Norway’s stunning landscapes seem tailor-made for adventure. From glacier hikes to Northern Lights tours and everything in between, this northerly destination promises nonstop action.

But Norway’s notoriously variable climate means preparation requires packing for everything from bitter Arctic temps to pockets of balmy summer conditions. Fortunately, we have you covered for adventure in any weather!

Below we have compiled the ultimate Norway packing list, so you can focus on creating vacation memories rather than stressing back in your hotel room. By bringing reliable cold weather gear, breathable base layers and wardrobe adaptable pieces you’ll stay warm, dry and ready to seize any travel opportunity regardless of what the Norwegian forecast has in store.

Read on to discover the essential items every savvy Norway traveler makes room for when packing their bags. Then you can explore Norway’s cities, countrysides and coastal fjords equipped to handle whatever comes your way!

Ultimate Norway Packing List: Adventure Awaits


Layers and Boots to Conquer the Cold

Far north of the Arctic Circle, even summer sees frigid temperatures. That means packing reliable layers that go beyond your heavy winter coat back home. The mantra goes: disposable hand and foot warmers make great stocking stuffers!

Insulated Parkas

Just any winter jacket won’t cut it in Norway. Seek out parkas with cozy down or PrimaLoft insulation, paired with a protective nylon shell which blocks wind and repels moisture. Brands like Marmot, North Face and Patagonia excel at cold weather protection.

Thermal Base Layers

Wicking long underwear creates an essential base layer for trapping body heat. Choose moisture-wicking merino wool or synthetic fabrics before piling on heavier pieces. SmartWool and Under Armour deliver durable offerings.

Don’t forget tops, bottoms, socks and gloves!

Waterproof Winter Boots

Along with rated insulation for subzero temps, select snow boots with rugged outsoles and reliable waterproofing like Columbia’s Arctic collections. Sorel and Kamik also offer tried and true options.

Building these foundation pieces means you’re covered for comfort no matter how icy the Norwegian elements get! Let me know if you would like any specific modifications or additions around suggested cold weather packing list items.

Shield Your Eyes and Stay Dry

Though known for its frigid winters, Norway enjoys up to 19 hours of daylight in summer. Bring protection against intense midnight sun and reflection from glaciers and snow.


Pack durable, polarized lenses which provide complete UVA/UVB coverage. Prioritize styles with side shields to combat glare. Higher wraparound frames also minimize direct sunlight exposure.


Under the midnight sun, you need ample protection even when temps feel milder. Seek water resistant SPF 30+ formulas to apply generously and reapply often.


Even if your trip looks dry, waterproof outwear ensures you won’t dash indoors at the first sprinkle. Breathable fabrics like Gore-Tex provide moisture protection without trapping sweat.

And don’t forget reliable rain boots! Brands like Hunter and Sperry offer lightweight styles to pair with your jacket.

Activity Gear


Research any specialty equipment needed for planned excursions ahead of time. Common examples include:

– Skiing: Heavy socks, neck gaiters, helmet

– Northern Lights viewing: Hand and foot warmers

– Glacier hiking: Ice cleats traction devices

Plan Ahead: Book Your Ideal Apartment Early

In Norway, the choice of accommodation impacts your natural experiences. Urban stays offer convenience, but often come with light pollution, masking the night sky’s splendor. In contrast, remote locations like riverside accommodation provide clearer views for stargazing, nestled away from the city’s glare. These spots cater to those eager to connect with Norway’s pristine natural beauty, offering a tranquil escape into the wilderness.

Travel Essentials: Stay Powered and Documented

Plugs, Documentation, and Memories

Don’t let outlet woes or missing paperwork derail your Norwegian adventure! Arriving prepared with these three categories checked means smoothly capturing trip highlights.

Power Adapters

Norway uses Northern European two pin round 220V plugs. Bring a universal travel adapter like tes Pac2Go All-in-One to conveniently charge devices using local sockets.


Carry any necessary medications in original containers with pharmaceutical labels to avoid complications. Check the supplement amounts allowed for import too.


Have an up-to-date passport, valid for at least 90 days post-travel. Also pack a photocopy along with your insurance/medical cards in case originals get lost or damaged.


Capture the majestic landscapes and Northern Lights displays with a DSLR or mirrorless camera, plus a backup battery supply to combat the cold. Don’t forget binoculars for wildlife and celestial gazing!

Stay Powered and Well Fed

Exploring Norway’s great outdoors means your devices will get plenty of use, capturing photos, researching logistics and doing everything in between. With limited outlet provision in remote areas, backup power banks allow you to maintain critical access without getting stranded off the grid.

And space in your luggage means no need to sacrifice the tasty treats that make things feel like home!

Portable Chargers

Pack at least 10,000 mAh capacity chargers, like Anker’s PowerCore Slim battery pack, to recharge phones or cameras several times over. Useful in planes, tour vehicles and hotels alike!

Favorite Snacks

Treat yourself to hometown favorites for quick airport bites or cabin comforts:

– Trail mixes, protein bars, nut butters

– Oatmeal packets, hot chocolate, tea

– Candy, chips or popcorn from back home

No need to deprive yourself of the beloved snacks and drinks that Norway hasn’t discovered yet! Indulge away.

Packing Pro Tips

You can streamline packing strategic essentials even for a complex destination like Norway using these expert packing tips:

  • Choose Insulating Fabrics

Focus on natural and synthetic blends designed to retain warmth even when damp, like merino wool or synthetic base layers. Avoid cotton, which won’t insulate once wet.

  • Pack Electronics Warm

Extreme cold saps batteries faster. Insulate your devices, extra batteries and charging banks in interior jacket pockets or hand warmers to preserve longevity and performance.

  • Carry Gear On

Avoid checked baggage delays leaving you without cold weather items by packing boots, jackets, medications and camera gear securely in overhead compartments.

  • Organize with Packing Cubes

Modular cubes help corral related items like chargers/batteries, outfit combinations, etc. together while aiding compression to maximize space. Try Amazon Basics or Eagle Creek packs.

Adventure Ready Packing


With unbeatable nature beckoning in a climate known for extremes, preparing to explore magnificent Norway requires diligent packing. If you bundle up properly, from parkas to base layers and insulated boots, harsh elements won’t stand in your way.

The essential gear to supplement your wardrobe spans travel adapters for electronics, backup batteries, important documents and camera necessities to capture and share the endless vistas. Ease your transition through an efficient modular approach, using packing cubes and tips like insulating batteries from the cold.

Observe Norway’s recommended carry-on allotment to retain oversight of any items you can’t risk going missing. Then maximize the remaining checked capacity by packing light, breathable fabrics and leaving room for local purchases.

With all these iconic attractions in store, the only component missing is you — equipped for adventure in Norway regardless of the forecast courtesy of this ready-to-go packing list!