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When the holiday season comes or if your company gets an incredible business deal, the higher-ups are likely to organize a business party. Only the officials, high-end clients, and a few employees are invited to some events. However, companies are presently asking all the employees who work in their organisation to attend the party in order to strengthen the loyal bond.

Sometimes, you might find a plus one option as well, which means you can bring an additional person with you and attend the business party. It does not matter if you have a relationship or just planning to take someone you met just a few days ago. In this article, we will list a few tips for bringing a date to a business party.

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1. Fix up the date earlier

Initially, double-check to see if your date has time to attend the business party celebration with you. If you made plans to bring your date to the party without checking if they are available or not, it might become horrible. For instance, your companion might have plans to go out or do any vital work on the day of the party. As a result, you might not be able to take your date. Due to that, it is better to discuss with your partner firstly to check their availability.

2. Be cheerful while bringing your date

While bringing your date to the business party, make sure to be confident. It is a red flag if you show that you feel uncomfortable with your plus one. Make sure to bring along your companion wherever you go as he or she might be lost in the new place. Make sure not to leave your date alone as it is your responsibility to keep them company. Keep in mind to never show that you are unhappy or moody while talking to your companion.

3. Make sure to introduce your date

One thing you have to remember is to introduce your date to your office coworkers. If you have talked about your plus one with your office mates previously, they might be interested to greet your partner. After introducing your companion, make sure you go through some personal information with them so they would not feel that it is all about business.

You can separately introduce some of your close colleagues to your date so that your partner will feel happy to know about your friends at the office. Your primary goal must be to deliver your date with as much information as possible so that your partner can express and connect with the group.

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4. Keep in mind to dress well

Make sure to dress well while attending the business party with your date. It is better to follow the dress code set by the party host so you would not feel awkward with the wrong choice of outfit. If possible, it is best to wear matching clothes that go well with the dress code. It will make decent chemistry with your date.

As business parties are primarily formal, try to pick a tuxedo for men and a long party dress for women. Never wear your sleep tops, ripped jeans, shorts, or mini skirts. It is because they are considered inappropriate clothing for business events.

5. Remember not to make your date your sitter

You may have plans on drinking, and in that case, you have to keep a check on how much you consume. As a result, you can prevent awkward scenarios like your partner carrying you to your home, assisting you to walk while you are staggering. You can drink, but make sure not to cross the limit of the drinks.

6. Have a look at the beverages and food

Your partner may be nervous at the beginning, so you have to make sure he or she remains hydrated and consumes well. When your date needs something, you should be there with your partner to inquire about it. Furthermore, as there will be several alcoholic drinks at the celebration, it is better to keep a tab on what you drink.

Before coming to the party, ask if your date has certain food allergies. If he or she is allergic to specific foods, it is your responsibility to take care of your date. In addition to that, make sure not to put the allergic food on your plus one’s plate while having dinner during the business party.

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7. Purchase a gift together

Business parties are a great way to get to know more about your company, higher-ups, and your office mates. If you would like to congratulate your boss, it is better to bring a worthy and ideal gift to your boss and give it while greeting them with your plus one.

You do not have to give two gifts when you visit your date. Instead, pick a nice gift that might impress your boss and deliver it while introducing your companion at the business party.

Bottom Line

Taking your date to a business party celebration might be frightening, particularly if you have only recently started dating. But, if you follow maximum or all the above suggestions, you can rest assured that you and your date will have a memorable time with your office mates.

As you have made a list of everything you want to perform at the party, you should not waste any more time. So, discuss with your date to see if they could attend the party with you. In addition to that, it is better to have a quick discussion about both of your outfits for the party.