Birthday is a special occasion for every child and of course, any child eagerly looks forward to receiving the gifts they love. Your 7-year-old son’s birthday is coming up and you still don’t know what birthday gifts for son? Is your little boy a mischievous and active boy? Or is he a person who loves to explore and discover?

No matter what type of person he is, refer to the list of 26+ best birthday gifts for son who is 7 years old below to find a meaningful and appropriate gift for this day!

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1. The Mug with a Hoop


This unique quality mug is one of the best 7 year old son’s birthday gifts you should consider. It is shaped like a half basketball with a hoop and can be used as a cup or bowl. This mug has high usability and outstanding aesthetics. At the same time, it is also a great entertainment item for every kid who loves sports! Perfect for holding milk, juice, cocoa, cereal or cookies.

2. Marvel Titan Hero Series Action Figure Multipack

This Marvel Titan Hero Series Action Figure Multipack includes Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Captain Marvel, and Black Panther. These characters are inspired by classic character designs from Marvel comics. In it, each figure includes 5 to 7 points of articulation to help children have fun and imagine mighty heroes fighting for the destiny of the world. An impressive birthday gift for son 7 years old!

3. Coding Starter Kit for iPad


With this Coding Starter Kit, your 7-year-old boy will experience an extremely interesting and rewarding adventure. Thereby, he will approach coding fundamentals, programming basics, teamwork, coding puzzle solving, critical thinking, listening skills and creativity. This is considered a fun birthday gift to make the child’s learning process come alive.

4. Wonder Workshop Dash

Thanks to its thoughtful and accessible design, Wonder Workshop Dash is considered the perfect companion for boys aged 6-11. It helps children learn the concepts of algorithms, math, facts, and variables through self-directed games and challenges. It can also sing, dance, adjust voices and navigate obstacles to make learning and playing more engaging. Very interesting, right?

5. VTech Kidi Star DJ Mixer Black


Your 7 year old son has a special love for music so you want to give him a relevant birthday present? VTech Kidi Star DJ Mixer Black will make him jump for fun. It has 15 built-in songs and over 2000 sound combinations with custom sound effects and impressive vocal tags. Your son can try his hand at DJing by following the rhythms in the built-in music game. Who knows, he will become a famous DJ in the future!

6. Spider-Man Digital Quartz Plastic Watch

The boys all have a huge love for superhero characters, typically Spider-Man. Therefore, this Spider-Man watch is a great gift for your little boy! With a clear, legible design and precise Quartz movement, this digital watch is a 7th birthday gift your kids will love to wear and use every day! A good way for your child to learn to watch the time and satisfy his interests.

7. Doodle World Map Pillowcase


The next suggestion for birthday gifts for son 7 years old, is the Doodle World Map Pillowcase – a highly educational gift. With this unique map pillowcase, your young geographer will have a “around the world” learning adventure to improve his geography knowledge. During the coloring process, he can also discover more about wildlife, countries and wonders of the world. Made from 100% soft cotton and traditionally printed, this pillowcase can be reused forever!

8. Scooter for Kids

This scooter has a sturdy construction and a beautiful design that makes it an easy means of transport for little boys. Very suitable as a gift for your son at the age of 7. With high-quality shock absorbers, this scooter can limit swaying when he goes through uneven terrain. In addition, it folds (reduced in size to just 10 lbs) and becomes an ultraportable vehicle. This gift is sure to please your son.

9. Taylor Toy Basketball Laundry Hamper

This children’s Taylor Toy Basketball Laundry Hamper is the perfect accessory for any space. This Laundry Hamper has a 3 ft mesh pocket so he can easily store pants or shirts that don’t fit in traditional storage bags. With this special 7th birthday gift, your son will turn housework time into enjoyable playtime. And as a result, a neat and tidy room appears.

10. Kidzlane Light Up Dance Mat

Satisfy your son’s passion for dance with this Kidzlane Light Up Dance Mat! Relying on the rhythm of the built-in music or favorite tracks via Bluetooth and the large glowing arrows, your child’s dance becomes the perfect activity to entertain him after hours of intense study. A game that both trains strength and trains memory – worth buying, right?

11. LEGO Creator 3in1 Deep Sea Creatures


This LEGO Creator 3in1 set includes 3 sea creatures: a shark, a squid and an angler fish. Your son will get 3 different building experiences for hours with these cute toy sea creatures. This set features 230 pieces – perfect for your son to show off his brilliance. What are you waiting for without giving this interesting toy as a birthday gift for son 7 years old?

12. UFO Magic Flying Orb Ball Toy

This UFO Magic Flying Orb Ball Toy can glow, spin, glide, hover and soar into the air at your son’s command, then return to his hand out like a boomerang ball. This magic balloon also has an eye-catching design and vibrant color that looks like a colorful shooting star when you launch it in the sky. It would be very appropriate to play outside, especially at night. Surely this is a fun birthday gift too and makes your son extremely excited.

13. Educational Smart Talking Poster Toy

Educational Talking Poster Toy is smartly designed that can be placed on the floor, hung on the wall or used as a colorful play mat. It contains basic climate information, general knowledge and interesting facts. It is also filled with educational information to develop skills such as music, earth science, geography, environment, concentration, memory, and problem solving.

14. Makeblock Codey Rocky Robot Toys

Makeblock Codey Rocky Robot has an adorable panda shape that will delight all kids. When the emoji panel is activated, the robot will express a wide variety of emotions such as crying, smiling or angry.  Thanks to other outstanding features, it  also helps to improve children’s creativity and imagination. With delicate packaging and beautiful design, this robot toy is very sturdy and safe to use – suitable as a birthday gift for 7 boys.

15. Astronaut NASA Pilot Costume


If your 7 year old son loves to explore nature and is curious about space, he will surely be extremely excited to receive this Astronaut NASA Pilot Costume. The Astronaut NASA Pilot Costume which is made entirely of Polyester includes a white full length jumpsuit, NASA logo, US flag stickers and a space helmet with visor. Give him a chance to imagine himself as a future astronaut.

16. Rechargeable Smart Robot

Rechargeable Smart Robot is also rated as one of the best birthday gifts for son 7 years old. This sensor robot can not only be controlled remotely, but also can perform a series of actions such as turn right, turn left, reverse and forward at your son’s command. This RC robot will also become the best companion for your son thanks to its storytelling, singing and dancing functions. A great gift to develop his spatial imagination and bring him unlimited fun.

17. Binocular for Kids

Want to give your little angel a gift? Want to encourage your son to love exploring the world around him? This binocular will be a great choice for him! It has a compact design, eye-catching colors, easy manual focus function and comes with a neck strap for easy carrying. Get your son excited to explore the world around him from an early age with this cute gift!

18. Kids Archery Set

Boys at the age of 7 can begin to enjoy the sport of shooting. Then why don’t you give your son this surprise gift. With this Kids Archery Set, he can comfortably play for hours without getting bored. Just load the arrow, pull the bowstring, aim and hurl his arrow – it’s easy to shoot, isn’t it? The product is made of high-quality materials, so it is safe for children aged 4 and up.

19. SpringFlower Shooting Game Toy


SpringFlower Shooting Game Toy Set includes a Popper Popper 2pk air toy gun with a vertical shooting target and 24 brightly colored softballs. Made of 100% safe and durable ABS plastic, all the accessories go together perfectly – it’s a family-friendly physical game. This set is versatile enough to meet all your needs for solo, team, or competitive play. A meaningful 7 year old birthday gift for your son that you should not miss.

20. 4-in-1 Handheld Game for Kids

This 4-in-1 Handheld Game offers 4 quick co-op games in a unique glowing cube design, including Chase Me, Catch Me, Follow Me and Remember Me. These video games offer the right level of challenge for most people and are suitable for children aged 6-12. It helps to improve brain skills, hand-eye coordination and musical ability in children. This is really one of those fun birthday gifts for son 7 years old, which keeps him happy all day!

21. T Rex 3D Night Light

T Rex 3D Night Light looks like a 3D engraving line which changes the light 7 colors with both remote control and touch buttons – red, yellow, cyan, green, blue, purple and white. Thanks to the hologram effect, this unique night light makes your son’s room so much more interesting and warm! With a safe design and high quality materials, the light is very soft and not dazzling – perfect for children to use. A unique gift for home decoration, bedroom decoration or any other space.

22. Camera with Flash for Kids


Let your 7 year old son save a happy life and wonderful world by gifting him this Camera with Flash! This digital children’s camera has many functions such as taking pictures, taking fun selfies or recording videos. It is made of high quality materials – very safe to use and effectively shockproof. This mini camera is also very light, making it extremely convenient for children to carry.

23. Gskyer Telescope

The telescope with a focal length of 400mm(f/5.7) and aperture of 70mm is perfect for young astronomers exploring the stars and moon. Thanks to the optical glass lens with high transmittance coating, the little ones can explore world nature with ease and take beautiful celestial photos. A birthday gift couldn’t be more impressive for your 7 year old son, right?

24. TREYWELL Indoor Basketball Hoop

Besides intellectual toys such as LEGO assembly toys and toy cars, parents can let their sons play physical training games such as basketball. This TREYWELL Indoor Basketball Hoop is very useful there. It is designed with non-toxic ABS plastic and lightweight metal so it is extremely durable and sturdy. It comes with three rubber basketballs – great for playing indoors or outdoors. A perfect choice as a birthday gift for a 7 year old boy and up!

25. Gonex 22 Inch Skateboard


The 22 inch skateboard is manufactured from standard materials for excellent grip and abrasion resistance. Compact size makes it easy to put in a backpack or carry anywhere. With good shock absorption & load capacity, it provides a great experience for skaters. The sleek design of this skateboard also adds stylish style and personality. Perfect for skaters & beginners of all levels including kids.

26. The Highlights Book of Things to Do

The Highlights Book of Things to Do This is our final suggestion for birthday gifts for son 7 years old. Besides gifts such as toys and clothes, books are also one of the gifts parents should give their children on this meaningful day. The book we offer is considered an encyclopedia. It contains recipes, crafts, science projects, brain games, and more – giving your son easy and accurate answers about life around him.



At each age, babies have different wants, interests and needs. At the age of 7, boys tend to spend time in movement games or explore and learn about the world around them. Therefore, finding out the psychology of a 7-year-old boy to choose a good and useful gift is a very necessary and important thing.

Hopefully, you have found the right item from our suggestions for birthday gifts for son 7 years old to create the most memorable birthday for your son!