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We all know that living in a modern world has some benefits and many disadvantages, but one of the biggest benefits is for sure that no matter where we are or what we do for a living, there is always something extra we can do, something to invest in, in order to increase our budget. That is why looking for opportunities to make some more money is not only a necessity but something of a must these days, and since that’s the case, we are constantly searching for new ways, follow the latest trends, and are always on the lookout for some investing opportunity.

Among all these new and old ways of earning money, one system has always been the best, providing the best results and most profit, and yes, we are talking about real estate. For quite some time, real estate has been the most efficient way to gain money. But, as it is for almost all important and money-related things in life, it’s not just about the will to invest in something, as there are many things to consider and take into count before doing that. One needs to be sure of what and where to place that money, which is why we will now take a closer look, review some facts, and present you with the best country to invest in. For more information check eXp Realty.

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The best place to look for information

Let’s first start from what, and most importantly, where to look for when searching for the best country to invest in real estate. Like with other important things, good and thorough research and planning are required, and it is always helpful to have some reliable source to read more about it. Luckily, AFIRE is there to help those who want to become investors as it is one of the largest investor communities and helps people worldwide to make smart decisions.

This company advises people on where to place their money, what countries to avoid at all costs, and which countries can bring more profits, along with all the risks investing in them brings. It is one of the most reliable sources, and if you are planning to place money in real estate, it is a good idea to start your research here because it can save you from losing too much time on checking unreliable information on the internet. Real estate co-investing platforms like RealVantage has provided an easy way for retail investors to pool together and invest in sizeable projects. Now, when we know where and what to look for and what is the best starting point for our research, let’s take a look at the list of countries with the best opportunities.

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The first on the list is the US, and that should not be a surprise since this country is improving the living conditions for its citizens all the time. We are all familiar with the term “The American Dream,” and since so many people want to live that dream, it is no wonder why the US is one of the most popular countries. Another significant fact is that the US is multi-national, and people of all nations are welcome there, no matter the recent government actions. Multi-nationality is one of the main reasons why many people decide to invest in real estate in the US, and their laws are always on the side of investors.


One country from Europe with high standards and great industry is, of course, Germany. Its industry is famous worldwide, and it is working even during these troublesome times, so investing in a country powerful like Germany is always a good idea. The laws in Germany are not complicated, which makes things much easier for investors, and there is no need to worry that it will take a long time to finish all the papers once you decide to do that.

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Although it may come as a surprise for many people, Canada is actually a country with vast potential and great real estate opportunities. This country is stable, and it has one of the best regulations which make investing in it safe and secure. On the other side, people are still investing mostly in the first country on our list, and because of that, choosing a less popular country may be the best decision you can make.


The UK is another European country with astonishing buildings, rich history, and excellent opportunities. Almost every person dreams about visiting it at least once in a lifetime, and investing in it may be an even better decision with plenty of residential investment properties for sale in the UK. Besides the fact that you will own something in this amazing country, it also means that you can visit it more often. Laws and regulations are not something to worry about, and completing all the paperwork can be done pretty quickly.


The last country on the list is Australia, but that certainly doesn’t mean that it is the worst. On the contrary, it is one of those countries perfect for investing in real estate because of many things. This country has everything that one country needs to have, and besides beautiful nature and a stable real estate market, the laws are perfect for investors.

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No. 1 country to place your money in real estate

Even though we mentioned some great countries so far, this list would not be complete without the one with the best investment opportunities. It is becoming a true paradise for investors, and it is attracting more and more people from all around the world. This country is located in Europe, and it is known as one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

If you are still not sure which country we are talking about, it is Spain. It has one of the fastest-growing real estate markets, and in combination with mesmerizing nature and breathtaking buildings, it is becoming the first choice for investors all over the globe for the right reasons.

The bottom line

Now, when you know where and what to look for, along with reasons why Spain is the best country for real estate investments, the only remaining thing is to find a reliable and trustworthy company for guidance and advice on precisely what city and property type to invest in. Luckily, many companies and websites offer this kind of service, and one of the most renowned is for sure, so this will also not be an issue.