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This sport one of the most popular activities among people who prefer having adventures in nature. It is not a rare case that people choose this sport only to relax, while the amount of fish they catch is not important to them. One of the main reason is the fact that it is very relaxing, and you can combine it with camping and traveling all over the world.

Fishing in rivers and lakes is most popular among enthusiasts, one of the most attractive species are carps, who can be found in various sizes, and there are many competitions where people are trying to catch the biggest one. The current record is the piece that was over 100 kilograms in weight, that was caught in Thailand.

Moreover, we can find this fish all over the world. If you are interested in fishing, you will first need the proper equipment. Therefore, visit if you need baits, hooks, clothes, and other products for carp fishing.

There is equipment designed for beginners and people who have no experience in this activity. However, if you want to catch some bigger species like carps, trout, salmons, and more, you will need proper tools and additional equipment that require some knowledge and experience. We are going to introduce you to some of the most important tips for those interested in this activity.

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1. Get a License

Before you even start with making plans about traveling to some destination and buying required equipment, it is necessary to get a valid license for fishing in that area. The main issue is that penalties can be drastic, and you might need to waste a lot of money on fines in a case that you don’t have a proper license. You should check the requirements of every area where you are planning to go. Also, countries might have different regulations related to fishing, and there might be some protected species that you are not allowed to keep.

2. Buy Proper Equipment

Depending on how experienced you are, you can choose from a wide selection of equipment and additional tools that can help you to be more efficient in fishing. When it comes to basics, you will need a landing net, hook material, rod, baiting needle, mat, and a lead system. People are often using two rods since it doubles their chance to catch something big. Moreover, pay attention to choose a rod with improved resistance to pressure, especially in areas known for bigger pieces of carps.

For those with less experience, we suggest rods without the reels since they are easier to use. Also, the nylon should be strong enough to handle heavier catches. Furthermore, you should select reliable detectors according to weather conditions and time of the day. A great option is that you can find the luminescent float, which is perfect for fishing during the night.

Some additional tools could also serve, like nets, unhooking tools, catapult, and more. You might need an additional net to keep the catch there, which will allow you to take it while it is still alive. Besides that, you should select proper baits, which should never be an issue since there is a great selection of baits on the market, and for carps, the best options are bread, maggots, sweetcorn, boilies, pellets, and pop-ups. Also, you can add some spices to attract these fishes. They are especially attracted to chilly and salt.

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3. Comfortable and Suitable Clothing is Essential

First of all, be sure to wear water-resistant boots since wearing standard shoes will leave your feet wet all the time while fishing, and you could catch a cold. Also, the weather usually feels colder near water, which means that you should always bring an extra pair of sweaters and a jacket with good protection from wind and rain. You can notice that many people who prefer this hobby often wear jackets and pants with lots of extra pockets, which is a great solution since you can keep hooks and baits there, and save a lot of time while fishing. Besides the clothes, if you are planning to relax next to some river or lake, bring a chair and enough food to ensure a great time there.

4. Choose the Right Location

This sort of fish is common in many lakes and rivers. However, some of them are known for much bigger sorts. Also, you should learn more about the nature of this fish to be able to locate the right spot where there might be more of them. In most cases, carps prefer calm parts of the river with lots of weeds around them. That can be an issue and you should not be surprised if you get your rods stuck with weeds.

That is the main reason to always bring additional tools and extra pair of rods, hooks, and other tools. The great thing is that you can attract them with all sorts of baits since they eat everything from weeds to insects. When it comes to sizes, they can vary from 2 to 15 kilograms when it comes to common sort found in rivers all over the world, but there are also much bigger types found all over the world, with weighs of over 30 kilograms to record-high 100 kg.

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Last Words

The main advantage of fishing is that you can combine it with other activities. For example, it can be an excellent way to spend a day in nature with your family or friends. Also, if you are a real enthusiast, you can travel to other countries as well.

Be aware to always have a proper license wherever you go, and avoid the part of the season when catching this sort is not allowed due to determined part of the season or some other rules. Also, learn more about the essential equipment and be sure to always take the essentials. If you lack experience, avoid going alone since you might get injured with a hook, or unable to set the rod properly.