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Due to the COVID19 pandemic, 2024 was a nightmarish year for most marketers. Countless events, corporate parties, and seminars had to be canceled all across the country. As we head into 2024, social distancing is still the norm, so most marketers can’t plan to host face-to-face meetings with target audiences. However, there are some tools that savvy marketers and restaurateurs are using to reach out to audiences directly.

The new age of glamping

In some parts of the world, “glamping” has become extremely popular. Glamping means ‘glamorous camping.’ Several hotel grounds have been converted into sites for setting up tents. These light tents come with sufficient space, bedding, linen, and other conveniences. Marketers can employ the same trick and use custom canopy tents to hold socially distant meetings with target audiences.

At a time when promoting brands and making real-time impressions on target customers has never been more challenging, these small, lightweight, and easily transportable tents offer a glimmer of hope to marketers. Here’s how customized canopy tents can potentially benefit brands and marketing firms during the pandemic –

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Differentiate Your Brand in the

Since many brands have temporarily halted their marketing efforts, a business that invests in a high-quality 10×10 canopy tent to interact with target audiences will be viewed in a better light than others. Be it trade shows or political events – these tents allow marketers to come in direct contact with individual sets of customers without risking their safety.

When it comes to the design and the material of your canopy tent, ensure it is perfect for the venue. For example, if the venue is outdoors, you should invest in a 10×10 canopy tent that is UV protected and resistant to other weather elements like wind and rain. You can explore high-quality tents ideal for indoor and outdoor venues at to use at any upcoming trade show or business event scheduled outdoors.

Keep your visitors safe and free from coronavirus infections

Though vaccination drives have begun, it is important and your moral responsibility that your staff and all the attendees at the event are safe. You should be aware and implement all the guidelines and safety protocols for the pandemic. Everyone who enters the tent should feel safe and protected.

It’s very easy to maintain cleanliness and social distancing norms in these custom canopy tents. Plus, these tents feature attractive brand logos and designs made of high-quality ink. The fabric used to create these tents look crisp and appealing. Target customers are guaranteed to flock to a high-quality custom canopy tent that offers basic provisions like hand sanitizers for free to any customer who enters the tent.

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Be responsible

Use surface disinfectant sprays on tables and goods so that viruses and bacteria are killed. During this pandemic it is vital to take extra care of cleanliness and sanitation. Your visitors will also notice your efforts to keep them safe and free from infection. This goes the extra mile in invoking positive first impressions, especially for those interacting with your business brand for the first time.

Market in Several Locations

Due to the pandemic, most marketers aren’t positive about the availability of certain locations. You may book a spot a few weeks in advance only to find out new lockdown rules being implemented on that spot. By investing in custom canopy tents, marketers can eliminate this risk of location-related uncertainties. Canopy tents are extremely easy to transport.

Marketers can hit trade show after trade show without having to spend excessive amounts on each trip. Plus, setting up temporary shelters using these tents is an extremely simple process. In less than five minutes, these tents will be set up, and the marketers can focus on their key objective – attracting target customers to the brand.

Durable and Long-Lasting

If you’re a small business owner, investing in custom canopy tents during this pandemic is a “no-brainer.” These durable tents can last for at least ten years. Irrespective of how much rain or traveling these tents have to go through, they always remain sturdy, water-proof, and UV-repellent.

Marketers need to create tents with their brands’ logos and brandings, pick exciting color and design combinations, and hit the road! Represent your brand at all events most safely and cost-effectively possible.

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Skilled professionals can help you create an eye-catching canopy tent

To generate a good response, you must consult professionals from companies that regularly create canopy tents for trade shows and fairs. They generally have some of the best designers in town to help you with the color scheme and design to go well with your business brand and logo. They know design, artwork, and presentation. They incorporate it in your advertisement tent, and this does make you get a competitive edge at the venue over your peers. Professional designs catch the attention of the targeted audience and lead to more sales.

Boost your lead conversions and sales with the right design

Attendees at any trade fair or show are targeted audiences who are interested in your products and services. They make major buying decisions, so it is prudent to have the right custom-designed tent for the event. With the perfect canopy tent, you can assure your potential customers that you are here to give them genuine goods and services in the new Pandemic era. This goes a long way in building trust and credibility in the market. Remember, first impressions are lasting impressions, so make sure they are good.

Last but not least, you will find that 10×10 canopy tents are useful not only for trade shows but they are also excellent options for sporting events and other events generally conducted outdoors. They have become an integral part of business marketing strategies in the COVID-19 Pandemic era. They are ideal for keeping business brands visible, welcoming potential customers, carrying out curbside activities, and aiding in social distancing. The demand for canopy tents is increasing, and they are being used by most businesses across several industries today.