Going through a major life transition can be quite a challenge. If you’re moving out, you’re probably wondering what to do with all the clutter in your living space.

Sure, you can hire a moving company to transport your things to your new company at once. But it is not the most convenient solution at all times. In case you need more time to go house-hunting, you’ll have to find a more permanent storage solution to keep your belongings safe.

Luckily, there’s a new kid on the block that’s ready to solve all your problems. Portable storage units will hold all your belongings safely for as long as you need until you’re ready to take them home. In addition, since they’re portable, you can have them shipped anywhere you want. Small businesses can also benefit a lot by using a portable unit to store excess inventory.

So let’s explore more about how portable units in Zanesville, Ohio are way better than conventional moving companies.

Here are 5 Ways a Portable Storage Unit is Better Than a Moving Company

1. Better Security


Having your things stolen or damaged can potentially cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to replace. Besides homeowners, many businesses also prefer to use portable units from top shelf companies or visit for best offers and deals in your area.

Some of the things that need safety include heavy machinery, retail equipment, building supplies, inventory and appliances. Most of these items cost are extremely valuable and cost a ton of money. In case of theft or unexpected damage, it can negatively impact the way you run your business.

That’s where you can benefit from a portable storage unit’s strict security system. The best self-storage companies ensure that all their units are equipped with state-of-the-art designs to keep your belongings safe.

In addition, the units are built with high-quality steel to resist rusting. It also provides protection from the wind and rain. This way your belongings will stay safe from natural causes, rodents, thieves and vandals.

2. Affordable

You will find that most of the largest self-storage companies in US offer very competitive prices for their portable rentals. Hence, it is more cost-effective to rent a portable unit than to pay for a moving company to transport your things.

In addition, you are only required to pay up for what you use. If you need the space for a month, you only have to pay for that month’s rent. Similarly, if you rent a portable unit for a year but need to back out halfway, you can still get off quite easily since their leases are very flexible.

If you run a business that requires you to move around different locations often, renting a portable storage unit is the most economical solution. Instead of looking for space at every new location, you can simply bring the portable unit along with you. Don’t forget to look out for exciting deals and offers that help you save more money too.

3. Easy Accessibility


One of the most popular reasons why people prefer portable storage units is the easy accessibility that comes with them.

When you hire a moving company, it is guaranteed that you will not be able to access your things until they reach the given destination. But with a portable storage unit, you can have access to your belongings anytime you need them.

It also gives you full control over who can open and close the unit. This helps to further increase the security of the items you’re storing inside. In addition, you are also free to decide who else, besides you, gets full access to the contents inside the unit.

Many storage companies in Zanesville, Ohio are constantly expanding their collection of portable units to offer more options to clients. It is also very convenient during emergencies since you can easily access it to retrieve any item you want.

4. Easy Transportation

When you rent from a traditional self-storage in USA, you have to drive up to the facility to deposit your items. Plus you also have to drive back when it’s time to retrieve them. Similarly, hiring a moving company comes with its own set of unique challenges that make it less convenient.

So your best bet is to rent a mobile self-storage unit. Just as its name suggests, you have the freedom to transport it anywhere you like. All you need to do is pick one that meets your requirements, sign the lease and pay up.

The storage companies in Zanesville, Ohio will drop off the selected portable unit wherever you want them to. And once the contract ends, you can simply call up the company to come and pick it up.

This will help you avoid spending too much money on transportation costs alone. If you run a business, you can use these portable units to store your inventory and stay within the planned budget.

5. Extremely Durable and Versatile

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, your storage solution should be capable of ensuring different situations. This includes long usage, extreme weather changes and frequent transportation.

Many of the best self-storage companies specifically design their portable storage units to be durable enough to withstand all these adversities and more. In addition, portable storage containers typically provide very versatile solutions. Their main purpose is generally to serve as a storage space for your things.

But you can make use of wall dividers to transform your portable unit into proper storage or office space. Some storage companies in Zanesville, Ohio even offer ready-made portable office spaces at affordable prices for small businesses and start-ups. Plus if you need more storage space, you can simply rent more portable units to support your growing company.


There are many reasons why you should choose a portable storage unit over a conventional moving company. Sure, they help you transport your belonging in bulk to the final destination.

But a mobile storage unit can also do the same thing and also comes with added benefits.  Portable storage units are simply more affordable, convenient and versatile. Plus you can literally take them anywhere you go. This will help you save a lot of money and effort too.

So if you’ve been wondering whether portable storage units are worth the hype, this is your sign to rent one today.