In the realities of modern times, the popularity of investing in cryptocurrency is growing every day, which is due to such factors as:

  • minimizing the risk of losing your finances amid inflation;
  • gaining profits from investments;
  • the state or banking institutions are not able to monitor the turnover of your finances, as well as have no access to them.

To become a successful investor in the world of cryptocurrency, it is not enough to have knowledge of how it works. It is necessary to regularly follow the trends of the crypto market, innovations of cryptocurrency projects, and information about the most potentially successful projects – this of course requires a resource that will provide you with all the necessary information. In this article, you’ll find a short list of the most informative sites that will become your reliable assistant!

1. ChainBroker


A site that provides all the news of the investment environment at lightning speed and all basic information from the world of the crypto market, which makes it possible for you to make quick decisions and take effective actions. Thanks to the information on the ChainBroker platform website, you have the opportunity to indicate for yourself the time of realization of this or that transaction, the best time to buy cryptocurrencies, and many other useful tips that can make your actions productive and effective.

In addition to the cryptocurrency market news, on the website you can also find such information, namely:

  • the analysis focused on determining the prospects of growth or decline of the currency;
  • get acquainted with the list of leading crypto-funds;
  • learn about the features of new projects and assess their riskiness;
  • up-to-date information about projects that have not yet been launched;
  • dates of planned events, such as the release of new coins, etc.

Also, the site is equipped with convenient tools and filters that implement the convenient use of its resources, the rapid search for the necessary information, and the ability to find the project that might be of interest to you based on the data entered in the filters.

2. Coindoo

This site provides you with true information on the cryptocurrency market and all the current news on a daily basis. In addition, the site contains a lot of useful information for beginners or potential investors, which explains how blockchain or such currencies work, as you can get step-by-step guidance on all your questions.

Every day studying the information on the site you certainly will not miss the latest news and will be aware of all current trends, as well as the latest changes in the value of currencies.

Also, Coindoo regularly updates the list of successful projects in which you can invest your finances, and has them on the main page, namely:

3. Crypto News


The distinctive feature of this site is that you can download to your smartphone their application, which supports iOS and Android. When using the app, you can carry out such activities:

  • get acquainted with the latest news;
  • track the current value of the currency;
  • a distinctive feature from others – to purchase cryptocurrency;
  • keep track of the profitability of the acquired coins.

Great site for regular use with a large number of users. The success of Crypto News is justified by the fact that the people who created the site describe it in a nutshell as “a service for crypto-enthusiasts, created by crypto-enthusiasts”. You have a unique opportunity to dive into their world, and become just as successful an enthusiast!

4. BitcoinBázis

Native or non-native speakers of Hungarian will find BitcoinBázis a useful resource for information on blockchain and cryptocurrency.

This site is focused not only on the news feed but also provides a lot of educational resources and information, such as:

  • reviews for successful investing;
  • tutorials;
  • charting tools for working with cryptocurrency;
  • a variety of investment tools;
  • training in algorithmic mining, and so on.

You can make a verdict that this site is useful not only for current investors or specialists in finance but also for those who are just planning to become a shark in the field of the cryptocurrency market.

By the way, they recently announced that in the near future, the information on the site will be provided not only in a readable form but also in video format, which may attract your attention.

5. Bitcoinik


In 2019, a couple of companions created this site to provide you with only verified information from the world of cryptocurrency, current blockchain technology, and despite the name – about all cryptocurrency, not just about Bitcoin, which you might immediately think.

A lot of attention on the site is given to information such as:

  •  product reviews of trading sites;
  •  disclosed all the issues in the field of trading and blockchain;
  •  current prices, and analysis of future trends;
  •  options for making a profit in the cryptocurrency market, and so on.

In addition, a lot of analytical and research information in different areas of the market is provided for you, which will certainly bring you closer to productive investments.

Final Recommendations

Every day more and more people join the world of the cryptocurrency market, and the level of need for information about this environment is similarly increasing. In order for you to have a successful start in this activity, or to be able to keep your hand on the pulse – a large number of specialists from various platforms are working for you. The great merit of success in your investment activities depends on obtaining timely and truthful information. Follow the trends, and the news, educate yourself and you are sure to achieve great results!