task for you. A lot of people like the touch element to a physical mood board and it can mean that you introduce different textures.

Then you have the digital mood board. This is something that a lot of younger generations like to do since they are always using technology. Just as the name suggests, this is creating a mood board on the computer, tablet, or smartphone. You will find inspiration on the internet, such as images and text, and you are going to insert them onto a digital mood board. This is often a quicker way to create a mood board and something that you can send contacts online, which can lead to effective collaboration and a more team-effort approach to planning an event, which has its own rewards. There are various platforms you can use for creating a digital mood board.

Ultimately, it is going to be your choice whether you want to create a physical mood board or a digital mood board. One is not better than the other and they are simply different ways of getting creative depending on your time, budget and preference. Just make sure that you do not rush the process and take your time to find the inspiration you need to plan the birthday party.