Generally speaking, escorts who wear make-up look more professional and quite often make more money! Escort work is a visual business and first impressions count, so if you would like to make plenty of money when you work as an escort, then you may wish to elevate your image and consider wearing make-up in your professional images and selfies.

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Apply Make-Up to Enhance Your Natural Beauty

This goes without saying really, applying make-up to enhance your natural beauty will increase your chances to stand out from other escorts who simply can’t be bothered to do so. You may not think that make-up won’t make a difference to potential clients and booking your escort services, however, you may be surprised to know that most clients are looking for an escort who looks feminine and well put together.

Consider Wearing Make-Up on Your Work Days

You may be thinking to yourself that you don’t really like wearing make-up, and that’s fine on your days off, however, when you are working as a professional escort in big cities such as Perth, Adelaide, and Sydney, you really need to wear some makeup, even if it’s minimal in the application and natural in colour tones.

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Your Make-Up Should Be A Reflection of Your personality

Your make-up should be a reflection of your personality, potential clients are also looking at what you have to say in your profile as well as your images. Not all clients are looking for the same thing, therefore your personality needs to shine through in your images, and your make-up can help you with that.

Your Make-up, Hair and Lingerie Should Be in Pristine Condition

Potential clients who are looking at your profile don’t want to pay good money to see an escort whose general appearance looks shabby and uninviting. Your hygiene, make-up, hair and lingerie should be in pristine condition, otherwise, you may find that you will need to lower your rates below the industry rate, even then, you probably will hardly receive any inquiries. Don’t forget, you will be in direct competition with other escorts who take escort work seriously and are eager to impress potential clients with their personal grooming. And if you want to get an edge, getting yourself some sexy underwear such as a strapless bra from is always a good idea. This one will definitely surprise your clients improve your profile. It isn’t expensive, yet it’s quite comfortable to wear and made of high-quality materials.

Enhance Your Natural Beauty

If you are more of an earthy personality and prefer not to wear much make-up or none at all, try and understand that advertising your escort services is an initial visual sell to clients. By wearing even a minimal amount of make-up you can enhance your natural beauty and showcase your facial features.

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Showcase Your Best Facial Features

If you have beautiful eyes, you could apply some natural eyeshadow shades and apply some mascara to bring out your eye colour. For those escorts who have beautiful pouty lips, why not wear a bold bright red colour lipstick, I’m sure all the potential clients out there who are looking for an escort with irresistible, kissable lips will at least send you a message to enquire about your escort services.

Make-up Can Transform Your Whole Look

Make-up can literally transform your whole look, have you ever seen those before and after images of when women when they have their hair, make-up and clothes updated? They are outstanding, aren’t they? Why? Because all their stylist really has done is given them a more updated look by using their skills and your natural beauty.

Educate Yourself with Beauty Knowledge

Some women don’t even know what type of potential they actually have until they have a make-over, so, it’s really important to educate yourself as much as possible by using tools such as YouTube. Online tutorials are free and there are literally thousands of them available to watch, so try and find a few that you can relate to and practice applying make-up as much as possible.

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Make-Up Completes Your Overall Look

Make-up completes your overall look, so if you are looking to stand out from other escorts that you are in direct competition with, then make sure you invest some time in yourself each and every time you work. Make-up gives your overall appearance a polished look and is also very feminine, something that men love, so try and put yourself in the client’s shoes, if they book your escort services based on what they see in the photos, then you need to deliver the image you sold to them.

Consistency and Continuity

Consistency and continuity are extremely important when it comes to your personal grooming, your images and advertising need to match how you look in real life, so if you have had your hair and make-up done professionally for your professional photos, but then you fail to do your hair and make-up when you work as an escort, then you will most probably find clients will walk away when they meet you at the door.

If You Want to Earn an Abundance of Money

If you want to earn an abundance of money from working as a professional escort in Australia in capital cities such as Melbourne and Sydney, then you need to provide an equal amount of abundance to your clients in return, otherwise, they won’t pay the investment you are asking for, it’s that simple!

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Escorts who Invest in Their Appearance are Generally Profitable

Escorts who have been in the industry for a while and who take their work seriously, have already learned through trial and error that the more effort they invest into their make-up, hair and overall aesthetic appearance, the more successful and profitable they are.

In Summary….

Working as a professional escort takes hard work, effort and consistency, so if you would like to try your hand at working as a professional escort in capital cities around Australia such as Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, then be prepared to present yourself and your image to the highest degree.

Best of Luck!