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It’s not enough just to buy an AC system and put it in your home. You must be aware that it requires regular maintenance and service, even when it comes to cleaning the filters, or repairing the ventilating unit. No matter what, you can’t leave the things like they are, because some parts of the air conditioner are not very durable and should be replaced every now and then.

If you want to protect the device and have it for years working properly, you have to regularly service it, so you can avoid accumulating dirt and dust, which can cause heating up, and then failure. Also, the weather conditions can affect the durability of the device, so the service and maintenance are highly recommended.

If you want to have your air conditioner for a long time, you have to be responsible for it, because the regular service is much cheaper than the replacement. But, do you know how often do you need to do that? Which parts should be cleaned regularly? How to detect if something is wrong with the AC unit?

If you need professional maintenance or replacement of some part, then it’s always a better choice to hire a professional service like to do that for you. By doing this, you are sure that every part they use is certified, and of great quality, and they will professionally complete that task.

How often should I service my AC?

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There are plenty of things that affect the durability of the device. First, you have to know how much you will use it, how many active days of work will there be, and of course, the climate conditions. If it’s too hot, and the air is full of moisture, then the servicing should be made at least once every year.

In more extreme conditions, when you use it every day, it’s better to clean the AC unit at least two times every year, or even three. When it comes to minor and basic repairs, you will usually be able to do them by yourself, but for huge repairs, it’s always a better choice to involve a professional in the process.

What can I do by myself?

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Before you do anything, you must be sure you can really do that minor repairs by yourself. You must be very careful because there are tiny elements that can easily be damaged if you aren’t cautious enough. Make sure the air conditioner is not plugged in when you are trying to fix it by yourself, so you can prevent electrocuting and other possible injuries related to the electricity. Always protect yourself when working with electrical devices by keeping the power supplies off during the repair process.

For example, you can clean the filters all by yourself. It’s pretty simple to remove them from the unit, wash them carefully, scrub all the dirt, rinse, and put them back in their place. And this one thing you have to repeat every few months, especially if the environment is dusty, and it’s possible for the filters to absorb a lot of dirt particles, which can prevent the airflow. This dirt can create a great environment for mold and bacteria, which can then easily spread all around the home, and cause a lot of health issues to your family.

Cleaning the unit is a more complicated task, and you don’t have to do that by yourself, no matter if it’s the indoor or outside unit we are talking about. We can say that the filter cleaning is the only thing you can do by yourself when it comes to AC maintenance, but for everything else, you have to call the professionals who installed it, or the seller, to give you contact details for some trusted service. They will make sure all the vents are clean, and help you clean the dust and dirt. Keep in mind that if you don’t do that, the dirt and moisture will boost the fungal growth, which is really disgusting, and surely not good for your health. Then, they will make sure every part is properly placed and insulated.

Detect differences in the performance

If there are some notable differences in the way it works, it’s less effective, or there is some leak outside, then it’s the right time to call the professional service, who will help you fix those problems. Also, don’t forget that every new device has a few years warranty period, and most of the expenses are covered with that.

But, if there is some mechanical damage, you will have to take that seriously, and be ready to pay enough for the service, so you can be sure everything is done properly. You can measure the performance after the service, and compare it to the previous results. Probably you will see a great improvement once the problem is fixed.

Set a date for an annual service

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If you use an air conditioning system, then you probably need it most of the year. So, knowing this, it’s always better to set a date every year and hire the service, who will diagnose and repair any possible issue with your AC system. But, if there is some obvious damage and it doesn’t work properly, don’t wait for that day to come, and just call the providers and tell them about your problems. You have to be very responsible for this, since it’s a crucial part of your home, especially if you live in an area where the hot weather lasts for months, and you really need this cooling system to survive.

Always keep in mind that this isn’t an additional expense to your budget. Once you install the air conditioner, you have to be aware that regular maintenance is highly recommended. Be a responsible owner, and report every possible issue you may have. That’s the only way to be sure you will get the best of your device and that it will last for years, working well. But, also, be ready for the new technologies, and that one day you will have to replace them anyway. Until then, be good with the one you already have.