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Who doesn’t love a fresh batch of coffee? There’s nothing better than waking up and smelling that sweet bitterness as you pour yourself a cup. Now, there are many different types of coffee beverages people enjoy. There’s espresso, Turkish coffee, cappuccino, latte, mocha, French press and many, many more.

The extraction method and coffee type we’re interested in is the French press. According to CoffeeHow, it’s arguably the most convenient and easiest method to brew a delicious cup right in your home. Of course, you can’t do it without a proper coffee press, so we went out and tried to find the best presses on the market that you can buy and enjoy a fresh drink every single day.

Why Should You Buy A French Coffee Press?

Let’s quickly go over some of the benefits of this product, so you have a better understanding of why you should buy one in the first place.

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It’s Not Expensive

Many are lead to believe that coffee is an expensive habit, which it might be if you’re spending $10 each day in Starbucks. On the other hand, a solid French press is around $20 to $30 and it lasts for years. So, it’s much more cost-efficient to invest in a press, than to spend money day in and day out at your local coffee shop or Starbucks.

It’s Easy To Store & Maintain

Unlike espresso machines, presses are really easy to clean and maintain. Also, they’re the opposite of bulky, so whether you decide to keep them on the counter or store them in a cupboard when you’re not using it – you can. It won’t take up much space at all.

Batch Brewing

With a solid French press, it’s quite easy to brew a cup for every member of your household in just a matter of minutes. So, it’s a great product if you have a large family that loves to drink God’s nectar.

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Richer Texture

Unlike other methods of brewing, this one provides you with a much thicker and richer texture of the drink. This method of brewing preservers much more natural oils that come out of a bean, which results in a much more pleasant mouthfeel and better-tasting beverage. Of course you also need quality coffee such as the Kona coffee of to make sure you have the best coffee possible. A french coffee press can only do so much.

Temperature Control

With this device, you can easily control how hot or cold you want your drink to be. The water is heated up separately, so it’s up to you whether you wish to brew a warm or piping hot cup of black goodness. Also, this allows you to better extract the flavour from the beans, depending on which ones you prefer to use.

Healthier Cup Of Coffee

Since there are no filters of any kind in the French press, all of the essential oils, nutrients and antioxidants remain in your cup, which takes the health benefits of coffee to a whole another level.

The Best Coffee Presses On The Market

Now that we’re familiar with all the benefits of this remarkable product, let’s take a look at some of the best ones on the market.

Café Du Chateau

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Many coffee enthusiasts, including, agree that Café du Chateau is the best coffee press your money can buy. This one is made out of heat-resistant glass that allows you to see exactly what’s going on in there when you’re brewing a cup. Also, it’s 34 ounces – so that makes it more than enough for the whole family. It also comes with a fantastic filtering system to prevent coffee grounds from ending up in your cup, for a smooth drinking experience.

Bodum Chambord

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Arguably one of the best-looking presses on the market, Bodum Chambord, brews one of the most balanced and delicious cups of coffee you’ve ever tried in your life. It retains most of the essential flavours and oils, so you’re certain to experiences all of those delicate notes, without it being overwhelming or unpleasant. You might notice some grounds in your cup, but they tend to sink to the bottom rather quickly, so they won’t affect your drinking experience – you’ll only notice them when it’s time to wash the cup.

Espro Press P3

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If you’re a fan of a bright looking and delicious cup of coffee, Espro P3 is right for you. This one is a great fit for all of those that prefer the acidic taste of their brew, however, it’s important to notice that the beans themselves play a major role as far as taste goes. This one has a number of micro-filters to stop the grounds from finding their way into the cup, so you won’t have to worry about it in the slightest. This one even comes with a few paper filters if you wish to try that as well, but we found that even though the coffee tasted great and refined with them – it’s neither French-press nor a pour-over. So, ditch the paper filters.

Bodum Brazil

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The second press from Bodum on our list, Brazil can also be used to make a cup of tea. Its mesh, stainless steel filters make this one of the best ones on the market when it comes to brewing a smooth, delicious cup of coffee, or tea, if you’re willing to mix it up from time to time. The only drawback, if we could call it that, is the plastic frame, but given the fact that it’s only $20 and it’s not cheap plastic – we wouldn’t hold it against it.

Veken French Press

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This sleek, almost steampunk-looking French press not only looks good, but it makes a great cup of coffee as well. It has a stainless steel frame in copper colour along with a glass body, which looks really well when full. It has a spring-loaded plunger, it’s really easy to use and clean and the dual filters do a really good job of separating the coffee ground from the liquid. For just under $20, this might just be the best deal you can get.

Those were our top 5 picks for the best coffee presses on the market. Now that we’ve covered that, all that is left for you is to find the perfect kind of beans for yourself and get to brewing. Whichever one of these five you choose, we’re sure you won’t regret it. All of them make a great cup, they’re durable and good looking and are certain to last you a long time.