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Finding the best employees is a challenge in today’s changing labor market. The process of planning, recruiting, and selecting employees in the company is organized and ensured the required number of capable people to do the job effectively. By recruiting staff to determine the needs for the same, and the selection of personnel selection of candidates.

Recruitment is the process of looking for a job candidate. Resources are mostly located outside the organization, but for managerial functions and within the organization (intranet). Today, e-recruitment is increasingly represented through corporate pages, employment portals, videos, social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook), blogs and personal pages, and forums. The basis for the selection of candidates is given by the specifications derived from the job analysis.

If your company decides to work with a staffing agency, there are a few things you need to know. On Culver Careers you will learn everything you need to know about staffing agencies.

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Do your little research

Before you make a final decision on choosing a staffing agency, conduct a little research to help you make a decision. The American Staffing Association’s online dictionary can also help you a lot. This is the easiest way to find companies that operate near you.

Be transparent about your needs

In order for a staffing agency to help you find workers, be prepared to give them as many details as possible about the company, but also about the conditions that potential employees must meet. Do not hesitate to state your conditions – you may be looking for a worker who is willing to work overtime or one who is reliable and able to work from home if necessary. While skills are crucial, fitting into the work environment is also of great importance.

Ask questions

You probably expect the staffing agency to ask you questions and record your answers. This is true on the one hand, but if you do not have previous experience in cooperation, do not hesitate to ask anything that interests you. In the end, it is in the interest of both parties to succeed in finding workers.

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Honesty is important

You need to build up with the recruit and talk openly, because only in that way will you be able to have successful cooperation. So, if you’ve had some disagreements with employees before and if potentially incriminating information about your company could come up during a more detailed check – don’t hesitate to reveal it in time. This way you will at least get a chance to explain what led to what happened then.

The agency creates the job description

After talking to you, the agency’s task is to create a job advertisement. Given the large database they own, there’s a good chance you won’t have to search for long.

Check in regularly

Stay in touch with the recruiter. Agree on how often you will be in touch to keep up to date. Just make sure you keep it professional and respect your recruiter’s boundaries. Agree on the manner and frequency of communication and respect the agreement. Once or twice a week is enough. Keep in mind that your recruiter is looking for candidates and will get back to you as soon as he has good news.

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The employer makes a final decision

You have done everything that was necessary and now you are waiting to meet the candidates. You need to know that the final decision is up to you and that, even if the agency thinks that a person is competent for the job, and you do not agree with it – your word is the last, you are the ones who make the final decision.

The recruitment process

The recruitment process begins within the company, by defining and establishing a general employment policy and strategy. This strategy emphasizes what kind of employees the organization wants, whether to look for them inside or outside the organization, whether to adapt employees to work or work to employees, whether individual or team players are preferred and what methods and techniques are used in employee selection. The need for employees is then determined to filled vacancies. It then sets out the conditions that potential job candidates need to meet to get the job.

Selection methods and instruments of candidate evaluation

Candidate assessment is performed in order to predict future job performance. To predict the success of a candidate in a certain job, it is necessary to know the job requirements that the future candidate will perform.

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The key goal is to bring job requirements in line with individual work potentials, ie qualifications.

Selection methods and instruments for assessing job candidates are:

  • Candidate documentation – application for the advertisement
  • Work biography
  • Questionnaire
  • Interview
  • Psycho – tests
  • Recommendations
  • Medical findings
  • Other selection instruments


This is part of the job done by the staffing agency to get to know the candidates as well as possible. In order for a candidate to be selected or at least to enter a narrow circle, he must meet all of the above conditions.

Final thoughts

Extremely important areas of human resource management in every company are precisely the recruitment and selection of personnel. The more so for their success in the market of exceptional the importance of good staffing where quality people in their workplace will with ability and creativity, determination and innovation, and above all with his honest work contribute to the development of the company as a whole and enable it to compete in the market in which it operates. Therefore, the knowledge and experience of experts in the field of human resources management are strongly valued, and quality people from this sector in demand in the labor market.

The selection process must be carried out by a professional, objective person who has the knowledge and experience to identify the right person for the required job profile because the correct selection of employees ultimately contributes to the success of the company and its competitiveness in the market.