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There are some widespread concerns when we are purchasing a vehicle, no matter if it is a new or a used one. People tend to pay close attention to many things, from, obviously, a model, to something far less important, as color, for example. But unfortunately, a lot of people don’t think hard enough about the tires, and they often unrightfully so get overlooked, as everyone thinks that every other part of the vehicle is more important. Even if something like an engine is more vital, anyone buying or owning a car needs to consider the tires as they serve several purposes.

Most importantly, they hold the entire weight of our car, and given how much pressure they are constantly under, it is clear that having high-quality tires is essential. After all, they also need to deal with traction and control the traveling of the car itself. There is a lot of work they need to do, and it is normal they need to get checked regularly and perhaps even replaced. Taking care of our tires is required if we want to get the full potential of our vehicle. So if you are interested in getting some great tires, check out, but if you would like to learn why we precisely recommend them, continue reading.

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A mix of experience and tradition

When it comes to this manufacturer, they are with us for more than a hundred years now, and their experience in making tires is immeasurable. With time, they have proven to the public that their product is secure, productive, and better for the environment than most of the competitors. While they are founded in France, they have factories around the world, so don’t worry about if they are available in your country.

While they have many great models, some of them are above the rest. What they can make particularly well are models that are all year-round. Naturally, if you are dealing with extreme winter conditions, you will pass on models like these, but tires that are good in all seasons equally well can be of great use to most of us. They are incredibly endurable, safe, and provide a comfortable ride. So if you are not dealing with any extreme weather, a model like Defender LTX, for example, will go a long way for you.

Durability and warranty

No matter what product you decide to take, in the end, it is highly likely that it will have a warranty of at least five years, perhaps even longer. When it comes to what speed they can manage without any issues, they are also quite good. Even their general models can handle around one hundred and twenty miles or two hundred kilometers per hour.

Of course, you can go faster than that, but that will wear out the tires a bit more than regular driving. In the end, all tires will have to be replaced, so keep that in mind. The traction these tires will provide is of the highest possible rank. No matter what surfaces or roads you traverse, they will assist you tremendously well. They can also resist a lot of heat, so no amount of attrition will deteriorate them. And while their load limit is high, they are still not perfect for heavy snowing. That doesn’t mean that this manufacturer is not making winter tires, just that their specialty is all-year-round tires, so we are talking about them in particular.

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Ideal for every road and weather

But there are other questions that need to be answered as well, like what about going off-road and whether these tires handle that? And the short answer is yes, it really doesn’t matter what type of ground we are talking about here, as these tires can handle it. The more time passes, the better technology of traction becomes.

All companies are now able to give us products that are better at their job than their counterparts decades ago. And off-road traveling is a prime example of this evolution. Traction has just been in the center of attention to developers for so long, so it was inevitable that this type of progress will happen. The design of the tires is now also able to handle wet surfaces much better than ever before. And while these tires will not make your vehicle amphibious, they will assist us no matter how hard it rains.

Vast offer

And while Michelin makes tires for most types of vehicles, they are specializing in passenger vehicles, trucks, and SUVs. We mentioned that they are the best when it comes to tires for all seasons. But their winter products can also measure up to any other company, and another advantage is their durability. They specialize in finding ways to minimize how often do tires get pierced or degraded in any other way. That means that they will often live through their entire life cycle. The one that their warranty claims they have.

And while the fact that their warranty lasts for long and has great coverage, the other fact that you probably will not have to use that warranty is even greater. Besides that, the company made it a priority to leave as little of an imprint on the environment as they can in the production itself, so if this is an issue someone cares about, they can sleep better knowing that this company wants to minimize pollution. Of course, some pollution is a necessity in the production of tires. The only possible flaw that anyone could point out is the prize, but it is a sad reality that anything of this quality will cost a bit more. In the end, the price is more than fair for what they are offering to us.

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As we have seen, tires are far more significant than most people realize. That is why it is vital to choose the best possible model for our vehicle. Technology has improved a lot, and most of them will do their tasks in a satisfying way. But if you are not afraid of paying a bit more for a quality product, the durability of Michelin tires is giving them an edge over other tires.