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Summer is just around the corner and it is expected that everyone has already made plans on how to get the most out of it. One of the most anticipated activities by families and groups of friends are outdoor cookouts which obviously include grilling. Summer feels like it isn’t really complete without this, right?

Aside from getting your tummy filled with delicious grilled recipes, these cookouts are definitely fun since it is also a great idea where you can bond and converse with your family or friends. It could be done in your backyard, in camping, or on a beach trip. It is a social activity indeed.

There’s a whole lot more about why grilling is a better alternative for a cooking method because apart from it being fun, it brings big health benefits as well.

First, grilling takes out excess fat during the process, meats are being placed on direct heat for a period of time where fats are being dripped out of the meat. Another reason why it has less fat and calories is that there’s no need to use butter when you opt for grilling as it will take away the meat’s moisture, unlike when you cook it on an open flame.

Second, grilling your meat will increase its nutritional elements such as riboflavin and thiamine since they will be retained during the process. These nutrients are B vitamins that convert food into a fuel that emits more energy.

Grilling is truly a healthier way of cooking, given all the health benefits it contributes this only means it can reduce health risks as well.

However, to achieve all of those mentioned earlier, there’s a proper way to be considered when grilling a slice of perfect meat. Here are five simple tips that you should be applying:

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Pat the meat dry

Before you put the meat into the griller, make sure that you pat it dry first. This is a very essential step as it is the key to remove excess moisture which allows the bits of the meat to caramelize. Caramelization happens when the meat has direct contact with the hot grates.

However, if the meat still contains unnecessary moisture this will hinder the process of caramelization. Nobody wants a lump of steam-cooked meat, right? So always keep in mind that the very first step you should do to obtain perfect grilled meat is to always pat the meat dry properly.

Temperature Vary From The Type of Meat

Meat differs in various aspects; the type, doneness, and thickness. These differences are incorporated with proper methods and processes when grilling. Each factor contributes to how to get the right temperature and determines the amount of time designated for each type of meat.

Aside from using a thermometer and even phone applications to get your meat perfectly done, you can also use grilling charts as a reference as it specifically provides the correct extent of time when grilling according to its thickness and doneness.  Take note: Guessing won’t help.

Season with Salt and Pepper beforehand

Always keep in mind to season your meat with salt and pepper a few hours before grilling. Place it on a baking tray and sprinkle both sides with salt and pepper, let it sit, and allow it to do its purpose. The salt will contribute to its tenderness and juiciness as it helps the meat cells to retain water. While pepper adds crunch and spice.

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Leave It On The Heat

Consistently flipping the meat will only result in a failed grilled dish. By leaving it on the grill for a period of time, it will allow itself to release naturally which keeps the meat from tearing apart when you do the flipping.

It will also allow the meat to obtain a perfect grilled mark that will add more texture. Once the fond (or the browning) forms, that’s the time where you will need to flip the meat on each side to allow further cooking.

Let It Rest

It does not necessarily mean that you’re done cooking once you remove the meat from the heat. Even after the meat is taken off from the grates, it still continues cooking by itself. Let it rest for about 10 to 20 minutes to allow further processes to happen.

During that period of time, the meat undergoes a so-called “carry-over cooking” process wherein it allows the meat to set itself at its right temperature to cool and maintain its stable physical structure. By that time you can now perfectly slice the meat in pieces as it won’t have the tendency to loosen and weaken.

Apart from that it also gives the meat time to absorb all its juices that hold most of its flavor. So, don’t get too excited to directly consume or serve your meat after grilling unless you want your dish to be a flop. Let it rest for a bit and allow it to just do its thing.

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Final Words

Grilling could be such a messy task because it would really take some of your time, effort, and even your patience but will totally guarantee you a smoky and flavourful dish on your table.  As the saying goes, “good things come to those who wait”.

Also, grilling, compared to other cooking methods, allows you to obtain some health benefits which adds a great factor.

Another essential part when it comes to grilling is the equipment that you are going to use. Investing in the right tools, utensils, and equipment plays a big role as your outdoor cooking would not be possible without these. If you want to check out some of the brands that offer complete and top-quality pieces of equipment, see here for more details.

Lastly, the best part of grilling isn’t really the food that you get to eat but the opportunity to bond with the people that are dear to you such as your family, friends, colleagues, or your neighbors. To make time with your loved ones, have a conversation, and create great memories.