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Animation star Fred Seibert has all set to join forces with the marvelous Chinese content producing company referred to as DeZerlin Entertainment, hoping to bring promising talents from China for an incubator project, Hot Pot Cartoons. It could materialize Chinese talent and production out to the worldwide market. Their new project, Hot Cartoons, will reach out across China and other Western countries to search for the most outstanding animation creators, comic theaters, and games, working with them as a team to produce animated short films and scatter them on the global market.

Qingdao-headquartered DeZerlin and FredFilms will supervise every nook and cranny of the project, a kind of joint venture with the U.S.-based production team, guiding the Chinese makers to foster animated shorts for worldwide distribution.

According to a report, Seibert asserted that he had elevated or worked with numerous new talents in the animation industry in his entire cartoon career. Now he is enchanted to partner with DeZerlin Entertainment’s Lin Zhang, with a mission to elevate extraordinary Chinese talent across the world, to make them a part of the creative community.

Animation Luminary Fred films, Siebert in the Animation Industry

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Seibert is well known in the cartoon world. He and his teams have created the most outstanding and successful incubator series Hot Pot followed by his later collaboration with cartoons for Nickelodeon like Oh Yeah! And telecasting Too Cool! Cartoons with YouTube and GO! He also made the Hot Pot cartoon get involved with the Sony Pictures cartoons and the long-running hits such as Butch Hartman’s ‘The Fairly Odd Parents‘ featured in Nickelodeon, Bee, and PuppyCat with Netflix and Pendleton Ward’s Adventure Time on Cartoon Network.

He became the president of Hanna-Barbera after massive success in the animation industry in the 1990s. Gradually, he moved his path and became involved in bringing an incubator series to discover talents in China and conduct shows that run full-fledged on the Cartoon Network, such as Craig McCracken’s Powerpuff Girls and Genndy Tartakovsky’s Dexter’s Laboratory. “Hot Pot! Cartoons” came into existence when Seibert first met with Lin Zhang a few years back and forth at a conference in Los Angeles.

He was a legend in animation in China and worldwide and marked his name in creating budding talent for the animation industry in the global market. Many Chinese skills would love to work with him to gather unique experiences from the innovative animation creator. However, with the added challenges of elevating talent across the country and eliminating the language barrier through pitches, Seibert asserted that it would take more than two years for any “Hot Pot!” content to get ready to be ready unveiled.

China’s De Zerlin Entertainment Finding the Hidden Talent in China

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Seibert founded his team with DeZerlin in 2010 and gradually started working in story development, IP creation, and content production. He has worked enormously well closely with international partners. Creative offices are paving the way for innovation for Hot Pot! Cartoons will march towards which will be based on the newly formed subsidiary in Zibo, China.

Seibert Stated that many new things are gravitating the Chinese market towards sprawling multi-character universes when assessing the existing China market.

In 2018, the firm took a drastic decision by signing a contract with the co-finance and co-production group to deal with the U.K. Zycon Media. They signed an agreement with the media group that they would create ten feature films and 10 TV series, which will take more than eight years on a series. The aggregate production value to make the feature films was estimated at $160 million at that time.

In China, few ambitious animation firms laid their hands on finding new talents and struggled enormously to get some seasoned animation talent, since still-nascent industries were seeking fresh out of school at that time, making the many opportunities to grow. Often western animation producers seek a toehold in the China market for its impeccable capacity to succeed in every sector. So de Zerlin Entertainment approached to find a fresh Hot Pot! Cartoon content to make short films and stream live on Netflix for global distribution.

China’s Animation Industry is Appealing to Global Market

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A slew of animation films created in China for international audiences is in production for the growing skills and talents that have partnered with North America and Europe. China has produced a globally recognized brand in animation through the Boonie Bears series, aimed at younger children.

To reign on the international market, China made its first studio named Fantawild. The company was equipped with an English-language dubbing team built in-house, based at its offices in Shenzhen. Other Chinese studios grappled with the challenge to make something innovative that secured a space in the global market in the live-action sphere, but it was a little challenging to find stories that work across China and the West. With a big group of mythology, China with its fertile landscape for animation producers, but the exposition was a little unclear to the Westerners that it would be a bore for Chinese audiences who grew up on these stories.

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According to the statistics, the talent incubators have successfully succeeded in both the creative and tech industries. Fred has finally discovered a sound business model to get a proven success out of his given effort in this genre. Many entrepreneurs are pleased by applying this methodology to the creative potential of China.