Owning a business and being the person in charge is a much harder position to fill and role to perform than it may initially seem. So much responsibility and all the important tasks that need frequent attention, it is definitely not for everyone. Of course, the most crucial thing about it is looking after the people who work for your company, those who make up your business and help you keep things going. There is a reason why it is said that people make the company. Without the right staff on your side you can never achieve anything, let alone be successful in the market you are in and expect to continuously grow your operation.

Finding the right people for the job is definitely difficult, and it does not help that you can never know how well an employee will fit in and how well they will do their tasks before you actually hire them. This is why the whole recruitment process is so important. It is so important as a matter of fact that you should approach it with the highest level of attention, care, and seriousness. In addition to this, to make it easier for yourself and for the entire business, it needs to also be both cost effective and time friendly. Usually recruitment strategies that companies employ are time-consuming and expensive, the reason for these two things being the lack of proper information and knowledge of the right ways to carry it out.


In this article we bring to you the most cost effective and the least time-consuming recruitment strategies that you should definitely think about using when you plan to hire more employees. Growing your staff will come as soon as you start expanding your business. Success implies having more people to rely on, more employees on your payroll, and more personnel tending to your customers’ needs. Read on to find out everything about recruiting the right way. For additional help about this, make sure to also check out Clever Staff.

The Right Kind of Advertising

You will be spending the least amount of time and resources on recruiting only if you know where you advertise the fact that you are currently hiring. Choosing the right places will allow you to spend as little as possible on the recruitment. All it takes is picking the right channels to do so. In the modern day and age that is rather easy considering how many internet services and platforms there are. Best of all, they are free of charge and anyone can use them. Social media platforms are the best here, especially now when they are no longer meant only for socializing and keeping in touch with people. Instagram, Facebook, and even TikTok can help greatly in your recruitment process, especially if you already have established follower basses. The best service for finding quality workforce and maintaining close relationships with potential employees is LinkedIn where you can make a company page as well as your own. This type of advertising is fun, it is free, and it does not take a lot of time. And in return, you will put the word out and people will know about you and that you are currently recruiting.

Automated Recruiting Process


Automation has been the next big thing that companies need to make use of for years now. Automating processes that are time-consuming and expensive when humans are doing them and freeing them up to perform other tasks is both time and cost effective. Therefore, why not implement such a thing into your operation? Not only will it increase the productivity of the recruiters, but allow them to work on more meaningful stuff will the algorithms and technology deal with the data and the repetitive, mundane tasks. The truth is that the more time you spend on hiring people, the more it will cost you. Therefore, cutting down the time you need to hire a new person will automatically cut down the costs. There are many solutions out there that can help you with automating your recruitment process, from advertising job openings and scheduling interviews to conducting background checks and evaluating resumes and cover letters.

Referral Programs

Engaging with your existing workers and trying to hire new ones together tends to promote a positive shift in culture in the workplace. It also shows that you value your existing employees’ opinions and trust their judgment. Referral programs will motivate your staff to use their own networks outside of the workplace and find potential candidates for the positions that you have opened. Referring somebody is a responsible move because if they prove like a bad choice it is the employee who referred it them that takes half the blame. Every company is far more likely to find suitable candidates through a recruitment strategy that involves the staff actively looking for qualified candidates among the people close to them, or even acquaintances. And if you include reward programs for those who refer the best candidate who end up getting the job, you will be viewed as the best boss ever. From coupons, gift cards, and vouchers to time off work or paid vacations, you can introduce whatever you deem fit. Good candidates will keep on pouring in like never before and you will be keeping all the effort, time, and resources in-house.

Internal Mobility


Last but not least, you must not forget internal mobility, i.e. changing the positions of the employees you already have before you hire form the outside. Is there somebody to promote, train, or motivate? Do you need a new senior position and have a junior who is ready for the next chapter? Why hire from the outside if your junior who has proven themselves is right there? Choose candidates that are already within your ranks. You can even give existing employees new responsibilities alongside a promotion and a raise. It will prolong their time in the office and increase their workload, but they will be compensated for it and you will not need to recruit a whole new person for it.