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An icon represents an archetype image, which depicts the historical culture of any event or place. Any item that belongs to the historical background is worth millions. Therefore, people across the globe invest in buying antiques and keep them in their houses safely.

It is like passion or luxury for some people. But do you know how to recognize the genuine item? The seller can do fraud and sell anything with the name of an icon. It is necessary to know the difference between genuine and forgery before buying any historical item from anyone.

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Now, let us discuss how one can recognize whether an icon is genuine or forgery. Stay away from fake people and their products. If you are spending too much money, then you should know whether you are buying the perfect item or not. Let us know how you can identify that any fraud is happening with you.

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Lithographed Images

If you are purchasing any icon which is covered with metal Riza, make sure that it is not fake. In many cases, an image is hidden with a hand-painted beautiful cover, and the painting is not handmade. When you buy such a thing, make sure that you check the cover and determine whether the painting is handmade or not.

There are chances that the hidden image inside the Riza can be lithographed on any paper, which can be pasted on any old or historical panel. Undoubtedly, many such items exist that have lithographed images, and the products are considered antique. But when it comes to price, they are less valuable than the original ones.

Therefore, you should never invest your money in such items that have lithographed images. Some people may find it hard to detect the difference but take your time to know whether you are buying the genuine item or not.

Non-matching Riza

While buying any icon with a Riza cover, you should check the image whether it matches its opening. When you take the Riza out, you have to check the inside image. See the picture thoroughly and consider face, hands, and other details are in the perfect place. You can detect the difference through its openings.

You can also check that the visible parts are well-painted that you can see through openings. It is necessary to take your time and explore as much as you can. Never make any decision quickly. Make sure that you should not drop the clanger. Spend your money after exploring things properly.

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Fresh Paint

All the historical items were painted only when they exist in the earlier period. But if you see new paint on an antique, then it can be a fake product. The old item never smells like it is new. You have to smell the surface of the icon properly to detect whether it is coated with fresh paint or not.

Look at the image paint closely and determine whether it is fake or not. You should not invest your money in any new item that looks like an antique. The seller is wasting your time and money. Therefore, you should look for another option, store or seller.

More Restoration

If any icon is restored more than 50%, then it is considered a modern painting. The hands and faces are repainted to make it look fresh, but it reduces its value. No one likes to buy any painting, in which all the things have vanished.

With time, the old paint gets removed, and these fake sellers give a touch-up to them. If you are considering buying any restored item, make sure that it is done by any professional. You can observe the professionalism of the painter in the painting.

You can also consider the less restoration item which needs less or no maintenance. Before making any decision, consider the appearance of the item and determine whether it is okay to invest your money in it or not.

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If you are exploring any old or antique painting, you may find cracks over it. The term is also known as craquelure, which is a good sign when you are buying an icon. The cracks can be random or irregular due to old paint, which vanishes partially or completely. If you are getting such a symbol on any item, then you can consider it authentic.

You can show your interest in buying it. But if you get any painting with fewer deep cracks or irregular patterns, you should not consider it. You can understand that the seller is selling the fake item to you. It is necessary to stay away from such frauds and buy the original things at an expensive price.

Take help from a professional to determine the deep cracks in the painting. Many beginners cannot find the difference, and hence, they lose a lot of money in such things. Therefore, invest your money after exploring the item from every place. Many people are selling fake items instead of genuine ones.

Final Thoughts

it is hard to recognize whether the icon is genuine or forgery. You cannot spend money on any fake antique. It is better to explore the painting very well to determine it is perfect to buy or not. You can take help from professionals if you do not know how to do it. You must follow all the mentioned tips to invest your money in the right way.

One must be confident while choosing any historical commodity. Choose the right sellers from where you can buy genuine and authentic pieces. Many people can misguide you, and it is necessary not to stuck in between such frauds. Look out for a safe and perfect place from where you can buy genuine antique icons.