Are you new to CapCut online editor and not sure which creative tools it brings for you to transform your photos? To ensure generating stunning graphics, the online photo editor by CapCut brings a wide range of impressively amazing creative tools.

The best thing about these tools like CapCut, is that they don’t only generate 100% precise results but are also free to use. Yes, you don’t need to pay any charges or fees to use this premium photo editing tool. Instead, let’s learn about those tools and see what they can bring to your photos.

Most Creative Tools to Create Stunning Graphics


To create impressive photos, you must have access to impressive tools that work like professionals. Not every person is a professional editor and not every person has hours of free time to spend on creating impressive transformation. So, let’s learn to use this incredible online editor to ease your life. However, before you rush to learn to use it, let’s spend just two minutes briefly go through its core creative tools which are as follows.

Color Match

This impressive online photo editor by CapCut comes with an AI-based color match feature. With this feature. You can easily and instantly generate similar color palettes for any photo. For this, the editor needs only your single command to optimize colors. As soon as you click on it, you get so many matching color palettes to choose from.

Image Resizer

In addition, it also has a variety of image resizing options. It’s up to you whether you choose a custom size for your photo or pick one of the available sizes. The recommended sizes include Instagram post size, Instagram story size, Facebook post, Twitter Post, etc. However, you can also add the custom ratio size in px or cm.

Image Background Remover

Similarly, this online photo editor also comes up with an AI-based one-click image background remover. With this AI image background remover, you can instantly change the background of your photos with one click. On the right-hand side of the screen, you will see the background option. When you click on it, further options to edit or remove the background will appear.

Background Generator

Besides background removal, there are also several options to replace and set an even more impressive background. For example, you can remove the dull background and set a strikingly beautiful color on the background. Similarly, you can also generate a blurred or gradient color background of your choice using this tool.

Text Effects

Here, you will also find a great number of text options to include in your photos. You will find a great variety of prewritten trendy texts that you can simply click and drag to your photos. Besides, you can also write something on your photo by yourself and add effects to it. These text effects don’t only make a photo look more catchy but also make it more meaningful.

Photo Effects

Without adding any effects to your photos, you can’t make them look more interactive and appealing. With adding the effects, the visuals of the photos start looking more impressive and more dramatic. So, why not give such a dramatically impressive look to your ordinary photos when it is free and quick? Go through the multiple photo effects in this online editor and choose the most classier one for your photo.

Image Converter and Upscaler

It also allows you to convert your image from one file format to another based on your needs. Once you are done with all the editing, you can simply convert your photo to any file format. For example, the available formats in this editor include JPEG, pdf, and PNG. Along with converting images to your favorite format, you can also upscale images via Image Upscaler which is also free and available online.

Steps to Create Stunning Graphics Online?


For all those who want to create stunning graphics but are not sure how they can do it, here is the solution. By using the following four steps, you can do it instantly without any difficulty.

Step 1: Sign in

First of all, you need to create your account on the website of CapCut which is Then, click on the Signup for Free button to create your free user account on this online editor. Once done, click on the log-in button and use your credentials to log into it.

Step 2: Upload

Under the tools section, click on the online photo editor. Then, upload any of your photos here by either using the upload button or the drag-and-drop feature.

Step 3: Edit

Next, you need to make custom edits to your photos by using various tools and features here. For example, you can add effects, filters, matching color palettes, shapes, and much more to make your photos stand out.

Step 4: Download

After doing all the edits, let’s save your photos to your device by using the export button. Once you click on the export button, the editor will ask you to choose file size, format, and quality. Choose from the given options and click download.



To make artistically pleasing visuals from your dull and lifeless photos, the use of an online photo editor is a must. Not all photo editors, but the one from CapCut which is an online editor is the perfect pick for professional-level editing. Must give it a try and see the magic through your eyes.