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Being an employer is a beautiful and responsible thing at the same time. Of course, you are enjoying your passion that is improving your financial stability. However, just like any other employee, you need to be a team player that cares a lot about your workers. Because of that, you need to use different methods to improve the safety of the workplace where your workers operate.

There are many ways of how you can do that. To start, you should not hesitate to invest enough amount of money to purchase high-quality protective equipment. More precisely, the law requires that from you. Despite that, you can always invest time and energy to train your employees and teach them how to keep their protection alone.

Yet, have you ever heard about the pre-employment drug test? Believe it or not, this type of test can, directly and indirectly, help you reduce the costs. For instance, it can boost the productivity of all workers that have that type of problem, reduce their health care costs, etc.

Unfortunately, you won’t find a lot of companies that are using this type of test. That is the reason why we would like to highlight things employers should know about pre-employment drug tests. The pieces of information below will potentially change your way of thinking and inform you about everything you should know. Let’s get started!

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What Exactly Is Pre-Employment Drug Test?

This type of test helps employers determine whether some of the potential employees are using different substances or prescription medications. However, that doesn’t mean they should use it only for future workers. They can also use it to test employees that return to work after an accident or any other type of injury.

What Exactly Do They Screen for?

Without any doubt, this is the next question you probably have, right? Well, it can be an excellent tool that screens different illegal drugs such as TUHC, cocaine, opiates like heroin and morphine, phencyclidine, etc. Of course, we highlighted the most popular ones, but employers will manage to find those that will recognize the usage of some other drugs as well.

Different Types of Pre-Employment Drug Tests

Another great news for the employers is that there is not only one type of drug test they can use. There are three types of them that business owners can use in every moment when they feel it is necessary. Let’s say a couple of words more about them.

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Oral Fluids

Companies that are using drug testings will often decide on this type. Some people claim it is 100% observed because it does not allow workers to cheat. Despite that, it is a money-saving option because it does not require a lot of time and money.

Yet, it would be unfair to say it is perfect because it comes with some gaps as well. The test will be positive only if the employee used some of the substances we mentioned two hours before the testing started. The results usually come for around 24 hours.

The entire process is almost identical to any other type of oral fluid testing. Your employee will need to give an oral fluid sample of the swab inside their mouth. That is the reason why we said it is a time-effective and money-saving option. The testing usually lasts less than one minute.

Hair Testing

Hair testing is another way to confirm whether some of your future or current employees are using drugs. Believe it or not, you can detect drug usage up to 90 days from the moment the testing started.

However, there is also one disadvantage that you should know. It may seem strange at first, but hair testing does not detect alcohol as well as current usage of all drug types. However, you can detect usage of marijuana, cocaine, and opioids in the last three months without any problem.

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For the end of this list, we left the most common type of pre-employment drug testing. It is the most reliable one because it can show drug traces even after a long period. You can check whether your future or current employees were using PCP, opiates, cocaine, marijuana, etc. However, there is also the chance to expand the list of substances if you believe something like that is necessary.

The good news for employees is that they can choose between two different types of tests. They can invite potential employees to do a rapid 5-panel drug test or a simple lab test. In most cases, the negative results will be ready for around one business day. However, if you are waiting for the results of non-negative individuals, something like that may last around 72 hours. In case this seems like a good opportunity for you, we recommend you check Health Street. It is a website where you can find out everything you should know about urine pre-employment drug tests. Despite that, you will also get familiar with the costs that you will need to cover.

Is Pre-Employment Drug Testing Legal?

A precise answer to this question does not exist. The laws vary from one place to another. That is the reason why you should talk with your attorney and check out if everything you are doing is not against the law. However, even if this type of testing is completely legal, there are a couple of things you should know.

First of all, the applicant must get a notification in advance that he will need to pass a pre-employment drug test. Despite that, all potential employees will have to pass the same type of drug test. In the end, you need to collaborate with laboratories that have permission to complete that type of testing.

Final Thought

Well, pre-employment drug testing may be unusual at first glance. However, when you look closer, it can bring a lot of benefits for every company. You will get an additional confirmation that you are making the right decision. Despite that, you can always test people that already work in your company when they start looking suspicious. In that way, you will confirm your doubts are correct and find a better employee that deserves to get a job.