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Before you start the metamorphosis of the interior, it is useful to carry out a large-scale cleaning and get rid of unnecessary things. Sometimes it is enough just to update the furnishings in the house. Then, after a thorough study of the room, decide what and where you would like to update. It is much easier to refresh the interior with a neutral finish. If the walls have a certain palette or stylized texture, play up the eclecticism by adding elements of other design trends. We’ve found some other great ways to breathe new life into an interior.

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If renovation is not for you, we offer several ways to freshen up your apartment.

Rearrange items

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According to feng shui, in order to change your life for the better, you should move 27 pieces of furniture around the house during the year. And in this statement, there is some truth, because even a small reshuffle noticeably refreshes the interior and improves the mood. Do not be afraid to put furniture at an angle to the wall: often this solution only extends the space. In addition to pieces of furniture, you can also experiment with the decor, for example, replace the painting in the living room with a photo panel from the bedroom.

Lighting – one of the main details

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Lighting is an important part of the interior. A good lighting scenario can noticeably change the atmosphere in a room. The easiest way to control lighting is with dimmers. Replace an old chandelier with a new one, buy an original floor lamp or add LED lighting to the room and you’ll see, changes in the interior won’t be long in coming.

Transform windows

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Windows are the most visible part of the room. Their modernization can’t fail to affect the interior. There are many options: change or update the curtains, experiment with their decor, hang vertical blinds, repaint the window frame or cornice, put on the window sill spectacular accessories or potted plants.

Freshen up the walls

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For this purpose, it is not necessary to paint or change the wallpaper. Neutral-colored walls are a universal background for experiments: you can use special stickers, volumetric applications, photo images, paintings, stylish panels. Prefer a more practical approach? Hang shelves or cabinets on the walls – a neat and textured touch.

Modernize your furniture

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New furniture is a good way to change your decor. But it’s much more creative and economical to transform old furniture: paint in current shades, stencil prints, update upholstery, add trendy decor or an antique effect. Used furniture can be given a second life by making something new out of it. Even replacing fittings (including door handles) will give the interior a fresh breath.

Add Details

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Take an inventory of your home accessories and memorabilia. Perhaps something is long overdue to be thrown out, donated, or taken out of the closet and displayed in all its glory. Accessories made in the same color scheme with the overall background will look stylish.

The always popular handmade will emphasize the individuality and exclusivity of the interior: change the frame for pictures and photographs, add decorative details in the frame of the mirrors, and for books make the original covers. In the bathroom and kitchen, you can bet on new faucets.

Get some green plants

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If you don’t already have indoor plants in your home, now is the time to fix that. Organic greenery is one of the best design trends. They make a room come alive in front of your eyes. A natural green color will look great in any interior style.

The shade of flowering plants is desirable to pick up the overall palette of the room. In addition to traditional pots on the floor and windowsill, try to master vertical gardening in the form of walls of unpretentious greenery.

Organize your storage system

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Clutter kills aesthetics. An ill-conceived storage system makes it difficult to achieve the desired interior results. Try replacing massive cabinets and shelving with lightweight wicker baskets, wall shelves, mobile containers under the bed, or hanging pockets.

Turn up the heat

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Old radiators can be a strong visual irritant, disrupting the aesthetics of the entire room. Replacing them with new ones is troublesome and expensive. It is easier to paint radiators or hide them with decorative screens. An electric fireplace will be a stylish and functional addition to the interior.

Add texture

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In a modern, minimalist interior with an abundance of smooth and reflective surfaces and a cool palette, a little fleecy fabric wouldn’t hurt. Fluffy, natural decor warms and immerses you in comfort. Textured rugs, a variety of pillows, blankets, plaids, capes, skins – for centuries in search of warmth and comfort, our ancestors tried to decorate their homes with them.

Changes in the kitchen

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Even a small kitchen has room for tangible changes. First of all, change the design of the table. You can replace the tablecloth with a tablecloth-track or textile napkins under the cutlery. Interior bloggers often have table arrangements of fresh flowers, candles, napkin holders, salt and pepper shakers.

Make changes in the organization of the work space in the kitchen. Decorate the coffee corner with beautiful tea and coffee jars, sugar bowls and cups. Place kitchen utensils in plain sight by hanging them on rails. Vegetable and olive oil can be poured into special bottles with thin necks. On the apron you can hang a couple of shelves for spice jars, plants and cutting boards. Still looking for more ideas to revamp your kitchen? Check out this Beautiful Homes article about kitchen styles and some of the latest kitchen design ideas for your home.

Mood Board

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If you don’t already have a mood board, we recommend paying attention to this decor element. Its advantage is that in addition to visualizing wishes and source of inspiration, it is also a spectacular detail of the interior. The mood board can be changed every six months, depending on your mood.

You can use the mood board to make changes to your workspace – this is very relevant for those who work from home. Another good place for a cork or magnetic board is in a hallway, next to a keychain or above a dresser. You can attach reminder notes to it, and you won’t forget anything. Looking for more interior design ideas or a professional to help you design your home? Visit AC Vision to find more interior inspirations and talk to a designer today.