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At the very beginning of any business, you are faced with a number of serious tasks, on the solution of which the future of your project depends: whether it will be successful or will fail.

The search for a development team is just one of such important, fundamental issues, which must be approached with the utmost seriousness and knowledge of the matter, because it is these specialists who will implement your ideas, your project depends on their skills and abilities.

Instead of organizing developers’ department in-house, you can alternatively hire a ready-made team such as Serokell. Today we decided to share with you the main tips on how to choose the right team of programmers so that the conceived project is executed in the best and necessary form.

Where to find the team

Today there are many different ways to find IT specialists, ranging from the simplest word of mouth, freelance platforms, to specialized hunters’ websites.

Selection criteria

Of course, you shouldn’t give your startup into the hands of the first development team that comes across, which will assure you that they have extensive experience working on such projects and will do everything in the best possible way.

You should only believe the facts. Below are the main selection criteria that should be clarified first of all when communicating with potential performer.

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So, pay attention to:

  • YEAR OF THE IT COMPANY FOUNDATION. You want to be sure that the development of your project does not stop in the middle due to internal problems and difficulties of the development company. Therefore, you should not consider companies that have existed in the IT market for less than 3 years, since according to statistics, they have the highest chances to disappear. You need to choose time-tested performers, so to speak, put your startup in the hands of professionals, not amateurs. Then the entire project will be completed in the best possible way and delivered on time.
  • COMPANY SIZE. You want your project to develop steadily and according to the planned plan, therefore, the larger the development team, the better. You shouldn’t opt ​​for a company with fewer than 15 employees unless all of them will be working on your project. If there are more than 15 people in the team of executors, you can be calm, because even if some member of the team cannot continue working on your project for a certain reason, be it illness or vacation, there will always be another employee in reserve who will be able to take over his responsibilities and continue to work for the good of your startup.
  • PORTFOLIO. Always take a close look at the portfolios of potential contractors to make sure that when you finish, you get your project exactly as you intended it. The main thing that you should pay attention to in the portfolio of the selected development team is the similarity of its previous projects with the one you plan to create. If IT specialists have already had experience in developing such startups, they know what difficulties can be encountered in the process of work and how to avoid them. If not, the likelihood of errors and unstable work of your project increases many times.
  • SITE. Take a closer look at the site of potential performers, because it is he who is the face of their company. If you do not like the corporate website of the selected team, it seems confusing and complicated, then it will probably be difficult for you to cooperate with them, there will be misunderstandings and unnecessary questions. And this will lead to a waste of time, nerves and, most likely, a result that does not satisfy you. The performer should be on the same wavelength with you, understand all your ideas and clearly imagine how to translate them into reality.

How to make a decision

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In parallel with the search for a development team, you should not be lazy and study the working tactics of negotiating with the selected candidates. You can read about how to behave and what you should pay attention to during negotiations in the article reducing risks when planning the development of a web project.

After reading the aforementioned article and studying all kinds of Internet sites, websites, polling friends and acquaintances, publishing many posts about finding a development team in social. networks, it’s time to carefully study potential candidates, sort out all the superfluous and choose the most worthy ones.

It is worth remembering that

  • You shouldn’t choose more than 3 potential teams. You should not schedule an interview for everyone, because you simply will not have time to give everyone their due attention. As a result, you can miss some important details and get a distorted or incomplete idea of ​​each of them. Therefore, it is worthwhile to carefully study the received portfolios and select the 3 most suitable candidates, based on the criteria described above.
  • It is worth choosing the team with which it will be most comfortable to work. Only cooperation carried out in comfort and harmony can lead to success. Don’t settle for a company with which you find it difficult to find common ground, even if its portfolio inspires confidence. Indeed, in this case, it will be difficult for you to convey to the developers how you see your project at the end, and it will be even more difficult to correct errors and shortcomings in the course of work. So the secret to successfully finding a strong and right development team is simple! The main thing is to take the choice seriously, pay attention to the described criteria and listen to how comfortable it is for you to communicate with certain teams.
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Paying attention to all these simple but important criteria described in the article, you can form a clear and correct understanding of how to work with potential candidates, and choose the most suitable team for you, which will help you to create a strong project at the agreed timeline and within your budget.