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Fitness enthusiasts everywhere are intimately familiar with whey. It is, arguably, the most well-known nutritional supplement in the world. Its benefits have been extolled far and wide with proven results and satisfied users everywhere. Inquiring about the use of supplements in conjunction with a fitness regimen often leads you back to whey as a starting point from which you may build a stack that caters to your fitness needs and goals.

Whey is a milk by-product that is derived from the cheese-making process. When milk has been curdled then strained, the liquid, which remains after separation, is referred to as whey. In turn, the supplement known as whey protein is simply a protein derived from the whey product. It is entirely natural and widely available and more details can be found here.

As a supplement, whey protein is just one type of protein supplement available today. The other is known as casein protein. Casein protein is also derived from milk, although it makes up a more significant percentage of milk composition than whey. Both protein forms are of equally high quality and form part of vital amino acids, which we get from our food. In addition, both proteins are readily digestible.

The main difference between whey and casein proteins is how fast they are absorbed into the body. Whey is absorbed much quicker than casein; hence its more tremendous popularity as it makes the needed nutrients available to your body’s systems faster after ingestion. If taken before a workout, the quick absorption certifies that your body has sufficient energy levels to see you through the training.

Why Take Whey?

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As mentioned above, it is a naturally derived protein that is, in turn, an equally natural source of protein for you. While there have been many iterations of protein supplements, from beef, insects, rice, and even hemp, whey maintains its popularity. People are still more likely to reach for whey protein than any other type.

Taking whey protein is a way to increase the levels of protein in your body. Despite the fact that it is an essential macronutrient, the body does not store protein the same way it keeps carbohydrates and fats. This lack of storage means that when we ingest protein at every turn, the body uses it all up before it is replenished. Therefore, maintaining an optimum level of protein takes significant amounts of external effort, most of which are seen by eating protein-rich foods and taking protein supplements.

Whey protein is an excellent promoter of muscle growth. As you go into the gym and work your way through intensive training circuits, you require a mechanism within your body that takes up the process of construction and gets into the building of the muscles. This construction process is the role of protein. The best way to get these essential building blocks in the proper amounts is to have a pre or post-workout protein shake. Conversely, you may also start incorporating whey powder in different recipes that you cook to ensure that you are getting the right amounts of protein with your meals.

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Adding whey protein into your diet helps you make the best out of your sessions in the gym. Protein is a valuable recovery aid that provides the necessary environment for repairing and rebuilding well-used muscles after heavy training sessions. However, before the recovery process can begin, you must go through a workout, and it must count. The only way to do so is to give it your all. Going to such great lengths means that you require sufficient amounts of energy to perform the moves correctly and exercise from start to finish without compromising your achievements by way of a low-energy finish. Your ideal energy levels are provided to your body by the protein synthesized by the cells to create the power needed to see you through.

You may consider yourself to be an expert meal planner with experience, efficiency, and efficacy on your side. While this is an admirable achievement, you may not be able to guarantee that you are getting it right every time. Knowing how much protein is recommended for your daily intake and getting those recommended amounts are two different matters. Many factors could affect your ability to get enough protein through the day, including eating foods that do not provide high enough protein quantities to count and even being unable to make food for yourself as life gets in the way. When faced with such a dilemma, getting enough protein for your body is as easy as incorporating whey into your diet. Many recipes are posted online that make extensive and creative use of whey in cooking various foods. You may look them up to find inspiration for your newly fortified meals that pack a satisfying protein punch.

Protein supplements come in many forms, including protein powders, protein drinks, and protein snacks. The most common form of whey protein is powders offered by a vast number of brands. If you want to get more whey into your diet, try Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey to get you on your way to fulfilling your protein needs.

Top 5 reasons why you should be drinking protein

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Lose fat and get muscle

Just by reducing your daily intake by 500 calories and adding whey into your everyday routine, you will get phenomenal results. You are looking at around 6.1% fat reduction and better-preserved muscles!


A lot of people prefer to gain some mass when at the gym. You should combine your protein shakes with amino acids. Drink one dose one hour before and one after your exercises for power & strength purposes.

Helps with hunger

If you’re feeling hungry know that you can feel fed with the right dose. You have to focus on calming down your hormone called ghrelin (it’s the one that tells your brain you’re hungry). You will get used to its benefits in no time, just try different shakes.

Helps with stress

A lot of us are under stress and we have to keep it under control and in check at all times. For some, this can be through exercising, massages & yoga, while a quick & easy solution can be to drink protein. Some researchers have shown that protein helps with the feeling of depression, probably due to the more frequent production of serotonin.

Helps with immunity

Having trouble with your immune system? Guys who struggle with anxiety, nervousness, as well as gastrointestinal issues will improve their overall state with the right dosage of protein. Combining these with cardio workouts will make a difference in the long run!

So, how much do you need & how to intake it?

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Most serving suggestions are around 30g, and long-term use will help with a lean and strong figure without body fat. You can consume it with water or milk – the choice is up to you. You can also blend a scoop of your favourite flavour with an egg and a banana for a quick & easy breakfast meal. Most trainers and experts recommend sticking to 2-3 doses per day, depending on your goals and what you’re trying to achieve.