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Delta 8 Tetrahydrocannabinol also known as delta-8 THC is a derivative from hemp and is typically synthesized from cannabidiol (CBD isolate) extracted from the hemp, using acid catalyst, solvent, and heat. As opposed to CBD, delta-8-THC creates euphoric effects that are similar to those of delta-9-THC, but milder.

In effect delta-8-THC is an isomer of delta-9-THC, having a different chemical structure only differing in the location of a double bond between two carbons. Offering many of the useful qualities of delta-9-THC, delta-8-THC vape pen gives the user relief from anxiety, stress, or sleeplessness, giving a feeling of clear-headedness and contentment. Being the magical compound, people often question themselves is it legal to travel with delta 8 THC in their possession? In this article, we are going to discuss the travel regulations regarding the possession of Delta 8 Tetrahydrocannabinol.

Using Delta-8 Vape Juice

If you are using a Delta-8 Vape Juice, you have to have in mind the travel restrictions regarding not only the Delta-8 Vape Juice but the vaping device itself. In the United States of America, as per the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), the carrying of battery-powered E-cigarettes, vaporizers, vape pens, etc. is only allowed in your hand luggage. The carrying of these devices is prohibited in your checked luggage. On the other hand the European countries such as Germany it’s quite the opposite. You are not allowed to take devices of that sort in your checked luggage and you must carry it on your hand luggage.

Another crucial thing that you have to have in mind when traveling from countries like the UK is that you can only carry containers filled with liquid that aren’t larger than 100ml through security. If your Delta-8 Vape Juice is in a larger container, prepare beforehand and transfer the vape juice to smaller containers.  To be always completely sure about this topic the best advice we can give you is that you should contact your airline before you travel and double-check the travel regulations.

Traveling to/in the USA

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Although delta 8 THC is legal at the federal level at the moment, Delta-8 Vape Juice is illegal in states such as Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, etc. When traveling by car, bear in mind that Delta-8 Vape Juice may be legal in the state that is the starting point of the travel, but not the destination state.

When traveling by plane you should always check the airline policy regarding the transportation of Delta-8 Vape Juice, as many airlines have restrictions against carrying delta 8 THC onto their airplanes. As per the TSA (Transportation Security Administration, products containing quantities of delta-9-THC that are under 0.3% are allowed to be carried on an airplane. In other words, products that contain delta-8-THC such as Delta-8 Vape Juice are no longer controlled substances.

If you are traveling from abroad to the US and you are unsure about any possible restrictions, the best approach is to buy the Delta-8 Vape Juice after arriving in the US. Various sites offer products that are formulated, manufactured, and lab-tested in-house and one of these is

The Delta 8 compound is available in a variety of forms other than the Delta-8 Vape Juice such as different taste gummies and oils.

Traveling to Europe

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Since there are no restrictive regulations regarding The Delta 8 compound it is legally available in European countries. Delta-8 Vape Juice and other variety of delta 8 THC products are available in petrol stations, pharmacies, shops all across the whole continent in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, and many others.

While some countries permit the usage of cannabis products inside their borders, you might not be permitted to travel in the country with a product that contains the Delta 8 compound. If you are traveling by plane, always check the airline’s policy on traveling while carrying a product that contains the Delta 8 compound.

Traveling to the rest of the world

Traveling to countries like Canada or Australia with Delta-8 Vape Juice might not be illegal, as they have a similar view to cannabidiol derivatives such as the USA and the European countries, but in most of the countries in the Middle East and in East Asia carrying any hemp substance is punishable by law, either by a big fine or with a prison sentence or worse, a death sentence. You should definitely avoid traveling with Delta-8 Vape Juice to such countries as the risk outweighs any benefit you might have from using delta 8 THC products such as Delta-8 Vape Juice. Therefore, do not travel to these countries at all, or just avoid using products that contain the Delta 8 compound.

It is of the utmost importance to research and gets up-to-date information on your destination’s laws and regulations. When traveling to or in the USA, you should always check the federal and state laws in your destination country.  If you are traveling to Europe, or any other country for that matter, you should always check if it is prohibited to carry products that contain the Delta 8 compound, especially Delta-8 Vape Juice, as not all countries that have legalized the use of Delta 8 compound products allow people to enter their borders carrying such products.

When traveling by plane, make sure you are up to date with the airline policy about carrying cannabidiol products on the plane as many airline companies prohibit such actions, while others have specific policies about bringing cannabidiol products onboard the plane. Lastly, if you are unsure of your destination’s laws and regulations regarding cannabidiol products simply don’t carry such products while traveling. Don’t risk getting penalized, as some countries have harsh punishments. The safest solution in countries that allow the sales of products that contain the Delta 8 compound like the Delta-8 Vape Juice, is to procure the product in the destination country.