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First dates, oh wow… How these can swing both ways. Lots of people agree that choosing to watch a movie on your first date is a great idea. At least that way you would avoid tension, awkward silences, and a conversation where you don’t have words to put out. I agree too, however, this can come back to bite you if you pick the wrong movie. There are movies you should just not consider watching on your first date because of their potential of ruining the mood or wrecking havoc. Here are some; watch at your own risk.

He’s Just Not That Into You

I believe this one is a no-brainer actually. On its own, this movie is good, as it’s about young folks trying to find their way around the maze of love. It’s star-studded and without overthinking, it should be a great movie to watch any day and with anyone. But is it? The content isn’t the problem – the title is.

If a lady friend of mine goes on a first date and she reports back to me that this is the movie the guy chose, I’d probably tell her to forget about him. Because clearly, or almost clearly, he’s trying to pass a message across – howbeit in a grossly terrible manner. ‘He’s just not that into you,’ I’d tell her before she gets her hopes up. Because if he wasn’t, why on earth would he choose a movie with such a title?

On the flip side, the guy could have just picked the movie because of its good reviews. Well, he should have thought of the meaning of that tile in the context of a first date. Now that he didn’t, he’s made a dating mistake. The lady could end up thinking he doesn’t really like her when he does. She could also see him as being utterly disrespectful. ‘Instead of telling me off through a movie title, why didn’t you just tell me how you felt to my face?’

Before I go on to talk about the next movie, I like to quickly chip in that dating mistakes through wrong choices of movies aren’t the only mistakes people make. If anything at all, this makes ups a small fraction of the things that could go wrong in dates or relationships generally. You could check out a site like Love Making Experts where you’d find countless articles that will teach you how to do things right even from your first date.

Furthermore, there are many sections tailored to men, women, romance in relationships, and so on. There is even this favourite article of mine called 300 Creative Dates Review – I’m sure you’d love it too. Anyway, back to our list.


Okay, this time around, the title is perfect. You probably agreed on a first date just to be closer. Well, let’s leave the title already and go into the content. Closer is one of those movies that thrive on being controversial. It goes against societal norms and sort of justifies cheating. Or at least, the movie is a subtle way of saying ‘everybody cheats’

The worst part is that the movie cast of Closer are absolutely stunning. They are folks that normally, shouldn’t be cheated on. Like if you don’t get all you want in this person, then where will you?! Anyway, that’s what the movie is about: whoever you are, and however perfect you are, you can be cheated on at any point in time.

Without saying much, that is clearly a bad pick for a first date. It passed across a million and one intentions of cheating, which, I believe, you wouldn’t have on a first date. And even if you did, letting him or her in on it would totally ruin your plan.

The Notebook

But this one is a keeper!

Yes, I know it is one of the best romantic movies out there. I’ve watched it a couple of times myself. However, the very things that made the movie popular are the same that make it somewhat inappropriate for a good date night. Here’s what I mean:

The notebook paints love as this strong force that can never be beaten back: that no matter what, love will always prevail. Is that good for a movie for a date night, of course!

But is love really that invincible? well no. Sometimes, love isn’t enough. Why you shouldn’t go for this on a first date is because this movie will easily set standards too high to reach for you both. It’s going to leave her thinking that you’d move heaven and earth to get back to her if something were to happen. Now, that might eventually be the case, but c’mon! You’re just starting.

It’s the first date and you’re not even sure if that is someone you’d later want to go above and beyond for. Also, she might leave the date believing that, you are a hopeless romantic. Not that being a romantic is bad, but if you don’t identify with such mannerism of expressing love, the Notebook will certainly present a gross misidentification of who you are.

The Human Centipede

Ewww this is just a no-no for a first date. The human centipede, if you’ve not had of it, is a twisted movie about a surgeon trying to sew people together such that they form a unified 3-into-one digestive tract. I don’t even know where to start. First, this can’t set up any kind of mood. If it’s going to do any of that at all, it’s rather going to leave you both irritated. Not just that, but if you pick the movie, the other will end up wandering what sort of person you are.

Did I just agree to a first date with a psychopath?

OMG, what if he’s planning some weird experiment on me?

For a date night, you’re meant to either pick a great movie with excellent reviews or rewatch an old movie that you love e with someone you care about. The human centipede doesn’t have standout reviews. It only managed 50% percent on rotten tomatoes. That implies that if someone shows you this on a date night, it’s not because they stumbled on it among a list of great movies, it’s because they have a personal affinity for it. My advice, run from such a person. Seriously, run!

Blue valentine

Phew! This one really got to me. Personally, I love movies that tell the truths about life. You know, the ones that aren’t unrealistically optimistic. But movies that walk that path are better suited for personal enjoyment or maybe the 3rd date when you’ve both agreed that you like such movies. Blue Valentine shows how two people who, at some point, are madly in love can just fall out of love with each other.

Except you have the intention of just being with the person for a short while, don’t go with blue Valentine. Asides from that, if you really like the person and you want whatever is between you too to have fireworks for as long as you can imagine, Blue Valentine is a no-no too. Watching blue valentine on a first date is like playing a comedy skit at a funeral. The kind of atmosphere around the movie is just not what you’d want around you.


The above movies are just some of my best picks. There are still hundreds out there that are red-flagged for first dates. On a general note, just go with a movie that you’d both enjoy – preferably comedy. Or if you aren’t into comedy, watch something simple and somewhat generic. Make sure it’s a movie that almost anyone can relate to, and that after the date, you can both talk about.