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In today’s world, most of us find ourselves busy at work and unable to watch our favorite soccer teams live on TV. A simple solution to this dilemma is to visit the best websites that have live and real-time soccer scores. You can keep checking the status of the game in any preferred match.

However, the thing is, the websites are just so many and it is hard to pick the best ones. That’s why we have written down this list for you of the best websites that will let you check live soccer scores below –

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55goal is one of the fantastic websites that allows the user to keep updated with live soccer scores. Not only does it display live scores, but it also displays news related to soccer, replays, and highlights of a match, along with its results.

Plenty of live score websites lack the option of replay. The 55goal is relatively better than the rest of the live score websites. You can watch your preferred team’s scores anytime you want, even with small details like fouls, overtime, etc.

The user interface of 55goal is very user-friendly, and you can navigate it with ease. It covers all international and national matches, so you can be assured that you are watching your favorite teams.

You can check the schedule on 55goal to know which team will be playing on what day. Another fantastic feature is their news feed which updates the latest soccer news. All around, 55goal can be your priority choice if you like watching soccer scores.


It is meticulous and detailed than most of its live score website counterparts. It has updated live scores of almost all soccer events, even those that are lesser-known and are rarely watched.

The site is so meticulous that it keeps track of each detail that happens in a match, like a penalty, fouls, etc. It has a detailed league table for many leagues that depict their current position in the event.

If you love the nitty-gritty details of every match, then Flashscore could not be a better website for you. One of the most different, but appreciated features is that you can visit their website and turn on notifications for a match.

Whenever an event occurs, like a goal or a red card, you will get notified with a sound alert. Ingenious! They also have a mobile app that lets you check all the details on your phone without worries.

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You know how perfect are these services, and it feels like they are paid, but they aren’t? Well, Soccerscore is one of them. It is unbearably consistent with their live score. You can go there any day, any time to find the score of an exact match.

They have a fantastic UI that makes navigating to the scores of an exact match. It is smart, quick, and doesn’t take much of your time. It is perfect for people who want to check scores and then resume working immediately.

Their site also boasts of an accurate schedule of all future matches and detailed statistics for every match. Soccerscore is quite perfect to know about pre-match details such as lineups for each team.

There is an option for booking seats and also in-game live substitutions. Such attention to detail is rarely seen, which makes Soccerscore one of the best websites to watch live soccer scores.


Every sports fan on this green and the blue sphere has heard the name ESPN. It ranks on the top of the biggest sports channel brands on the planet. It has a venture into every sports department you can think of, including live scores.

ESPN has a fantastic website with a comprehensive UI that hosts many live and updated scores of almost every sport. Even if the event is comparatively on a smaller scale than other events, there is a big chance you’ll find the match scores on it without any difficulty.

The versatility of the ESPN website will amaze you because it hosts the latest news in sports. It shows commentaries for past matches and everything that you would want to find out in a match. If it isn’t on ESPN, it’s probably not anywhere.

Another great feature of their website is that they have complete support for various other platforms with a dedicated app solely based on their website. ESPN would’ve been the best sports live scores website. However, it faces considerable server lag occasionally.

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Many people on the internet watch the live scores of matches (and not the matches themselves) for one specific purpose, i.e., online betting. If you are one of them, then Oddsmax is your holy grail. You can watch different sports and bet on them simultaneously.

Oddsmax shows you live scores of hundreds of sports events across the world, including our beloved soccer. It is pretty perfect that puts Oddsmax above a notch than the rest of the websites. There is a soccer odds comparison feature that is available for each soccer match.

It tells the user all the betting odds of a match which helps a lot to someone who loves betting online on such matches. If you decide to bet, Oddsmax also ensures you get fantastic offers for betting. It enhances your betting experience and helps you to make more money.

If you not only want to check the scores of a soccer match but also want to bet on it, then Oddsmax is the perfect option that you need to check out.

Final Thoughts

We have already discussed our list of five of the best live score websites. We have described why they are great and what they do. We hope this article helped you to find the best website for yourself. If it did, please follow our website for updates, as it will help us out immensely.