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Our writing skills are something that we can improve over time, especially when we gain more experience in that field. Sometimes, when we write on similar topics for a long time, our creativity fails, and we turn it to technical writing. Academic writing is something different, but the same rules apply. For education purposes, we need to write different types of essays, but it also can get boring if the teacher repeats similar topics and goals all the time. In some cases, we are able to see that we have to improve our skills immediately. But also if you come into a situation to say that you can’t do that, you aren’t focused on the topic, you just can’t write for days, you don’t feel ready, and you are tired all the time.

Sometimes, you may have an emotional and mental barrier to complete that project, and you don’t believe enough in your skills and talents. But, if you remember some better times when you were able to write the whole paper over the night and still get high marks. But, how to recognize if you need some improvement? Or maybe you just need some help? Services like HomeworkDoer can be very helpful when you are too busy and on a tight schedule, but they are not the best possible solution for the whole studying process, since you need money to pay for the writing. But, it’s a handy solution, until reset your talents and thoughts.

Here are some signs that you need improvement:

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You procrastinate because you are bored

Boredom and procrastination are the worst enemies for every talented person, no matter what. You know you can do it, you know that you have to meet the deadlines, but you can’t really make yourself turn on the computer, and write that paper down. And when you finally start writing, you realize that you don’t have that much time, and you will have to stay awake a few nights in a row until you complete it. The reason behind that is probably you don’t like the topic, or you think you can’t turn the thoughts into an essay. In this case, you probably don’t need professional help to improve the writing style, but you have to overcome the mental barrier and manage your habits and behavior successfully. Usually, when you start writing, you see that you could do it earlier, without hurrying.

You think it’s pointless

This is another situation when you can find the topic or the subject boring, and your stubbornness doesn’t let you start the paper as earlier as you can. Also, you find the topic not related to your profession. But, keep in mind that writing skills don’t depend on that, they are inside your brain, and you only need to focus and start writing immediately.

You can’t find the right words to turn that thought into a text

This can happen to all of us. Sometimes we aren’t focused, or we are too tired, but still have a lot of ideas. The problem is that we can’t really write them down. Usually, it’s a matter of brain fog or just a small struggle with focusing on the important facts and details for your research. But if it lasts for weeks, and you can’t find any solution, then you maybe have to take some course, read some books on different topics, or just relax. Your brain will reset, and you will be able to write well, as you did before.

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You make typing and grammar mistakes

Again, this is something that happens accidentally and that’s why we always have to proofread the writing before we provide it to the teacher. Some of these mistakes are really tiny, and won’t be taken in mind if the rest of the paper is good. But if your virtual proofreader and grammar checker is always sending red alerts, and you fail because of bad grammar, you have to change something. In many cases, being focused on what you are doing can make a huge difference.

The text is not clear

When you are using too many words, you can easily make some mistakes and put them in a place where they shouldn’t be. The sentences should be concise, expressive, clear, and straight to the point. It can become pretty difficult when you have word limits, and you risk repeating some of the information you provided previously, just to “waste” them. Also, if you switch between the active and passive verbs and nouns, you are getting more space to be creative with your thoughts.

You use a lot of colloquial expressions

Keep in mind that this paper is for school, and you must watch your language – literally. Use “is not” instead of “isn’t”, avoid abbreviations and shortening long words. Be expressive, use phrasal words, but make sure you are doing that properly. No teacher in the world will give a high mark to a paper that sounds like it’s written on the streets, with bad language and inappropriate words.

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The paper isn’t organized

A long sheet of text is bad and you must avoid that. Instead, separate the introduction part, even if that means you should give it a title, usually named “Introduction”, obviously. Organize the paragraphs with headings and subheadings, use the editing tools to separate them from the rest of the text. Bold the important parts, and change the style if you need to quote someone. Even for the last part of the paper, you should name it “Conclusion” or “Final words”, so the teacher can read it properly, and give the mark you deserve.


Academic writing is different than blogs and articles. You must take your time, focus on the topic, research it, and find the right words to turn it into a unique piece of work. You probably already know this, but we will repeat it again – avoid plagiarism and spinning, and be original with your approach. That’s what is worth it.