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Poker strategy was not that technical up until 15 years ago. But look what we have now. It’s all strategic planning and therefore, you should be alert while playing the game. One of such strategies is blocking bets, which involve smaller bets. Players use this strategy when they are out of position and they want to resist their opponent.

So by making a smaller bet they prevent a larger bet size from the opponent. This strategy aims for putting you in a weaker position in front of your opponent. So he will not know your hand strength and thus, won’t raise the preflop.

The strategy behind blocking bet

The aim of blocking bets is to manage the pot size. You should never play the game while you are in a difficult position. At such times, it is better to reduce your bet size to minimize the loss. You can follow this site and start playing poker. Although it offers multiple other games, but we are focusing on the blocking bet strategy. Therefore, it is better to focus on it.

So we will now focus on the problems that you might face if you are in a difficult position.

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  1. The first thing that you need to do is to develop a better understanding of the game. So collect all the details about the game and it will help you out in making the right decisions.
  2. Despite all the knowledge, you cannot predict the future. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that you will make the right predictions every single time.
  3. So if you fall into such a situation where you are unsure about what to do, blocking bet will be the right tool to use.

If your opponent is strong enough he will make the large bet. But if you make a smaller one and trap him into thinking that you are likely to lose the game, he will avoid a larger one. So all you are doing is dissuading him. If he is a smart and professional player, he won’t fall into your trick. But who knows? Sometimes even the ants can hurt an elephant.

Applying blockers in different situations

You can use blocker strategy in different situations, for instance;

  1. When you decide to bluff a preflop i.e. 3 and 4 betting
  2. During turning hands into bluffs but it is completely based on your blockers
  3. When you are making smaller bets, it is also dependent upon the blocker cards that you have

1. Using blockers before the flop

The blocking strategy was initially used in preflop situations but you can use it before flop too. There are a total of 4 aces in the deck, which makes a total of 6 combination pocket aces. If you have one ace in your hand, it will reduce the combinations in half.

So if you have one ace in your hand, it is highly unlikely for your opponent to have it too. Thus, it will also reduce the chance of your opponent having a pocket king or pocket ace.

2. Preflop 4 Bets

You can also apply a blocking strategy in preflop bets. When the situation goes in the hand of the original raiser, you have to show hands. So it is better to use a blocking strategy at this point. You will make smaller pot bets. Thus, you will get some time to plan your next move.

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Add value to your bluffs

You can use this strategy to add some value to your bluffs. This will work when you are sure about the card that is not in the hands of your opponent. You have that card so your opponent does not, and you use this chance to put him in a tough position.

For example, you have the ace card in your hand and your opponent seems quite confident. He is betting relentlessly and giving you the impression that he is at the upper hand. You might get confused with his confidence but it is just a bluff. There are only 2 possibilities of some extra confidence and higher bets;

  1. Your opponent has an ace card
  2. Or they have nothing and are aiming to move your hand

Therefore, the best thing to do at such a time is to play steadily. You have the ace and you know that they do not have it. So the only option that is left behind is the opponent is confusing you. But you should still be careful and use blockers to increase your winning rate.

Advantages of using a blocking bet

Using a blocking bet strategy can save your chips and increase your winning chance in the longer run. Here are some of the advantages that you get to enjoy by using the blocking bet.

1. You will have a marginal hand

A marginal hand prefers smaller pots. By using blockers, you can make a thin bet and also prevent your opponent from playing aggressively.

2. Holding a draw

If you are not certain about your moves or you need some time to change the situation, this is the best strategy to use. You will keep your bet smaller until you get out of the tough spot.

3. Getting away with your 2nd best hand

If your opponent is aiming to increase your blocking bet, he knows the strategy. Therefore, he is trying to exploit your hands and make you weaker. So you must keep on blocking unless you are sure that he knows your weak position.

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Risks involved in blockers

Although you get the upper hand by using blockers, there are also some risks involved. These include;

  1. You cannot use it for a long time because your opponent will know what you are trying to do.
  2. Making too many blocking bets will let your opponent use a counter-strategy. Thus, he will raise the bluff every time you block.

Therefore, you should focus on balancing your blockers and know the ability of your opponent.