Running a business today is challenging, as there are simply too many things to keep in mind, consider, organize, and take into count. It all depends on the industry, but if you have lots of employees, hiring the best ones and meeting their expectations can be challenging, and all of this is just one small piece of a much bigger puzzle called running a company. Finding customers, especially regular ones, is difficult on its own, but dealing with all the paperwork, working by the book, filling everything, and meeting every legal standard can really be troublesome and time-consuming.

The last one is probably the most important, as in today’s market, time is something that we always lack. That is why business owners, regardless of whether it is a small company or a global giant, always leave dealing with all the legal things to their legal department. Now, among all other obstacles and possible problems that one might encounter, paying penalties just because of a simple oversight is not something anyone wants. Among all the mistakes people often make, errors regarding pay stubs somehow emerge as the most common one. It’s needless to say how big of a problem this might be, especially if you are new to all this, but that is why we will further focus on precisely this issue and how to avoid making payroll mistakes in the future.

Going with the wrong provider

Now, this one might seem like the most basic thing, but you would be surprised at how often this emerges as an issue and how much companies pay for such negligence. Namely, the best way to determine which provider suits your business the most is by checking their expertise and whether their efficiency and coverage can support the number of people and work your company has. It’s as simple as that, but even so, many people often pick the most affordable provider without even checking whether they can meet certain standards and overall workflow. Furthermore, it’s nothing unusual to change providers as your company grows, which is yet another aspect to take care of when expanding the business, especially if you move your business abroad.

Not using the right generator

This one is closely connected to the first mistake, and not having proper software that can support and provide detailed info to your employees about how much they make, among all other things in this modern age, is just an oversight that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. All of this is easily solved by creating pay stubs for employees by using a pay stubs generator that meets both your and your employees’ expectations and needs. As for how to find one, it’s pretty easy because there are plenty of these types of generators to choose from, and the only thing is about picking the best one, which is why you should check out TheBestPaystubs.

Not paying overtime


Different countries have various rules for calculating how much money a worker needs to get for overtime work. In some countries, every extra hour above forty per week needs to be paid time and a half, while in others, there is no need to work forty hours per week, but every hour above eight per day needs to be paid overtime. There are also some extra rules for calculating the number of overtime hours, and since they vary from one country to another, it is crucial to learn them for the country you run the business. Not knowing the law can result in miscalculating or failing to pay overtime, which can cause more problems later. Workers who didn’t get their money for overtime work can file a claim, which can result in losing a lot of money and having legal consequences.

Not keeping the proof of payroll

New companies can easily make the common mistake of throwing out or not filing payroll correctly. That makes these records difficult or impossible to track down when necessary. Although common mistake, it is crucial to avoid it because it puts the business at risk of legal consequences and paying fines, even if everything is filed correctly. Because of that, it is important to keep the records long enough to have proof to show. In most cases, the law-stated minimum is three years, but keeping them a year longer is not that difficult, but can save your company from many problems.

Not having enough trained staff

Using a pay stub generator is not difficult, and because of that, many employers think that it is enough to train only one person to perform that job, but the truth is different. No one can predict when the trained person will be sick or not present due to personal reasons, which can result in missing important tax dates or paycheck filing. Because of that, it is important to train more people to be able to use software to avoid miscalculated or missed paychecks that can lead to legal consequences and many severe problems.

Not paying in time

Once you agree with your workers on the date they get their salary, it is important to respect it and always pay in time. Being late can make the employees worried or angry enough to file a lawsuit. Besides that, they could think that the company is in a bad financial situation and be worried about getting fired. That can result in finding another job and leaving you without enough workers. Paying in time will maintain a positive atmosphere in the company and make your employees willing to work more and be more effective.

To summarize


Mistakes happen, and they are a crucial part of every job, but when it comes to payroll ones, they can be really expensive, and because of that, it is much better to avoid them. Besides being too expensive, most of them have legal consequences, which can cause even more problems for a business. In order to succeed and make a company trustworthy and reliable, these mistakes need to be reduced to a minimum, and the only way to do that is to learn more about them.