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During these ten episodes, with both the seasons having five equal episodes, the series earned many awards. With so many fans waiting for the series to come back for the third installment, let’s see when it is making a comeback on the television screens.

A Peek Into The Storyline

The BBC drama series revolved around the life of Dr. Gemma Foster. One fine day, when Simon Foster, her husband, returns home from his job, she finds a hair on his coat. This makes her believe that he is having an affair with another woman.

Determined to discover the truth, she begins to investigate the matter herself. She follows several facts and tracks looking to collect evidence in support of the case. She ultimately finds evidence that shatters her life and forces her to take unbelievable actions.

Both the installments had a similar storyline with the second installment falling behind the first one in terms of ratings.

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The Cast

Doctor Foster had three main characters in both installments. The first main character was Gemma Foster. She was portrayed by Suranne Jones. Gemma Foster is a loving wife, a perfect mother to her children, and the most talented general practitioner a patient can ask for. Her life takes an unexpected turn after she discovers the truth about her husband, Simon Foster.

Simon Foster, a property developer, was portrayed by Bertie Carvel. He is suspected to be having an affair with another woman. Simon Foster is a character that appears to be a perfect family man but as the story progresses, his image is questioned and dark secrets about his life are revealed.

Turns out, Simon Foster had been having an affair with Kate Parks, portrayed by Jodie Comer. Jodie Comer is young & beautiful and is pursuing her education at one of the best Universities.

When Can We Expect The Release

There was a gap of two years between the first installment and the second installment. Once we entered 2019, fans began expecting that there would be an announcement for the third installment. An announcement was scheduled to be made for the third installment; however, it got delayed due to the unavailability of Suranne Jones.

Mike Bartlett, the creator of the series, expressed his interest to begin production of the third installment as there is still a lot to the story of Gemma Foster. BBC is also keen to take the series forward but all eyes are on Suranne Jones. She has carried the show on her shoulder for two seasons and everyone wants her to reprise the role.

Things You May Want To Know About Doctor Foster Season 3

The third season may see the light later when everything settles for all the actors. For now, one can watch ‘Life’, a spin-off from Doctor Foster. ‘Life’ is about four families sharing the same building with every family having a different story to tell to the audience. The third season of Doctor Foster may see a similar storyline.

Summing It Up

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The series concluded after ten episodes of betrayal and cheating.  It also gained a huge list of fans who were left disappointed after its conclusion. Every die-hard fan can only wait for the makers to make an official announcement. Fortunately, there has been no announcement regarding the cancellation of the series.