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Buying new furniture is always exciting, but it is also an important investment that can literally change your life for the better. If you stop for a second to think how important quality furniture is to a happy and fulfilled life, you will realize that you should absolutely never approach it lightly and carefree. This is especially true when buying something as crucial to your health and general well-being as a new bed. Sleeping is prevalent to our health, both physical and mental, and we as humans would not be able to function properly and optimally perform our daily obligations without enough of it. Remember that an average human spends a third of their life sleeping, which is easy to calculate since out of the 24 hours in a day you sleep for around 8.

Since this activity refreshes us and recharges out batteries, as well as gives us comfort, rest, and positive vibes, we should definitely go out of our way to get the best bed we can afford. With this being said, you will probably not be that shocked to learn that a lot of customers make crucial mistakes that lead to the purchasing of a wrong bed. And a bed can be wrong for numerous reasons, most of which are mistakes that could have been prevented easily. No worries, as we are here to help you. By the end of this article you will learn how not to make these mistakes and, more importantly, what they even are. If you are looking to buy a new bed for yourself or a member of your family, pay close attention. What is more, we advise you to check out in case you wish to learn more about this topic.

Not Reading Reviews and Ratings

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In the digital age it is important to use technology. However, sometimes simply using it is not the best course of action. For example, you can browse for a new bed on an online furniture store and even buy it, but you will have no idea what kind of a product you just paid good money for and whether or not it is what you expect. In the digital age where everything is on the internet, you can also learn from other people’s mistakes or at least their experiences.

Looking for valuable info on products you are drawn to with a simple Google search is not only fruitful, but it takes minutes to perform. Minutes after which you will have a much better insight into things. Ratings and reviews exist for a reason and you will probably find at least some no matter what you want to buy. If there is no info about the exact bed, you can at least get a better opinion about the store and the brand which are both equally important things. Use the internet and examine what the past customers have to say about the bed you wish to buy.

Not Physically Checking It

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Again, we have to start by saying that buying things off the internet is all fun and well in most scenarios. However, not for something that has to be physically tested for its dimensions, style, comfort, and quality. You simply must never simply order a bed off the web without having seen it live at a store. Touching it, having a go at it for a few minutes to test the comfort, length, and width, determining if it is the right fit for your bedroom, these are all crucial decisions you have to make before you can buy it.

And you cannot do any of them with just the pictures, videos, or descriptions on a webpage. You have to drive down to the store and check it out completely in person, with your partner if it is a bedroom piece, or with your child if it is for them. A bed is a long-term investment that should last you for years. Sleeping in one that is not up to your liking for any reason will not only be frustrating to deal with, but it will directly influence your life, happiness, and health.

Manufacturers and Location

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It is a known fact that things made in Asia, mostly China, are products from businesses that favor quantity and speed over quality. The price of manufacturing and the wages that go to the workers are low, meaning the product quality is low. If the bed was made somewhere in the Western world like America, it is going to be a lot more expensive but also of much higher quality. The next mistake people make and then wonder what had happened is easy to make.

Customers often believe that US brands always have “made in America” products. However, that is not always the case. As a matter of fact, it is a rarity. Most companies outsource their manufacturing to foreign countries where labor is cheaper and materials are of less quality. Despite being Western brands, they are actually assembled and made somewhere else, resulting in poorer quality and less durability. For the best quality and insurance, you should look at where the product itself was made and assembled, and not where the brand is from.

Not Measuring Properly

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While it seems like we already touched upon this issue, it is a frequent problem so it needs its own section. Customers often measure their bedrooms and determine the ideal size of their next bed. Then they look for beds of that size, with slight variations of a few inches or centimeters here and there, believing it would fit. Even worse, some homeowners do not measure at all and simply buy a bed only to find it is either too big for their bedroom and it does not fit with the rest of the furniture layout, or it is too small for them because they were measuring the mattress and not the bedframe.

In either case, they are to blame. Do not make such a mistake and make sure you have all the measurements. What is more, do not get the bed that is as long as you are tall. When we are sleeping we often stretch our arms above our heads and stretch our feet, meaning we need more than we are tall. For example, if you are 195 cm tall, or 6 feet 6 inches, get a bed that is at least 205 cm long, or 6 feet 8 inches.