Any long-distance trip is a risk, even if you decide to go to the sea in your own car. The trucker is doubly at risk: in case of an accident, theft or robbery, he will lose both the vehicle, which is most likely on the balance sheet of the organization, and the client’s cargo. However, if you are in love with the road and want to engage in long-distance transport, you will succeed: difficulties lie in waiting only at the beginning.

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Types of trucks and how to drive them


The easiest to drive are considered flatbed trucks and tractors. It is believed that they are not very difficult to drive, but it is always necessary to consider the weight and dimensions. Because of the big difference in these figures, there are difficulties with steering and controlling the gas pedal.

Trailers and semi-trailers are the next most difficult. Difficulties in steering are caused by the fact that the container at the back sometimes moves involuntarily. It is necessary to turn very carefully so that the load does not fly out of the rear container. You should try to place the load in the container closer to the saddle so that the machine is more stable. In addition, this manipulation greatly saves fuel consumption, which is very important when driving trucks.

The third and most difficult are the road trains. To drive this type of vehicle, you must first learn how to drive a trailer. It is extremely difficult to operate and drive such a vehicle. Therefore, it is recommended that you first learn to drive a truck that does not require as much attention and does not have as much specificity in driving.

Winter period for drivers of any category imposes additional responsibility while driving. Dangerous winter weather can lead to accidents, even for experienced drivers. This is especially true for truck drivers, because driving a heavy vehicle is already more difficult in itself than driving a passenger car.

Abrupt changes in air temperature in winter lead to the formation of ice. Driving cars and especially trucks on such roads becomes extremely dangerous, because the vehicle loses stability and traction. It is necessary to move on the road with ice at low speed, not making sharp maneuvers, keeping a large distance between the participants of movement.

When wondering how to become a trucker without experience, you should understand that transportation can be for any distance. It all depends on the class of the heavy-duty vehicle, as well as the route it takes. Experienced drivers can not only drive around the country, but also go to other countries. International logistics makes it possible, if you have documents allowing you to enter the territory of another country, to deliver goods and still get decent money.

Some helpful tips


Consider backup ways to communicate with your boss, client or loved ones. Your work phone can break, or it can go dead or lost. Finally, just run out of money. Therefore, buy a spare SIM-card with a good roaming tariff and inexpensive, but reliable phone.

Be three times more careful. A truck is a source of increased danger on the road, and in an accident with your participation, people can die. But even if you obey the rules of the road, never relax: your “neighbor” in the lane may be a novice or a “daredevil”, because of whom you risk getting into an accident. Do not take the leftmost lane, and do not try to deliver goods faster than necessary, exceeding the speed limit.

It’s best to keep all documents – for the car and the load – with you. If you’re stopping for the night or for lunch, take them with you – in a folder. At the same time, it’s worth making an electronic copy of your car documents, driver’s license and passport and carrying them with you on a flash drive. You’ll be able to use that information in case you need it. The same applies to money. It’s better to keep a small amount in cash (cards may not be accepted everywhere), and the rest on the card.

Save, but wisely. If you spend personal money for accommodation, gasoline, lunches, choose safe and inexpensive places. Do not overdo it: spend the night in the car at a parking lot for three days in a row, or replace a full meal with sandwiches is not good for the body and must affect your condition. But even if your expenses are paid by the employer, do not abuse.

The work of a trucker is interesting, but risky. Get behind the wheel, only if you are confident in their abilities. But you should not be afraid either: with time you will get used to it and will not want to give up the job.

But in order to cope with the tasks assigned to the driver and unforeseen difficulties on the road, natural qualities alone are not enough. The truck driver must be alert and responsible. An important factor is the ability to instantly assess the situation on the road and make the right decision in time. In addition, the nervous system is regularly put to the test by non-standard and unforeseen situations.

Profitable routes


Freight haulers in Spokane can make money over long distances. It is worth paying attention to the specifics of the object being transported. With complex and long-distance routes, the price for delivery will be higher. In addition, you can get a profitable order if you are transporting an object that needs to be maintained in certain conditions.

Truck drivers do not have a fixed salary. The exception is drivers who are on the company payroll. Usually, their wages are made up of several ratios. The labor and wage coefficient is calculated from the duration of the trip, the complexity of the route, the category of transport, and the type of cargo.