There is a lot of expectation attached to sex toys and sex dolls in general. People want nothing but the bets and when something does not feel right, they immediately blame the product. Many times, one needs to just take a step back and evaluate how well hey are making use of a sex doll.

Much like any other product or device, reading the user manual and manufacturer’s details are important. In this article, we will be outlining some important factors that can improve your experience with a sex doll.

Dress it Up

Believe it or not, a lot can change if your sex doll is dressed up well. Masturbating, sex and any other foreplay has a lot o do with mental simulation. One will have to feel mentally attracted to a sex doll which would only be possible if you have a certain feeling towards it. Dressing it up in normal clothes can help in imagination and role play.

One can amp up the experience in the bedroom just by investing in some sexy lingerie or typical clothes one would like to see their dream women in. The idea is to treat the doll as if it were a sexual partner so do not be afraid to try out your fantasies. The first step will obviously be the right presentation and it begins with dressing up.

Use the Right Accessories

When we talk of accessories, we are talking of all the things that will complement the personality chosen for your sex doll. These are as follows:

  • Jewellery: Much likes dresses, you can also buy some jewellery for your new sex doll. It is meant to add to the image of having an actual sexual partner and will also help in better involvement with the entire process. Just make sure not to include something very difficult to remove or inconvenient to put on.
  • Perfume: Having a good smell from your partner is very enticing. It can be even more so if you choose the perfume yourself. Giving scent to your partner is an age old tradition but you can take matters into your own hands by buying the right perfume and taking action from it in the bedroom. It will increase engagement in the bedroom. One can even find aid in sexual simulation because the same scent will be associate to a good experience in the past.
  • Make Up: Makeup is most definitely a choice which most people might not go for. However, it for sure adds a human touch to the sex doll. Minimal makeup can transform the simplicity of the sex greatly. One can learn from tutorials on how to put makeup on their doll. Start small with just lipstick and liner. If you feel confident, move on to blush and other details.
  • Hairstyle: A hairstyle just adds to the real feel of the experience which is why it might be worthwhile to learn some basic styles. One can learn the basic braid and even tie it in a knot at the top of the head. One should go for a more realistic hair color or wig if they want to go with a more realistic experience.

Warm Things Up

We are not talking about getting in the heat of the moment. Be open to the sexual experience by trying to make it more comfortable for yourself. One of the ways in which this can be done is by opting for heating up the doll somewhat. One can use electric jackets or blankets so that it comes to the temperature of a normal human body.

This will give better feelings of intimacy and will allow for better indulging into the activity. The dolls are made from plastic so it is natural for rhythm to be at room temperature and somewhat cool to touch. So, it might be best to either warm them up before sexy activity or use your own body heat for the same.

Use a Good Lube

Using lubrication during sexual intercourse with a sex doll is extremely important to make the experience more pleasurable. There are many reasons why you should pick a good lube and stick with it. One might think that a lube is not necessary given the softness but friction is not your friend. One might experience discomfort and even injury without proper lubrication.

The skin might also experience small tears and rips which can cause pain later. It is very easy to be lost in the moment with SexyRealSexDolls but one should always keep their health and well-being first. The issues in the skin can cause bacteria buildup and may lead to infections if not taken care of properly.

The best case scenario is to look for good lube and use it without fail each time you are involved with your sex doll. One way to increase the pleasure is by warming the lube up before putting it in . One can use their hands to rub the lube before ribbing on their member. This will create a lifelike sensation which can add to the experience to a great degree.

An additional way to use lube is by going for a flavor. Thai will give you more time to indulge with your partner. You can even go down an taste her sweetness without any apprehension. It will only make you or involved and stimulated for the actual act. Be open to the experience and experiment with different lubes to find one which you like best.

The Takeaway


It is a great experience to have sex with a doll which is meant to cater to your needs. One would have to play on their fantasy and choose the right way to express their desire. This can help in making the experience more memorable and pleasurable. Do not hesitate to invest in some sexy clothes and matching jewelry. Learning skills like doing proper makeup and hair styling is also worth it in the long run for increased pleasure.