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Children never love studying and it is a tiring experience for most of them. Especially when it comes to online studying, it is hard to make them attentive. Therefore, teachers are finding it hard to make the students learn effectively. Furthermore, students cannot completely concentrate when they are not in a particular studying environment.

There is only a small percentage of students who can study all by themselves. Therefore, during the Corona period (when educational institutes are implying online classes) parents are worried about the educational losses of their children. Despite that, they cannot send them to tutors.

So the best solution is online tutoring sites. You can check this website where you can find expert tutors. So irrespective of your major subject, you can find an expert here. They offer online tutoring and study tutorials. Furthermore, they will also provide you with a list of the best professional tutors with their ratings. This will make it easier for you to get the right tutor.

When studying all by yourself, you may get bored. Furthermore, during online classes, it will be hard for you to pay attention to study only. But there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Here is a list of the ways you can try.

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1. Helps students maintain focus

It is not unusual for students to lose their focus during an online session. They will have much more to look at around the screen. Therefore, you have to ensure that students remain focused. This can be done by asking questions like the traditional way. But it can become a problem because of the hassle that might occur. Thus, you can try a different method like arranging quizzes that will make them students take every class and write down notes.

2. Build a connection with your students

It is not possible for students to ask questions freely when the teachers are strict. Furthermore, there are students who are shy even during class. So it will be a bit difficult for them to ask questions during online classes too. So it is the responsibility of the teacher to identify such students. But this would be possible only by encouraging them to participate. Thus, you will first have to make meaningful discussions and increase their engagement in class.

Although a teacher can help you a lot. But it does not depend only upon your teacher. Being a student, it’s your responsibility to improve your learning abilities. So here are the ways to improve yourself while having an online course.

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3. Tutoring applications and games

From the past few years, tutoring kids games are becoming too popular and KidsAcademy is the best proof for that. Both parents and students are getting more interested in them because they offer a great deal of fun. There are different games for different subjects so it won’t be hard to find the one for you. Moreover, you can also get language apps if you are interested in learning a new language. Thus, you will be able to learn new things in a fun way.

When it comes to mathematics and physics, you can easily get plenty of gaming applications. If not an application, you will surely find some amazing websites. These games will let you enjoy learning, which will be better than a boring online class.

4. Study with friends

If you are taking an online class and you are not able to understand everything, it is better to have group study. Furthermore, there is a lot of difference between studying with your friends and doing it alone all by yourself. You will be on your own and it will make learning slower and boring.

On the other hand, while you are studying with friends, you can think of different new ways of learning. Moreover, you can laugh together and discuss the things that you might not get but others did. Thus, you will not only study in a better way but can also encourage others to learn faster.

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5. Use flashcards trick

Flashcard is one of the fun ways to make learning a fun thing. This method is particularly effective for kids and youngsters. The kids get directly involved in preparing the flashcards and that makes them remember a lot of things. Furthermore, the information remains in the memory for a longer period.

So how will you make the flashcard?

  • This is one of the easiest things to do. All you have to do is to;
  • Filter out the most important informational content.
  • Create your own questions and answers.

Write done the questions with brief answers, it is better to write your answers in points.

This is one of the ways to sort out important information. Firstly, you will have to sort out the information. Secondly, you will make an order while writing down the points. And lastly, you will rephrase everything in your own way. Thus, you will have a better grip over the content.

While preparing flashcards for kids, you can use stickers and photographs that will make it more fun. Furthermore, the visual factor will make it look attractive.

Moreover, while studying with friends, these flashcards will make it easier for you to ask questions alternatively.

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6. Start teaching someone else

The best way of learning is through teaching. While you read something, it might remain in your memory. But when you teach someone else, your perspective changes completely. Therefore, you can give it a try. Especially when you are studying online, it might be too difficult for you to take all the notes. That is why it is better to keep on studying by yourself and stressing yourself.

I have personally gained a lot from this trick. You will be helping someone else and will also learn a lot from it. Furthermore, you will point out the important information. Thus, when you focus on the important points, they will be easier to remember. Another interesting teaching method is to make quizzes and worksheets. These tasks also improve your teaching and learning strategies a lot.