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The conclusion left everyone wondering if the sixth season would ever be released as it ended on a very positive note. In this article, we will find out where the sixth season of The Last Ship will come out and other details regarding the same.

A Peek Into The Storyline

It is the pandemic period and the disease has affected more than 80% of the global population. Some important personalities to have been affected are Presidents and Vice Presidents of different countries. This is not the highlight for the current COVID-19 pandemic but a storyline of a fictional series.

A crew of sailors sets out on a warship to conduct scientific research in the Arctic. They are given clear instructions to collect the facts, conduct research, and return to the base safely. The plot takes a twist when the sailors find out that their mission is to find a cure and not to conduct scientific research. The cure is believed to solve the problem of the pandemic that is prevailing at a global level.

The story gets interesting when more regions set out on an adventure to find the cure and attack anyone who gets in their way, including the sailors who were originally sent on the mission.

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The Cast

The warship had 218 sailors on board. The two main characters of the series were Commander and Dr. Rachel Scott who was played by Eric Dane and Rhona Mitra, respectively.

Commander leads the warship, USS Nathan James, from the front. He becomes the center of the series the moment he takes a call to support Dr. Rachel Scott in her quest to find the cure to the pandemic.

Dr. Rachel Scott is a paleo microbiologist. She initially hides the fact that she is on a mission to find the cure. Her secret comes out when Commander sees her working in the Arctic and a few war airlines arrive at the location to attack her.

When Can We Expect The Release

The conclusion of the fifth season was filled with positivity, showing that one can win any battle with hope and determination. This made it clear that the chances of TNT and Michael Bay returning for the sixth season were nil.

Amid several rumors on the internet about the series returning on television screens, TNT came out and made an official statement clarifying that the fifth season was the end for The Last Ship.

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Things You May Want To Know About The Last Ship Season 6

The novel, on which the series is based, ends with the ship sinking and the crew of sailors heading out to find a secure location. The series, however, concluded showing that everything worked out fine. The reason to portray this ending was that the sixth season was never really planned in the first phase.

TNT signaled the green light for the fifth season while the fourth season was under production. While signaling a go-ahead, TNT was clear on its stand of concluding the series in that particular season itself.

Summing It Up

Based on a novel by the same name, The Last Ship sailed for five seasons before it was concluded. Hope is a good thing as it serves fruitful results. In this case, fans may have to remain disappointed as there is not going to be the sixth season