If you’ve heard of CBD edibles, you likely already know about CBD products such as gummies and candy. Those are by far the most common and popular type of CBD edible, and most people who have tried an edible before will have started with them.

However, they aren’t the only kind of edible you can buy or make yourself. The truth is that CBD can be infused into almost any kind of food, and the industry has grown a great deal over the past few years.

Now you can find all kinds of high quality D8 edibles from sites like Here are 10 types of CBD edibles you may not have heard about before, but you should absolutely try.

1. CBD Dark Chocolate


Dark chocolate is great for two reasons. First, you can often get dark chocolate mixed with almonds, fruit, or other healthier ingredients. Second, dark chocolate itself is a healthier kind of treat, since it comes loaded with antioxidants and less sugar than gummies or milk chocolate.

The best kind of dark chocolate to purchase is either a solid bar with lines that help you easily break off precise pieces, or pieces that are pre-made into consistent sizes. That helps you better control the dose of CBD you take.

2. CBD Potato Chips

Not everyone has a sweet tooth, and some people prefer their snacks and treats to be salty, such as potato chips. That’s why CBD potato chips are becoming more popular. The CBD is infused using the oil used to make chips.

You can also get sweet potato chips, or chips made using other vegetables if you want something slightly healthier. You can also make your own CBD dip to go with your chips, just mix some CBD oil or grind up hemp leaves and add it to your dip or salsa.

3. CBD Protein Bars


If you want to get all the health benefits of CBD with something a little more healthy, you can try out protein bars. These use high quality and healthy ingredients, and are usually meant for people who need more protein in their diet (e.g., vegetarians), or who like protein bars to help them recover from working out. Regardless of your reason, you can find protein bars or protein powder to make your own smoothies or healthy snacks.

4. CBD Salad Dressing

If you don’t necessarily exercise too often or just don’t like protein bars, another healthy CBD edible is the salad dressing. The easiest way to infuse CBD into food is through oil, which makes infusing it in with salad dressing extremely easy.

You can infuse it, or buy it pre-infused, with any kind of dressing you like, including vinaigrettes, Italian, Caesar, honey mustard, blue cheese, and more.

5. CBD Cooking Oil


CBD cooking oil is a great way to infuse the benefits of CBD into almost any food. If you fry up meat in a pan, or stir fry, or anything else that uses oil while you cook food with it, you can use CBD as well. It can also be included as a base in marinades and cooking sauces, such as barbeque sauce.

6. CBD Cheese

For those who want something more savory, you can also get CBD infused with most kinds of cheeses. There’s CBD mozzarella for pasta or pizza, cheddar to have on sandwiches, blue cheese on crackers, and more. Making it yourself can be tricky depending on the specific kind of cheese, but most types of cheese can be found already infused with CBD for sale.

7. CBD Sourdough


Sourdough is one of the easier and more flavorful kinds of bread you can make, and making it infused with CBD is very easy during the mixing process. You can even purchase flour infused with CBD to make the task easier.

You can also buy it from some CBD retailers, though bread tends to expire fairly quickly. You use it for things like sandwiches, salad croutons, or snacks with cheese and veggies on them.

8. CBD Pastries

There are many types of pastries and other baked goods that you can infuse with CBD, including muffins, cupcakes, croissants, cookies, brownies, scones, and cake, just to name a few. You just mix the CBD in with melted butter and let it cool and re-harden.

Then, use the infused butter with your usual pastry recipe as normal, and you will have the CBD infused with it. It can be a great way to get some health benefits out of a tasty baked treat.

9. CBD Pancakes


If you love breakfast and brunches, you can infuse CBD into pancake, crepe or waffle batter. You can get the batter mix pre-made and infuse with CBD, or you can make it yourself. You can then use CBD baking powder or something like honey or maple syrup infused with CBD during the mixing phase.

The latter is a great way to add a sweeter flavor to the batter before you cook it. For maple syrup, you can even make your pancakes or waffles as normal, and just pour the infused syrup on them.

10. CBD Drinkables

Drinkables are not technically food, but fit the same spirit as something you consume for health benefits that can also be a treat. It has traditionally been a lot more difficult to infuse CBD into a drink because no drink uses oil which is the easiest carrier for infusion.

However, many brands have figured out efficient processes, and you can now find all kinds of drinks infused with it: soda, seltzer, juice, vitamin water, energy drinks, wine, beer, coffee, tea, and more. It can be a great addition as an ingredient to help you further relax and enjoy your drink of choice after a hard day.

These are by no means the full list of edibles or drinkables you can find that are infused with CBD. If you research the best ways to infuse CBD into food, you can use the same process to make virtually any food with it.