Clutter is usually present in almost every home. For some people chaos is the norm of life, but for others it is a forced and temporary phenomenon, which is associated with a banal lack of time.

Cleaning the apartment rarely brings positive emotions. This process takes time and effort, so many people try to put it aside in a distant drawer. However, not all of us realize how important cleaning is for our health.

Constant clutter in the home does not improve a person’s life, but rather the opposite. Scattered things, dust, dirt, crumbs, unwashed dishes and other components of clutter not only get on people’s nerves, but also make life chaotic. Try to find something in the clutter at home! In this case, general cleaning comes to the rescue, which can be done by yourself or with the help of professionals.

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From a Scientific and Medical Point of View


In numerous studies, foreign scientists have found that regular cleaning has a positive effect on health:

  1. Prolongs life. Keeping your home in order increases your physical activity level. People who clean their homes regularly live 12% longer than those who lead passive lifestyles.
  2. Prevents DNA destruction. Cleaning reduces by 50% the levels of poisonous refractory substances that can penetrate the human body and cause the destruction of DNA molecules.
  3. Reduces the risk of respiratory disease. Fungus, mold, dust and bacteria negatively affect the respiratory system. Regular house cleaning is an excellent prevention of asthma, allergies and other respiratory pathologies.

Please note: In order not to harm your health, it is important to use only safe detergents when cleaning.

Cleanliness and Psychology

Many psychologists claim that regular cleaning has a positive effect on a person’s psychological health.

In the course of experiments it was proved that clean people are 20% less likely to suffer from psychological disorders.

In addition, order and cleanliness in the home allows:

  • Get rid of feelings of insecurity
  • Gain vitality.
  • Increase organization and activity level.
  • Minimize depression.
  • Improve psychological well-being.

It is also experimentally proven that cleaning has a positive effect on sexual satisfaction. Scientists explain the direct correlation between the intimate life and the order in the house by the moral state of the partners.

Many people who took part in the experimental survey noted that cleanliness puts them in a good mood. Order in the house allows you to fully relax and tune in to receive pleasure.

The Effect of Cleaning on Energy


According to feng shui, clutter in the home seriously affects relationships with loved ones, well-being and health. Clutter interferes with attracting happiness and improving financial situation.

According to the basics of feng shui, each room is responsible for the flow of a certain energy, so clutter in the rooms in its own way affects a person’s life:

Entrance Hall. The main way into the house, luck and prosperity go through this room. To ensure the flow of positive energy, first of all get rid of the broken things and unnecessary junk.

Living Room. The living room is responsible for attracting positive people into the home. Order in the living room allows you to establish relationships with loved ones and guests who come to your home.

Bathroom. It is a reflection of the inner peace and spirits of the hearth keeper in the house. According to feng shui experts, when the bathroom is in full order, then there is a similar situation in the personal life of the hostess of the house.

Kitchen. A source of abundance and financial energy. If there is chaos in the kitchen, positive financial energy will not linger at home. To open free access to prosperity energy, get rid of unnecessary things and clean up the kitchen, especially the cabinets.

Toilet. Cleanse it of negative energy and evil. All worries and resentments accumulate here, so it is important to pay special attention to cleaning this room. To suppress the energy of evil and negativity, take time to clean the toilet every day.

Bedroom. A source of family energy. This room is primarily responsible for personal life, so the order in it contributes to strengthening family relationships and attracting love.

As you can see, the order in the home is of great importance. Apparently, it is not for nothing that parents instilled in us the love of cleanliness from an early age.

Top 5 Benefits of Cleanliness

When it comes to maintaining a clean environment, the benefits are numerous. Cleanliness not only enhances the appearance of a space, but also has a positive impact on physical and mental well-being. At, they understand the importance of maintaining a clean space and have listed the top 5 benefits of doing so:

  1. Cleanliness is the key to health. A rule that many are familiar with practically since birth, and one of the main benefits of cleaning. It’s no secret that regular cleaning suppresses the pathogenic microflora of bacteria that cause the development of serious diseases, which in turn has a positive effect on health.
  2. Cleaning prolongs the life of appliances. Air conditioners, lighting fixtures, water systems and other appliances require special care. The more often you take the time to clean and care for your appliances, the less you will have to spend money on their repairs.
  3. Increased personal efficiency. When your room is in chaos, it’s hard to focus on getting things done. If you want to improve your own efficiency and rational use of time, first of all put your house in order.
  4. More chances to show hospitality. To avoid the embarrassment of seeing uninvited guests on your doorstep, keep your home clean. Regularly cleaning your living space will help you show your hospitality to the fullest extent and keep a positive opinion of yourself.
  5. Control in all things. If you feel like life is spinning out of control, clean your apartment first. When you learn how to keep your home clean, you will be in complete control of your life and be able to deal with negative outside factors more quickly.

Those who are uncomfortable with cleaning do not like it. For neat and tidy people, it is a useful tool that keeps you healthy and productive.