So, you’ve heard about UGC or user generated content. Congrats! But, you’re not very sure what it is and what it does.

Don’t sweat it because we’ll go over the major perks in this article, folks! So, just stay tuned for more.

Photos that customers provide on social media showing how they use, interact with, and appreciate a product are examples of user-generated content. If it’s related to your business, you’ve just acquired a powerful tool for advertising. Yay.

But, can you, however, identify the most significant advantages of user-generated content?

Some experts have even gone so far as to compare UGC to professional studio photography. Why is that?

Well, it can pretty much serve two purposes at once. UGC can be thought of as both a product photo and a product review. Only satisfied customers will go to the trouble of telling the world about their experience with a particular product.

Now that we know what’s driving people’s interest in user-generated content, we can start looking for the unique benefits that this type of material may offer to businesses. You can find out more info here

Simplifying purchasing decisions


Can you think of a single instance of a marketing department publicly acknowledging even a minor flaw in their product? No, right?

Customers have a lot of concerns that prevent them from making purchases online. They can never be completely sure of the colors and sizes of the clothes they buy or that the gadgets they use will perform as advertised.

Because studio lighting and camera settings are usually adjusted to maximize contrast and sharpness of edges, colors can be manipulated. As the only visible prop, it fails to emphasize the product’s size in comparison to other objects. At the end of the process, publishers often overlook a wide range of relevant factors.

In contrast, user-generated content tends to be created more on the fly. Users don’t behave like Lego bricks. In the heat of the moment, they snap sloppy shots. Oftentimes, the photos are genuine, candid moments and sometimes they capture elements that producers would never think to include.

Combine that with the fact that UGC is not managed by any particular business, and you have a curious audience that has just stumbled upon some insightful, visually appealing, and entertaining product reviews.

When user-generated content is authentic, not promotional, simple to understand, and conveys a relevant message, plenty of consumers will rush to make a purchase. Read more here.

Increased credibility levels

You should be aware folks that trust is arguably the most significant advantage of user-generated content. It’s natural for folks to bond with those who share similar traits. Customers aren’t impressed by a company’s brand but by the experiences of its satisfied customers. Finding a product that fulfills their needs is a target they share.

So, the awesome thing is that consumers get a variety of impressions about a product from UGC. So, if you use UGC for your boutique business, for instance, have no doubt that you’ll attract a lot of interested folks.

They recognize in UGC someone who is just like them, facing everyday challenges and finding solutions with the help of a product. It’s logical for customers to seek for the same efficient product that was used to solve their problem.

Converting more leads


Seeing a product promoted on social media can inspire consumers to try it for a variety of reasons. They have no way of knowing what anyone else is thinking. Statistics show, however, that UGC has a significant effect on them.

Here’s another fun fact for you. This type of content is 85% more effective than studio content at boosting conversion rates. That is to say, compared to consumers who have only encountered branded material, those who have seen UGC are 85% more likely to go on to make a purchase of the product in question after viewing it online.

A customer’s positive experience with your product could lead to a mention on their profile page. UGC has the potential to become a source of curated content so long as marketers continue to promote it.

It is recommended that brands optimize settings for easily trackable pics to achieve this goal. Pick an unheard-of hashtag that fits your boutique brand’s image.

Oh, and another awesome idea is to start a campaign with a catchy call to action that encourages users to share product photos for a draw. Throw a launch party for a product and make sure there are lots of photo-worthy spots with interesting scenery.

Versatile nature

Many people think UGC can’t compete with professional photos. This is where they’re wrong, folks!

It’s great news that content made for social media sites can live on after they’ve been shut down. The endpoint might be anything from a physical store to an online marketplace to a banner ad to a social media feed.

Your Mint Julep Boutique marketing can benefit from user-generated content by injecting it into several types of marketing channels and it instantly adds a relatable quality that draws customers to advertisements, social schedules, and even outdoor billboards and in-store displays.

Brand advocacy


When used effectively, UGC may transform indifferent consumers into vocal supporters of a business. These consumers are extremely loyal to the brand they’ve already shown an affinity for, and they actively push others to do the same.

Communicate with your target audience if you want to start a brand movement. Like and regram posts from satisfied customers to get them interested in trying more.

Oh, and you should boost their efforts by turning them into contests held under different hashtags each week or month. The greater the size of your target audience group, the more likely it is that users will become aware of your brand.

A few final words

You’ve made it to the end of the article. Yay!

Put these ideas to use as you embark on your first round of user-generated content. In addition to the various benefits of a UGC-based marketing approach, the significantly higher conversion rates are incentive enough to give it a try.