“Home renovation” and “home remodeling” often get confused for being the same process. However when considering a home upgrade knowing the definition of both terms will prove to be an asset to you before speaking with a contractor.

“Home renovation” and “home remodeling” often get confused for being the same process. However when considering a home upgrade knowing the definition of both terms will prove to be an asset to you before speaking with a contractor. While either process is meant to improve your current home, they both have different benefits and processes involved with them. Educate yourself on the main difference so you can communicate effectively with the professionals you choose to do the job. Knowing what a renovation or remodeling actually entails puts you in a great position to get the dream project design idea you’re looking for. To get more information, visit this website: https://darekandsons.com/.

Renovation Improves the Look of a Room – or Your Entire Structure – but Doesn’t Change the Purpose

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A renovation process does not seek to change the kitchen frome being your kitchen and it won’t change your bedroom from being a bedroom but updates and repairs that these rooms require are implemented. This process usually involves painting, installing different flooring options and replacing older items like cabinet knobs and faucets for more modern choices. Renovation also involves remodeling your structure. For instance, let’s say old rotted wood is found in your property. This will be removed and rebuilt with newer wood that suits your new renovation design.

During the Remodeling Process, the Design of Your Space and Sometimes the Entire Structure Is Changed

Remodeling is defined by the switching of functionality and appeal of your space. With this process walls could be torn down to make a room bigger or a kitchen can be rebuilt to put cabinets, refrigerator or your sink in a different spot within your home. If you want to build an entire new space in your structure, this is also considered to be remodeling. While all these things are true, keep in mind that remodeling doesn’t have to include serious structural changes; One way this works is the simple process of turning an already existing bedroom into an office space. When the use case for an area of your home has been switched for a different purpose, this is considered remodeling.

Remodeling in Most Cases Will Cost More Than Renovation

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As stated above, remodeling involves sometimes major physical structural adjustment to your home. When this occurs things such as wiring, plumbing, and ductwork needs to be reconfigured which will cost you more based on the amount of physical labor that must be done. When you choose remodeling, the material prices are likely to increase because you are substituting older items for newer ones. In either situation the final cost is dependent on the extent in which you want to take your project design and the quality of materials you choose to use. Consider remodeling if you want to keep the purpose of a room the same because it is in most cases an easier fix that can prove to be more cost effective for you and your family.

In Some Cases Renovation Could Call for a Permit but Remodeling Will Almost Always Require This

A permit is meant to make sure building codes are met. Communities have the authority to make their own guidelines but building authorities in your local area often want you to have a permit if a building is altered and in this is especially true when you are considering major structural changes such as knocking down walls and changing plumbing.

Things such as painting and adding carpet will not need to be validated by a permit because the process is simple and doesn’t change much outside of aesthetic appeal, but things like roof replacements (considered to be a renovation project because the design and function stay the same) usually means you need to get a permit. Re-roofing is a special consideration because when a job is not administered properly major structural damage can occur such as leaks and even flooding and for this reason more commonly you will need a permit for re-roofing projects.

Renovations Are More DIY Friendly

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If you have the time and necessary traits required to complete repairs yourself, go for renovation over remodeling. In most communities you cannot do electrical wiring or plumbing unless you are licensed to do so but simple renovations such as painting, wallpapering, hanging new doors, and installing trim can be done. While this is possible many homeowners do not have the time or wherewithal to tackle a complex task that can include pouring new foundation or framing walls and roof lines.

Renovations Provide a Better Return on Investment (ROI)

Based on the fact that renovations are commonly more cost effective and only involve basic repairs and updates to the already existing function of a home, there is a better return on your investment over remodeling jobs. Adding extravagant features to your home such as new rooms may look amazing and offer you more advantages after doing so, but unless your roof is good and your furnace is operational, buyers will not purchase it.

Remodeling Is a Better Solution to a Bad Home Design

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Having to go through one bedroom to reach another one, or having water supply lines that are put in outside walls that are exposed to freezing conditions are problems that remodeling will not solve. Home remodeling is your only option for homes that are not designed properly and this is usually the case in older homes that were built before you had building codes that require certain things to be intact and professionals to do complex repairs.

Ready for the Next Step?

Now that you understand the difference between remodeling and renovation you can make the decision on which one will work best for your current situation. If you’re still undecided, find out what type of project you want to implement, how you should use your budget, the most popular option that other homeowners are going with and the optimal time for remodeling or renovation. The best way to get your questions answered is to consult a professional remodeling or renovation contractor in your area that has experience on the various intricate details that go into making your dream design into reality.