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Streaming services are getting more popular in recent years. The ability to watch movies, series, and TV shows online was especially important during 2024 when most people had to stay at home due to lockdown measures.

The leading service is Netflix, which has its production as well, and we can find a lot of popular titles on this platform. Also, you can check the most popular TV shows and release dates on this website.

There were some excellent movies and TV series available on this platform in recent years, such as Stranger Things, The Witcher, Black Mirror, House of Cards, Breaking Bad, and much more. There were many new titles from the last year as well, and we are going to introduce you to some that had the biggest success.

The Queen’s Gambit

This is an incredible story about the girl and how she discovered her talent for playing Chess. The story is set in the mid-20th century. While the main story is about her amazing talent and winning tournaments. There are also various struggles in life, addiction to medication, and more. This TV show quickly became the most popular one in 2024. It is interesting to see that many people started to gain more interest in playing Chess.

The Umbrella Academy

This title divided many people. The reason is related to the fact that producers managed to mix genres. It is about superheroes, but not in the way we hot used to. The main story is about adopted kids who possess certain superpowers. Also, we have to mention that there are many scenes of violence and action. People who love the John Wick franchise will live this show. There are two seasons already, while they are producing the third one as well. Kids can also enjoy this series. You can check out Planet Dish as they also stream this series.

Love Is Blind

This show represents an interesting concept where man and woman will get engaged, but without meeting in person before that. This reality show leaves many people impresses, especially because there is much turbulence between couples. The most interesting is that they can have a conversation throughout the most time, while there is a wall between them and they cannot see each other. It is amazing to see their reactions when they finally meet in public.

Unsolved Mysteries

If you prefer documentaries, Unsolved Mysteries is an amazing show about paranormal activities, murders, and other unexplained cases that will leave you speechless. Each story is backed up with evidence, and some professionals took part in providing people with a closer look at some strange cases and mysteries. However, it is different from standard documentaries since Netflix managed to improve the production, while every episode is based on real events.

Cobra Kai

For those who loved Karate Kid, we recommend this show and we are sure that you are going to love it. It is a combination of comedy and action where you can see how fighters are training and developing new skills from a young age. We can notice that many people are satisfied with the story and main theme, which can be seen if you check the ratings, which are very high on every website for critics.

Outer Banks

If you love binge-watching, we have to recommend you this title. The story is about treasure hunting. Also, there are many adventures on the way of main characters in search of a legendary treasure worth millions of dollars. Besides that, there is some connection with real events, Outer Banks is an island near North Karolina. Moreover, the interesting thing is that there is a huge difference in standard between two groups of people, rich Kooks, and poor Pogues.


Ozark is keeping high popularity for a couple of years, and we are expecting a season 4 soon. A lot of people are saying how it has too much in similar with Breaking Bad. However, the story is unique, apart from the fact that it is also about criminal affairs, drug dealing, money laundry, and more.

The Office

This is a legendary TV series that is keeping in high popularity for over 15 years. Even though the filming ended in 2013, there are still many fans of this show. The main story is about colleges in the company and their everyday adventures. Also, it is full of comedy, sarcasm, unpleasant situations, and more. It is especially popular among people who prefer to binge-watch TV shows. There are no complex plots, and you can simply make yourself comfortable and enjoy yourself in nine seasons of this comedy.

Tiger King

In case that you love shows based on true stories, you will love Tiger King. The plot is about the keeper of Tigers and other animals in the zoo. Also, owners of these animals were training them for various performances to attract more visitors. The main character is Joe, who got sentenced to over 20 years in prison. When it comes to the true story that inspired this series, Joe was accused of not treating animals properly. He had many challenges that involve bankruptcy, murder of tigers, murder attempts of other people, and more.


We are waiting for season 6 of this amazing series. The story is about Lucifer, who went out of Hell to start a new life on Earth. He represents a playboy who is living in his mansion and owns a nightclub. His life is full of adventure and partying. However, things started to change after he met an agent Chloe, and fell in love with her. We can see a lot of fantasy and how demons and angels manage to live on Earth. Also, it is interesting how he manages to hide his true identity, and what happens after someone finds out that he is the Devil, including Chloe and many other characters.

Last Words

The great thing about Netflix is that we can watch hundreds of TV shows and all sorts of genres. That is a great way to spend your free time. Also, this platform has the best release dates and their own production that already owns a lot of popular movies and TV shows.