During the year, and especially during the spring and summer – we face a rather common problem. It’s the bug infestation! Although it is very embarrassing to admit – many of us, at least once in our life, have faced the situation where bugs occupied our house or apartment. What to do then, and how to get rid of these pests? Do not worry, because there is a way to successfully fight against them.

House Bugs Can Be A Serious Problem

House bugs can indeed become a serious problem – so sometimes, we can’t deal with them without professional help. Bugs are pests that have fully adapted to living with humans. They live where we live, and eat what we eat. They run fast, hide well, eat anything – and have an amazing reproductive capacity. If they are in places where it is humid and warm and where food and water are easily accessible to them – bugs can reproduce much faster. In some normal conditions, pests need about 5-6 weeks for the eggs to hatch. However, that process can be shortened by half if the conditions are better for them. That implies that they always have enough water and food available and that the rooms where they appeared are warm enough.


Help! How Do I Get Rid Of Bugs?

How many times have you heard this question? Many people are at war with these pests – sometimes successfully and sometimes not. All kinds of house bugs can easily be ranked No.1 among the pests found in houses, apartments, and restaurants. They hide over the day and start being active when the night comes – because, that’s the time when they start looking for food. We can see them mostly in kitchens, but we can also see them in other parts of the house where people eat and drink – and we can also see them in bathrooms since that place favors them because of the humidity. However, sometimes you can detect them even in the daylight. If you are currently having such an issue, here are some methods you can use if you want to get rid of these annoying creatures. So, let’s find out how to eliminate the problem with the bugs you have – but also what to do if the problem happens again.

1. Leave the bugs without a source of water and food

Water and food are necessary for the survival of all living things, including bugs. The appearance of insects is not exclusively related to unhygienic housing – but to how easily bugs can access food and water. If you see crumbs on the floor or work surface, try to wipe or vacuum them immediately. Avoid keeping food bags open as they will surely attract bugs. Instead, keep food away from places available for them. Do not allow your garbage can to overflow – empty the garbage regularly, if necessary, several times during the day. Faucets and pipes in the kitchen and bathroom must be in working order – because every water leak contributes to better conditions for the growth and reproduction of bugs.


2. Ask pest control professionals for help

If you do not want bug traps to be scattered all over your home, and it is necessary to get rid of pests in a fast, efficient and simple way – the right solution is to hire experts for disinfection. That is always the best choice because it is safe and gives long-term results. Professional companies like will help you eliminate the bug problem in your home safely and effectively. Namely, the professionals have the most up-to-date means and treatments for the destruction of bugs that are eco-friendly and completely safe for use in areas where children and pets stay. A professional pest control company will help you solve your pests’ issue permanently.

3. Bug baits

Baits are a popular method of fighting bugs. They are available in tablet and gel form and are poisonous. The smell of the bait draws pests to get closer to it. They eat part of it and take the rest back to the nest. The bait acts by delayed poisoning of the bugs, by gradually accumulating the poison in their bodies. When the poisoned beetle dies, the other beetles from the nest eat its body, which further contributes to further transmission of the poison. The bait usually results in the death of the pests within 1 to 3 days after consumption. One dose of bait can kill hundreds of bugs. Be sure to place the bait in places in the house that are not easily accessible to children and your pets. Baits contain poison and can be a danger to your household because they often look inconspicuous. Therefore, this is not a method that we would recommend to everyone.

4. Use different means to seal leaks and cracks in your house


No matter how effective the traps or baits you use in the fight against bugs – the result will not be satisfactory if there is a way for a new population of insects to enter your home. There are various means on the market today that you can use to fill in potential “entry points”. Choose any sealant to fill gaps between walls or tiles, small cracks, and openings around doors or windows. In this way, you will additionally make it impossible for the bugs to hide – but you will force them to move outdoors where they cannot survive for long.

5. Use of ultrasonic repellents

Today, we can find a large number of devices on the market that use ultrasonic waves to repel insects, and many manufacturers claim that such repellents are also effective in repelling bugs. In any case, it will not hurt to use ultrasonic repellents in combination with other methods.


In most cases, bugs can be successfully eliminated with some of the home methods. However, if your insect problem is more serious, that won’t be a problem either. It is enough to find professionals who will deal with it. Disinfestation professionals can customize an insect control program for your specific needs. First, the agencies that deal with this work have trained technicians who will perform a careful inspection to determine the degree of bug infestation and places in the house that require special attention.