There was a time, not too long ago, when the idea of animated virtual reality content seemed laughable. In the modern-day, however, it’s fast becoming a booming industry.

Thanks to the largest social media platform in the world (Facebook), 3D rendered characters in a virtual space are no longer a pipe dream. Once the company changed its name to Meta and decided to go all-in on the Metaverse, this content will only become more mainstream.

This shift toward a 3D version of real-life also coincides with another favorite internet pastime – porn. Specifically, hentai porn and the surprisingly realistic renderings you can find on sites like SexLikeReal.

But, is there really a future for this kind of content? Let’s dive in and find out.

Animated Content vs. Real-Life

As you might imagine, VR porn has steadily increased, both in production and popularity. While the notion of VR hentai would have seemed impossible before, it’s part of everyday life for many viewers.

It’s easy to see the appeal, but how do 3D characters compete with the real deal? Here are some differences that can make all the difference to a user:

  • Fantasy vs. Reality – Hentai allows the viewer to live in fantastical universes where anything is possible and bodily dimensions are grossly exaggerated. The penises and breasts are all massive, and anything goes. Although real-life porn can get pretty creative, it’s limited by things like physics and biology.
  • Niche Content – If you’re interested in seeing furries banging each other’s brains out, you could attend a Furry Convention or watch niche VR porn. There are just some niches that live actors can’t fulfill, no matter how hard they try. Futanaria, anyone?
  • Notable Characters – If you spend lots of time on the internet, you’re likely familiar with game and pop culture characters. VR hentai allows you to explore your wildest fantasies with those characters, while it’s much harder to replicate in real life. For example, what if you want to see Samus Aran have sex with Mario? Hentai makes it easy to see that.

What Makes It So Real

The matter of Virtual Reality is highly discussed because of the impressions it evokes. And it’s a particularly interesting question in terms of VR hentai content. Here the logical question arises: what makes us feel it so real?

The main thing that impacts our senses is the visual part. When we use the VR headset, the major purpose of the use is to perceive a real-like picture. The construction allows for transferring the information about the environment visuals thanks to the pictures shown separately for each eye. You can even notice it when wearing a helmet. Thanks to the other settings and our brain peculiarities, we conceive the picture as if we are part of this environment.

The sound completes this impression. When you wear a headset your imagination explodes with the experience you have. Have you ever been in a situation where you dreamt of some character whispering dirty words to your ear? You’re welcome to feel it. Look at her (or him) as closely as you’ve ever thought of, listen to how the character approaches, sits next to you, and all the sounds afterward… VR is exceptional from this point of view.


Talking about all these, remember that today there is still no such widespread use of these technologies. Some of them are not as available as many would wish. Others are still at the stage of development. And one of the most significant technologies to complete the sound and video is the one to let you touch. In fact, today there’s an option to use the VR gloves, that have the function of controllers, and respond when you tough or grab something. Their construction allows for creating pressure on the parts of your hand which should feel the resistance when you hold an object. But this imitation is still pretty rough.

Among other hardware elements to complete your experience, there are costumes and many other items. The problem is that they are barely accessible. Even the VR technology itself is not so widespread to call it a tendency. But imagine that you can feel the softness or hardness, warmth, texture, humidity, and everything else that you feel in reality… Well, the future is yet to come.

The Future of VR Experiences and the Metaverse

While VR hentai can certainly scratch a variety of itches, it’s relatively limited in its scope. However, as Facebook and the Metaverse continue to grow, it may become possible to live out these fantasies yourself by piloting an avatar and seeing where the adventure takes you.

We’re already seeing signs that the collective horniness of the internet is spilling into the Metaverse. When there are few consequences for your virtual actions, it’s easy to cut loose and engage in some light (or heavy) debauchery.

While companies like Meta (that still sounds weird) likely won’t encourage or allow explicit content, it’s only a matter of time before a platform arises that functions as a Metaverse After Dark.


In this case, instead of searching for pre-made videos to tickle your fancy, you can engage in sexual activities as much as you want with your avatar. As these 3D-rendered characters become more versatile and lifelike, these experiences will only flourish, leading to a digital sexual revolution.

Sites like SexLikeReal are leading the charge by offering a wide range of animated VR content. While the concept of live Meta sex may seem outlandish today, these sites will help turn the idea into a reality. Imagine a Metaverse where you could attend a digital orgy every day of the week. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about STDs, awkward exchanges of bodily fluids, or the dangers of eating food beforehand. Instead, your digital self can have the time of its life while you control every move.

Excuse us while we contemplate this futuristic vision for a while. We’re going to need a towel.