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Currently, the world is still experiencing the aftermath of the global outbreak of COVID-19, which is why most people stay indoors. However, warmer weather is slowly approaching, which means that you’ll finally be able to spend more time outside. And, if you want to do something new and different, some of the things you could spend your leisure time on are trampoline games!

But, if you never tried these pastimes before, you might be wondering – what are some of the best ones that I could try in my leisure time? Luckily, the article below is going to highlight some of the fun games to try on a trampoline, ones that you could enjoy with several people, so, let’s take a closer look:

Best Trampoline Games For 2 Players

“Bouncing Air Catch”

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This is, perhaps, the first thing that you should try, especially since it’s interesting for both adults and kids. For it, you’ll require two participants, and ensure that you utilize a softball. To work through it, one person will need to linger on the pad, while the other person remains on the side. The person that isn’t on the pad should propel the ball as high as possible over the other person, and they need to jump around and attempt to catch it while they’re still in the air! Keep in mind, every ball equals one point!

“Mimic Me”

If you want to test your retention and skills, you should definitely opt for trying this fun pastime. The participants will have to begin on the sides of the ring and face one another. The individual who will begin needs to state the title of a specific symbol and then they have to jump on it. Then they need to continue bouncing until they’ve done it 5 times. The second person will need to repeat the same moves, and if they correctly do it, they win a round!

“Bubble Arena”

This is, perhaps, one of the safe trampoline games out there, especially since you could enjoy it with your kid! It’s relatively easy, however, your child will have endless hours of pleasure. You should get onto the pad with your kid, and while you’re sitting opposite of them, start making bubbles! Try departing them in all ways and your toddler needs to burst as much as they possibly can right before they hit the base of the pad.

Fun Trampoline Games For 3 Players

“Piggy in The Middle”

For starters, you’ll require three people and a softball. One person must be in the enclosure, while the other 2 need to be off it. The individual who is on the pad is referred to as the “Piggy”. They’ll need to leap while the other contestants continue tossing the ball to one other, across the ring. The purpose is that person on the pad needs to grab it while bouncing around. When it is caught, the individual who threw the losing ball needs to get on the pad!

“Crack The Egg”

You might remember this pastime from when you were a kid, and it’s one that’ll allow three people to participate. You’ll be required to pick a person that’ll be the Egg, and they’ll need to lay on the pad, with their knees lifted all the way to their chest and their hands need to be placed around the knees. The other people will have to stand around the ring and move the base pad as much as they can. The objective is to strive to ‘break’ the egg, meaning that they should lose their grip over their knees. The champion is the individual who managed to stay uncracked for the longest.


You could even choose to draw shapes on the pad in order to make a twister! Now, you should know, two participants will enter the ring, while the third one needs to stay outside in order to be the judge. Both people on the pad need to follow the instructions of the judge, meaning that they should put specific limbs on specific icons. However, they cannot fall over. The victor is the individual who remained stable for the longest.

Trampoline Games For Multiple People


If you’re looking for trampoline games for multiple people, you found one! Whispers is an extremely fun pastime, but it’ll also help with improving your retention and focus. It can include as many people as you want, and it begins with one person climbing the pad and making a trick. The next opponent needs to repeat it, however, they also need to add their own step. And, the cycle continues. The players get eliminated by making a wrong move, while the winner is the one who completed all the steps.

“Poison Ball”

Now, this one might be suitable for a water trampoline such as the ones featured on the TrampolinesGuide, mostly because it requires a lot of moving and jumping around. Participants need to take shifts being on the platform, and the whole point is that other people need to throw balls from the sides, and the preferred participant needs to avoid them all while jumping. You should record every members’ time, and the victor is the one who has survived the dangerous balls for the longest.

“Castle Attack”

This tournament combines some aspects of Poison Ball and dodgeball, meaning that it’ll become even more fun! You’ll have to divide the participants into 2 groups. The initial group is basically one person who is appointed “King” or “Queen”, while the other group is the “Attackers” who need to remain outside of the device. The attackers need to throw water balloons and the King/Queen has to dodge them. Once he or she has been hit 3 times, the enemy who hit him last becomes the new ruler.


There is a wide range of games that you could play with other people during your leisure time. And, depending on your preferences and needs, one of the games might be suitable for you, your family members, as well as your friends, so, ensure that you try some of them out.

So, now that you know what games you could enjoy during spring and summer, you might not want to lose any more of your time. Instead, you should open up your browser and if you haven’t purchased a trampoline yet, find an organization that’ll provide you with the one that is suitable for your needs.