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There have been a few documentaries that have looked at different technologies around cryptocurrency. As a matter of fact, if you look at this topic deeper, you will find a lot of interesting and attractive movies that work on this topic, trying to get it closer to the audience.

Most of these financial movies are available on popular streaming platforms, including Netflix. A couple of them are even about specific cryptos. This time Monero (XMR) falls under the spotlight with a new documentary ‘Monero Means Money’. What is it about, and is it any good?

The first thing you need to know about it is that it’s a standalone cryptocurrency that becomes more and more attractive among traders and investors. If you are interested to learn more about how it goes compared to the most popular currency, Bitcoin, you can always check Godex and see how things are going.

In 2024, there was a movie, and we already mentioned it, that will help you understand the importance of cryptocurrencies that are different than the most commercial ones. So, let’s see what you can learn from ‘Monero Means Money’:

Monero Means Money (2024)

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If you search the usual sources for movies online, you will see that the Monero Means Money documentary has extremely favorable reviews. For instance, IMDB giving it a very lofty 8.1 stars out of 10, based on 25 reviews. The film itself has a pretty TED Talks style format. You will see Dr. Daniel Kim giving a lecture with an accompanying slide show about Monero and the world of cryptocurrency as a whole.

It is a very thorough introduction to Monero. The film highlights some of the challenges and solutions that Monero and cryptocurrencies have met and dealt with. In reviewing it, we wanted to be fair and unbiased, because many of the reviews online are not very accurate. Let’s dive in!

What is Monero?

Monero is a cryptocurrency that first appeared on the market in 2014. Since then, we all realize that the crypto market is not just the popular Bitcoins. There are plenty of other currencies that are worth giving a try. This is an open-source protocol-based currency, which means you don’t need to use advanced machines to mine it. It’s based mostly on trading, and even those who decide to mine them, don’t need to worry that they will have to invest in computers, machines, cooling systems, and electricity supplies. The sender and recipient are anonymous until the transaction is completed, which means there is no privacy issue at any point. It’s also based on a proof-of-work way of working, so you can know you will get your money anyway, but still, manage to keep the privacy safe and secure.

The prices go up and down, but there is no huge difference in the changes, as we can see it’s happening to Bitcoins today.

People who maintain the XMR network say they want to protect all the consumers, and taking care of their privacy is their main priority. So, maybe it’s not the most attractive currency in the world, but the movie we are talking about will show you a lot of different aspects, and of course, make you decide if you want to become an active part of the crypto community or not.

Caveats Before you Watch

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For the unconcerned cryptos, privacy is a non-issue, it simply doesn’t register as something to worry about on their spectrum of concerns. Monero was built with privacy and privacy rights in mind, so any focus on privacy in the film highlights privacy as a ‘problem’ that Monero fixes. In actuality, privacy is a construct that we still haven’t quite decided where the line is, so describing it as an absolute problem isn’t fair.

For example, you would definitely want your doctor and healthcare professionals to know your symptoms and medical history before treating you, even if you were comatose and unable to consent. So, privacy and how much right we have to our information is very much a grey area.

Monero obviously sees this grey area as black and white and so does the film.

A Film Made by Fans for Fans

There is a disclaimer before the opening credits of Monero Means Money stating that although no one from Monero will directly profit from the film, it has been made with community members that could indirectly profit. In other words, if this attracts new users to Monero, which is now solely mined by the community, they will make a profit by selling their Monero with the increased demand (more value).

The film is designed to reach out to people that have heard of cryptocurrency or maybe even heard about Monero and want to learn more. These people tend to be traders who like to convert Monero to Bitcoin, so Godex is in a way a direct investment tool for Monero.

The high ratings are a good indication of this because watching the documentary you immediately get the sense of a very low-budget production. Picture quality isn’t ideal, sound quality is equally average, and the presentation, titles, and information are very easy to replicate on a Microsoft presentation program.

So, these high scores are given by those who wanted to watch the film before the opening credits rolled. They didn’t need convincing about how good Monero is, they were already convinced, meaning anything that confirmed this viewpoint would score highly – and it did. As time will pass and more people watch it, its rating will drop significantly.

Conclusion for the crypto trading and investments

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This movie, and any other related to this topic, is showing the importance of getting educated on some topic before you make some significant steps. No matter which cryptocurrency you prefer, there is always some amount of risk that comes with it. The movie shows all the aspects, and that’s why it’s very popular among crypto traders and investors. The everyday people may not be interested in it, but we highly recommend you to watch it if you have an intention to become an active part of that community.

Conclusion of Monero Makes Money

If I had to give Monero Makes Money a score out of 10, it would be a 1 or a 2. I like Monero as a project, but even I don’t enjoy a ‘deep dive’ hour and twenty-minute documentary infomercial about it. This will appeal to passionate Monero fans and those who are enthusiastic about making a profit from trading Monero. Still, beyond that, this film has very little scope.