Since cannabis consumption has been legalized in many countries – this plant has been consumed in many different ways. Still, the dubbing doesn’t have much to do with it (although many think so at first). The only similarity is in the fact that it has large amounts of THC, just like cannabis. However, unlike cannabis, it is consumed differently – and has more intense effects. So, here are five things you can expect from your first dab.

What Is Dabbing Actually?

Many beginners in consumption usually think that this thing has something to do with cannabis. However, that is not true. The information that often confuses us is the presence of THC during dubbing. Of course, you know that THC is one of the components of cannabis – hence a handful of reasons for confusion. However, dubbing is different from cannabis in everything – from its structure, through the way it is consumed, to the effects it produces. So what is it about then and what are dabs? In short, dab is a compound of butane hash oil that contains high levels of the THC component.

The substance itself is produced in the laboratory – so it is a chemical procedure for isolating high concentrations of THC with the help of BHO. THC isolated in this way can reach a level of as much as 70-80 percent – which is an extremely high concentration of this substance. This procedure creates a gel-like substance that some call wax. In this state, this substance is consumed by heating and smoking through special taps. When heated, THC is released in huge quantities, producing an almost unbelievable effect.

What To Expect When You Do Your First Dabbing?

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Every time you try something for the first time – you have to be careful. This is also the case with dabbing. This is something that will hit you and knock you off your feet (some of you even literally) – because the reaction is impossible to compare with any joint, even the largest one. Therefore, it is recommended to check the strength of the concentrate before embarking on a dabbing adventure. However, in addition to the WOW effect, several other experiences can happen to you – so here’s what you can expect from your first dab.

1. Wow Effect Is Achieved With a Lower Dose (at Least for the First Time)

This is the reason why most new consumers start dubbing. Incomparably stronger experience than any cannabis in any amount. However, you have to be careful. There is no room for overdoses when doing this for the first time. After all, this is something that any experienced dabber will warn you about from the start. You don’t want to spend the rest of the day hugging the toilet – and wondering why you needed all this for. Also, experienced dabbers can refer you to other types of dab consumption for which you will need certain tools. After all, you can find out more by looking at the dab tools guide provided by drdabber.com. Maybe some of these tools make it easier for you to consume dab at the very beginning.

2. Expect a Strong Cough

Everyone who has tried it already knows this uncomfortable feeling. After the first inhalation, you can expect a strong cough – but not as strong as you used to. It is an extremely hard cough –  that makes you feel like your lungs are hurting. Although the feeling is not pleasant, even when you drink a glass of water – however, it will pass after you get used to it after several consumptions.

3. Prepare a Spare T-shirt – You Will Sweat a Lot

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Sweating is not uncommon, even for those who consume cannabis. However, in the case of dabbing it is even more pronounced. So, coughing and sweating go hand in hand. Some consumers even sweated so much that they claimed their T-shirts were completely wet. Therefore, before you take this trip – pack a spare T-shirt. You never know if you might need it.

4. A Completely Different Taste Than Anything You’ve Tried

We are sure that if you have consumed cannabis so far, you already have in your head the smell and taste that weed gives you. Still, dabbing is nothing like that. The first thing you will notice is that when you inhale, the dab has a completely different smell and taste than a regular joint. You can feel the almost aromatic taste that is similar to mango juice. What is even more significant for the novice dabber to know – is that burning at a lower temperature gives an even better taste and effect.

5. The Final Catharsis and Immersion in Bed

No wonder the story mostly ends like this after dabbing. After the initial WOW effect, over time, you reach true catharsis. You have the impression that your body and soul are completely autonomous. You dive into bed, which is your best friend, at the moment – because you are not at all sure if you are lying down or floating. Of course, before you dive into bed, make sure you have everything you need at your fingertips. Whether it’s the water, food, or phone, keep everything close to you – because we are sure that you will not stand very well with the orientation in time and space after the first dabbing.

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as many say: There is a first time for everything! So it is with dubbing. Many at the very beginning think that some stories are exaggerated because it is about THC that we have in cannabis – and it is not so passionate. However, keep in mind that these are huge concentrations of THC that will simply blow you away – especially if you are doing this for the first time.

Therefore, make sure to consider all the things we have listed that you can expect during the first dubbing. After the first experience, later everything goes much easier. Side effects such as coughing and sweating – will be reduced as you get used to the presence of THC in your system. However, regardless of the experience – always be careful with dosing because you want a pleasant experience and not the other way around.