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The Internet, and then social networks, have changed the human understanding of communication. The social web as we know it today has given new meaning to the concept of communication. The urges for people to go online have changed. It used to be because they wanted to be informed, they wanted to see and experience, read and learn. The reason people go online today is that they want to be a part of communication, they want to participate in it, they want to be present, they want to be read about, and they want to read about others.

Instagram is considered to be one of the most powerful social networks, and therefore one of the most effective ways of advertising. There are currently more than a billion active users, and most of them (about 70%) are under the age of 35. Fashion and travel bloggers, chefs, and other influencers share photos and videos with their followers, gaining increasing popularity as their posts are shared and go viral. While it may seem like no special effort should be put into this, you are wrong. In order for the job you are promoting to be successfully promoted, it is important that you follow some tips and by no means ignore the following.

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Don’t neglect your Instagram profile

A properly arranged profile is very important in business because everyone who visits it creates a first impression based on profile photos, descriptions, and images that are published. So, try to leave a good first impression, carefully choose the photos, the description below them, as well as the description in the profile.

Keep continuity in publishing

It’s not enough to just design a profile, insert a couple of interesting pictures from time to time and think that’s it. No. Followers expect you to post new statuses continuously, thus keeping their interest. Of course, it won’t help if you “bombard” them daily with dozens of stories and statuses, but it will also cause a counter-effect and get them to unfollow your profile. Make sure your posts are meaningful and interesting, so followers can’t wait to see the next one. 1-3 quality posts a day will bring you a lot of benefits. Always focus on quality, not quantity.

Service for service

There are many competitors in the world of digital marketing, but you can also look at them as business associates. How? Take for example a person who has hundreds of thousands of companions. Imagine that she shares a post promoting your handmade jewelry. You would notice that your number of companions would increase greatly, which would, of course, have a positive effect on your job. On you can learn more ways how to increase the number of followers and improve your business.

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Buy a profile

Surely you once noticed that the profile you follow publishes completely different content than before, for example, he wrote about home decoration, and now you only find posts about cooking on it. Or he completely changed his name and you wonder when you followed him. This is about buying profiles with a large number of followers. This is a trick that many companies have been using for years. Why would you start from the beginning when with a slightly higher stake you can have a job already developed?

Do not neglect the interaction with the progenitors

It may seem too hard for you to respond to every message you receive, but that is actually what you need to do if you want your profile to be successful. If you think that this is a job that you cannot afford to do, hire professionals who will lead your business in a quality and a dedicated way for you.

Do not avoid the use of hashtags

A hashtag is a term in front of which you will put the hashtag #. Make sure the words you use as a hashtag are the ones you use often, which will allow your post to reach as many people as possible, even those who don’t follow your profile. Also, if you use too popular hashtags, your posts could go unnoticed. That’s why they would have to combine popular and specific hashtags. Various tools and hashtag generators such as Hashtagify, SeekMetrics, KeyHole, and many others can help you choose the right ones.

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Use gifs, question bubble, yes / no polls, quizzes in stories… These are all things for market research and community animation. The bubble and yes/no survey is super useful when you want to examine what your target group is most interested in. You should not only throw out content that you think is great, but that is most useful to your community.

Don’t run away from business profiles

If you’re using a personal Instagram account to promote your products, it’s time to switch to a business account. The business account offers you special features such as primary and secondary mailboxes, Instagram Ads, Instagram Insights, Instagram shopping, and so on.

These profiles also offer you the opportunity to present yourself in the right way, ie your job, and to enter a short biography, name, URL, category, and the like.

Don’t avoid other social networks as well

Social networks are pretty well connected and offer you the option to share the same content you post on Instagram on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or someone else. This can’t help you, it can only be an additional way to reach more people and get them interested in visiting your profile.

Final thoughts

It takes time and investment to succeed in anything, and so does success on Instagram. However, the formula for success contains the following elements: clear vision and strategy, consistency and frequency, knowledge of the target population, clear and consistent presentation style. Interesting, useful, and quality content is crucial for the success and growth of the follower base, but you should not expect thousands of followers overnight. It takes a lot of time and effort to design and create content.