In order to properly strategize your moves during the poker game, it is mandatory that you properly understand it’s rules, dynamics and tricks. Because without these, in no time you’d find yourself out of place like a cub lost in the dessert.

The poker game has different betting rules which are there to guide you to knowing the number of bets or raises you can have and the appropriate times to do so. Consistently playing would help you master the strategies of each rule and know the mistakes to avoid. It is however recommended that you practice with free money poker first before betting on actual cash.

Fixed Limit Poker

Just as the name says, there is an already predetermined limit to what you can bet or raise as well as the number of times you can bet or raise in a round. More often, in fixed limit poker there are usually 2 bet sizes; the small bet and the big bet. The big bet is usually twice as much as the small bet in omaha and hold em games and it is written in the format “small slash big”. For instance $2/$4.

In games where there are four betting rounds, preflop, flop, the turn and river such as Holld ‘Em and Omaha, the small bet is usually used for the first 2 rounds (preflop and flop) while the bog bet is used for the last 2 rounds (the turn and river).

It is also possible for a limit poker to have more than 2 betting structures. Nonetheless, it is written in a similar format and spelt out prior to the game onset. For instance, a 4 round betting option might be written as “1/2/2/5”

When it is a pleyers turn, there are 5 choices that he can make, he could bet, raise, call, fold or check. The number of times for betting and raising are fixed and the player can only bet or raise in the amount of the fixed limit for that round. If he doesn’t have up to it, he may decide to go “all in”. It must be noted that playing with bonuses, including BonusCodePoker, aids players’ winning chances.

Pot Limit


Having some similarities with the fixed limit, in pot limit, you can not raise beyond the amount that is currently in the pot. Before raising, you can put the amount of chip needed to call the previous bet in the pot first, then raise by the amount of chips currently in the pot.

In other word, you cannot bet more than what is in the pot neither than you move “All-ins”. Usually, this pot limit is used in games like Omaha to reduce the number of variation of swings in bankroll.

No Limit Poker

When they say poker is no game for cowards, it is in many ways in relation to how the no limit poker is played. This type gives room for players to do whatever they want, raise as much as they want to and try their luck. Little wonder it is the most commonly played in the world today.

There are no limits to how much you can bet as long as the blinds are met with the bet and raises. Which explains why you most often see players put all their chips in (go all in) putting their tournament life on the line. This is no doubt a very brave action that can yield effects from the two extremities. You may either hit the jackpot or lose it all at

Other advantages that the no limit poker offers is that you can get to control the pot odds that your opponent is getting.

Table Stake

In table stakes, the limit you have is created by you. It has some similarities with the no limit poker game in the sense that the player is given the opportunity to create a limit for himself. Your limit is determined by the number of chips you put in the table when the deal begins.

Once the limit is reached, you cannot bet any further but during the showdown, you can go “All-in” and have a chance to compete for the pot. The design of the table stake poker permits the use of several pots, the main and other side pots. Hence, giving room for several winners.

When a player exhausts his betting chances, the other players continue to play but their bets are now directed to the side pot. The pattern of doing this may vary from place to place. Once you lose in the side pot, you are automatically disqualified for competing for the main pot.

Cap Limit


This poker limit is another great option for all poker players who are interested in making the most of their bets. The main idea behind poker introducing this limit for the players is that they just put a cap on the maximum limit. Meaning when a player is playing a hand, poker games have a limit of money that they can put in the game. This helps ensure the safety of both players and the poker website as well.

This limit is usually related to the big blinds and range somewhere between 20-30. After you reach the cap, it is treated as an all inclusive limit, which means you have reached the maximum limit. According to the experts it can lead to more aggressive and lively games, since there is a limit of money that you will lose. Furthermore, the poker websites enjoy the peace of mind since there is a cap on the winning limit as well.

Spread Limit

The games that have spread limits are similar to the fixed limit poker games. In such a game the players are given a spread, say, you get a spread of around $2-$5 and you will have to choose your bets and raises from this range only. While placing bets, you cannot go beyond it. Though, this kind of limit is not yet popular among the players, and you will not get to see this limit more often. Not many poker websites are offering this limit to their players online. It doesn’t mean that such games don’t run. They do run and attract a good number of players.

Types of Bets in Poker

While playing a game of poker, players get several different kinds of bets to obtain the advantages of. If you are interested in playing poker games, you should be aware of all different kinds and should know how to leverage them to win a game. Understanding the concept of each bet will help you gauge the game better. Moreover, you will be able to make better decisions that in turn favors you.

The Different Kinds of Bets Are Listed Below:

  • Continuation Bets
  • Donk Bet
  • Value Bets
  • All in Bets
  • Over Bet

If you are looking for raises in your poker game, you should be analytical while placing a bet. Be vigilant about the different aspects of poker bets and stand chances to win more than what you have expected. Though, you should be aware of the fact that the key to win poker games is based on the betting action of a player. Before you get started with playing poker games online, ensure to have a good understanding of how the industry operates.


A Few Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Bet on your turn only, betting out of your turn is a sign of a bad poker etiquette
  • Your raising should always be at least equal to the raise of the previous player
  • You should know the betting rules thoroughly, and should also create a good impression on the table, in front of the other players


Unlike the no limit poker, the fixed limit is not commonly played in most casinos because the rules seem to be uptight and rigid; however, there are less chances of making costly mistakes. On the contrary, no limit is easy to play and it applauds bravery, luck and courage.